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2007-02-14 08:35 am

We're living in a world of fools


A good man is so hard to find
Well, actually, a hard man is so good to find



I missed Veronica Mars last night because I was too busy playing with my new Blackberry, but I did catch American Idol on TiVo. And you know what?


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Doodzz. How deep is your love? Mine's 6-feet deep cuz I'm DED. That was so cool. It made me miss *NSYNC real bad. I was totally expecting them to go into "Stayin' Alive" with the beatbox lead-in.


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2006-07-27 07:31 am

I'm nervous...


When I come to the clubs, step aside
Pop the seeds, don't be hating me in the line
V.I.P because you know I gotta shine
I'm Fergie Ferg
Give me love you long time

- London Bridge, Fergie


Ooooooh... ya'll had better vote for my gurl DONYELLE JONES!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I don't care man. I feel like the producers of the show are deliberately trying to sabotage her because oh, I don't know... she's not Allison or Heidi?!!! FUCK DAT! Let's show TPTB who REALLY controls this show. I voted my butt off for 2 hours last night! NON-STOP!!! And fuck it, I don't care about being all TMI right now, but even when I went to the bathroom, I was still hitting redial.

FUCK YOU, SYTYCD!!!!!!!!!!

If Donyelle gets voted off tonight, I'm kicking all of your asses.



We got lost in the BRONX cuz we thought we wuz gangstas.
We wuz like, "Heck yeah... this is just like South Central. It's all good. We from LA."

And just like LA, none of the Metro buses came. So we walked around for like, 1 hour.
We felt like uber dorks. We never did find the Botanical Gardens...

Anyways, we also went to:
Greenwich Village
Little Italy

We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
I don't like seafood, but I ate the popcorn shrimp.

Oh, and BTW... while we were walking down "the village," we totally saw MIKE MYERS!!! Haahahah!!! There goes my first celebrity sighting here in NYC!


AVENUE Q was effing hilarious!!! I've never laughed so hard during a frigging Broadway musical!!! I mean... those puppets were very very NAUGHTY!!!


Fricking YES!!! Best news ever!


(Yeah, I don't care much for Heidi.)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Anyways... that's it for me. I'm hitting Coney Island in a couple of hours. I'm off like a prom dress.

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2001-10-27 05:04 pm
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damn, what a great way to end this horrible horrible week!
I saw 'On The Line' with Brookes, and I must say... that was a fun, fun movie. The ending was sooooo "Never Been Kissed", though. But it didn't matter. I was cracking up the whole time (thanks to Joey and that "eric" dude).

and the "behind the scenes"... that one was soooooo hilarious, i crapped my pants.
big kisses to Justin and Chris who had done a great great job "portraying" two gay men ;)

anyways... man.
i love this movie.
can't wait for it to come out on video.

also... the ebay dude who sold me the defective "Dirty Dancing" tape emailed me back and said that he'll replace it.

well, that was my day!
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2001-10-06 08:53 pm

Shopping with Brookes...

so today I went to 3rd Street Promenade with Brookes to spend money at Old Navy. I bought these track pants that were only 8.99
I also bought this tank top with a built-in bra... and some cute hangers for 2 dollars.

afterwards we went to go see Serendipity, which was a very very cute movie. but the best part was when they showed the preview for "on the line"
me and Brookes are gonna see that movie too, of course.

I finally got ahold of that Teen People magazine with the boys on the cover.
god, they are such a funny bunch.
I love nsync.
and I love burly men.

because. yes.

then me and Brookes took the bus back to the campus, and i might say...
that was the most uncomfortable and yet very entertaining bus ride I've ever had.
we had to stand and it was so crowded in there!!!
and the driver was all "ladies and gentlemen... we just broke the world record for the most people crammed inside a bus"
then everybody had to sing happy birthday cuz this one girl in the bus was celebrating her birthday that day.

it was a happy bus.
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2001-10-06 10:20 am
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(no subject)

I took the nsync test.
The perfect nsync man for me, according to Teen People, is Lance Bass.


I guess me and Chris are not meant to be....
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2001-10-01 10:46 pm


ya know you're bored with the internet when you'd rather study than go on FF...

anyways... I saw "Making the Video" today with the "on the line all stars"... I wasn't really amused. Must be because Chris wasn't there. I, however, was totally turned on by Lance and the whole makeout thing.


p.s. I might be developing roommate problems. I hope it's nothing.
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2001-09-27 01:01 pm
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Scout, Scout, he's our man!

so OMG!
Mark Famglietti (I don't even know how to spell his name!!!) posted on FF! I know, I just found out right now... but man, that's awesome!
I'm sqealing now!

anyways... yesterday, I was chatting with one of my bestfriends and I mentioned the new *nsync video. she was all "ugh, you still like them?" See, about three years ago, she made a prediction that I'll get tired of nsync in a couple of months... whaddaya know, it ain't happenin yet. so she couldn't get over the fact that she was wrong.

anyways... now she's all "rock rules!"
which is weird cuz she's a pop girl herself.

well, i guess i learned my lesson.
Don't talk about music with people who don't have the same taste as you.
(thanks, marion!)
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2001-09-26 07:24 pm
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(no subject)

oh god...
I loved "Gone".
I loved it.

too much Justin...
but i loved it.

Chris looked so hot.
oh Chris...
Can you have my baby, Chris?

anyways... and i thought it was so cute that Justin and Britney were vacationing

p.s. thank you very much to Nelle who put my name on my icon!
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2001-09-26 04:16 pm
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waiting for "gone"...

so I didn't get to see "gone" today cuz I had class...
but now I'm just waiting for a rerun of TRL so I can tape it.
man, i'm getting impatient!!!

anyways... so i got my History paper today and I got a B on it.
I also got back my Psych test and I got a mere 71/100. It sucks. I need to do better than that.

sidenote: woo hoo!! TRL is starting!!!

anyways, so midterms are starting next week and i'm freaking out. for History, our midterm is full on essay. I can't write essays for shit. at least not when the teacher puts a time limit on it. I don't work well under pressure.

I guess playtime is over for me.
I need to start studying.
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2001-09-25 05:33 pm
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(no subject)


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2001-09-25 04:40 pm
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(no subject)

hmmm... been changing my LJ background and modifying my journal. I just don't know what colors to use anymore.

and god, I can't wait to see "Gone" tomorrow. I hope I catch it.
but i think i have class, though... which sucks.
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2001-09-25 12:53 pm
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let's get physical

so last night, i cranked up my work-out level.
I'm now working out for 45 mins a day, in oppose to my usual 30 mins.

I'm starving, though.
Drinking Jamba Juice for lunch just doesn't get me full.

and dammit!
when is "Gone" premiering on MTV?
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2001-09-06 06:59 pm
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ok, sad to say this... but i didn't like nsync's performance.

if it wasn't for michael jackson, it woulda been "blah"... totally unlike nsync. no energy. no energy at all. almost like BSB...

so yeah... I praise Michael Jackson!

and Alicia Keys... my girl... i bow down to you.
I love you, girl!
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2001-09-06 04:42 pm
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*squeal* *squeal* and *squeal* some more!

Aaahhh! A few more minutes til the VMA's!!!
Man... nothing can beat being on Eastern Time while living on the West Coast!

go nsync!!!
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2001-08-22 10:17 am

(no subject)

i feel like crap.
I have my period.
My whole body's aching.
I'm so sleepy.

I felt good for about 4 mins, though.
Cuz they played "I want you back" on KIIS fm.

anyways... on a brighter note, i finally started my first ever YA thread!
woo hoo!
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2001-08-21 11:37 am
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(no subject)

so my sister got her belly button pierced.
heheh.... it kinda wanna make me get that second tatto already.

anyways... i'm planning on starting my first ever YA thread. I mean... I've started Jahammer threads before, but i'm yet to start my own topic.
I'm working on it, though...
hehehe... wish me luck.

well, that's about it!
i love you all!
Because. Yes.
(thank you, BP, for getting that stuck in my head)

btw... did anyone watch the teen choice awards last night? LMAO!!! JC rocked!!!
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2001-08-20 12:15 pm
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(no subject)

so I guess I had an *nsync-filled weekend (besides the whole guilt trip thing).

Saturday - I was watching MadTV and they had like, the best nsync parody ever!!!! LMAO (insert :lol: smiley here). Lance was the best! hahahahah!!!! I wish i taped it... but i didn't know that it was gonna be on! anyway, it was the best!

Sunday - It was my grandma's b-day so we had a family gathering. When i got to my aunt's house, I went through the garage and all of a sudden, i heard:

"oh didja' didja' think that you can really find love from someone else?"

so i'm like "oh god, who's playing nsync?"
and long behold at the corner of the garage... my 17-year-old breakdancer cousin Matthew - listening to nsync. It was the coolest sight.
Then my brother came along and asked him "why are you listening to that lame ass nsync?" and Matthew was all "Well, your sister told me to buy it, so i went to the store the next day and bought it!"


Then, later on that night, I watched the Simpsons and guess what episode was playing?
yep! the nsync episode with the "Party Posse"!!!

woo hoo!!!
well, that's about it.
Because. Yes.
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2001-08-14 11:50 am

what a weekend

Hehehe... so I guess I hate a few people on FF.

This past weekend, I've developed a newfound dislike towards another YA poster. Well, actually... It's not "newfound" at all. I've disliked her for a while now. (Well, actually... sometimes I like her and sometimes I hate her.) But right now I dislike her. I just didn't say anything cuz I thought she was a well-respected poster on the board. Well, I've thought wrong. Because two days ago, i found out that several people don't like her either -at least not at the moment. I used to think that she's all coo' cuz she's ghetto like me, but I just don't like how she always ruins the spirit of the YA board by being her typical higher-than-high self. Grrr... I just don't know what to make of her sometimes. Hopefully I'll like her again. Maybe next week I will *lol*

anyways... "moving day" went well! We now live in a house!!! Woo hoo!!! the place is still messy, though... cuz we're too tired to unpack everything! but besides that... it's all to the good.

oh, and yesterday while i was fixing up my stuff, I picked up my JC Chasez calendar that my friend gave me (she thought JC was my fave cuz JC is my initials) and I told my sister "He's cute, huh?"
and she said "he's ah-ite" and i'm like "who's ur favorite, then?" and she goes "Chris Kirkpatrick!"
and I asked her why and she said "cuz he's so cute! he's so little! like, he's short and he has cute little feet..."
and I was LMAO!!! I guess my sister just has a thing for small people?

anyways... that's it for now!
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2001-08-09 11:50 am
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Jahammering... what's ur price for flight?

ack! so last night i had soooo much fun with nelle and Winny. Nelle has been helping us with our LJ backgrounds and what can i say? it looks awesome!!!

woo hoo!!!

anyways... so i've been thinking about Chris Kirkpatrick for like, a week now. I wonder how my parents would react if i was to get with him. I mean... he IS ten years older than me. but damn, i want that man. he has a lot of qualities that i look for.

I'm still yet to have a "makeout" dream with him (just like what i had with Lance). Man, that would be awesome.

well... that's it!
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2001-08-03 12:38 pm
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another day, another journal

go nsync!!!!
I know this is already old news but I'm so proud of them! though they didn't beat the record that they set with NSA, they still ended up at the top of the charts!
I really wish that they've already made a place for themselves in the music industry permanently.
ya know... just like Madonna, Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men (though they've been MIA lately)...

so i'm still working on my YA fic.
I'm having a hard time finishing it cuz i started writing both ends of the story first before working on the middle.
I might ask nelle to help me out...
or maybe even Snowy if I do decide to use smut ;)

well, that's about it!