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I'm feeling loads better. Thank you, all. And thanks for the phone call, [livejournal.com profile] sleepymonster! You made me feel non-crappy.

There were no serious issues attached to my emo-ness this afternoon. It was mostly work-related stress... the LJ stuff just added to the whole crapola. I just went home, ate lots of fried chicken, and then took a shower...

I also watched House. I giggled, I cried... Yep, 'twas good television.

Oh, and by the way, it's about 12:00 midnight and I'm still voting for American Idol. According to the automated message, my votes are helping AI "give back to fight poverty," but whatever. If it weren't for the damn busy signals or the "sorry-your-call-cannot-be-completed-as-dialed" messages, I would have "given back" more. To fight poverty, I mean.

Anyways, I voted for Phil Stacey, Melinda Doolittle, and Chris Richardson. Does that mean that I saved the world a little?


And tomorrow the producers of American Idol will reward me by... possibly eliminating one of the people that I voted for. But it's okay cuz I saved the world and all.

What would Buffy do?

P.S. I changed my layout back to the bamboo-themed one. I gots love for [livejournal.com profile] thefulcrum, but their layouts make my computer go real sloooow.


Mar. 27th, 2007 10:07 pm
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They tried to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no

- "Rehab," by Amy Winehouse


The wind was so strong today - SO STRONG - that it knocked the antenna off our roof. Which means I completely missed American Idol. Don't worry, it didn't stop me from watching clips online (thank you, East Coasters!) and voting my ass off for Phil Stacey -- who will not win, by the way, but gods help me, he better not get booted off before Haley or Sanjaya.

Anyways, no antenna means no House either, which pisses me off because I don't know where to download tonight's ep! Aaaaahhh!!! I saw Chase and Cameron making out in the promo an I HAVE TO SEE a longer version of it! Help!

ETA: When I left home this morning, my dad pointed out that our antenna was still intact so it couldn't have been that. Now we REALLY don't know what's wrong.


I got the first issue of BTVS Season 8 today and it makes me all sorts of happy. I'm disappointed that it's sooo VERY short, but the artwork is amazing. It'll never be as good as the actual TV show (I wish Joss Whedon would write a BOOK!), but the comic book is not bad at all :)

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Deb: What are you drawing?
Napoleon: A liger.
Deb: What's a liger?
Napoleon: It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic.

- Napoleon Dynamite



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ain't he gorgeous? I finally got him in the mail today and I'm so giddy!!!! Eeeee!!! I actually own a Blackberry! Goodbye, Motorola RAZR. You wouldn't let me have the mp3 ring tone of 'The Office' so I'm leaving you. And look!!! A keyboard!!! No more text messaging with numbers! Woot!!! So text message me, ya'll!


House - 3x14 - Insensitive )


I'm not sick anymore so YAY!
I'm gonna miss you, NyQuil. You're great at putting me to sleep at night, but DOOD... you make me super groggy in the morning.

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We are all changed people, for the better, because of her.
- Benji Schwimmer (on Donyelle Jones)



[Error: unknown template video]

Hahahah! Hahahah!! Hahahah! The funniest thing I've seen this week (so far). I gotta start watching SNL again, man. I don't think I've seen a entire

episode since Natalie Portman hosted. And by the way... Hugh Laurie rulezzzz!!! I miss watching House! I'm glad that the frakking World Series is over!!!!!!


My boss just walked in and gave me a huge bar of Hershey's with caramel. Oh, joy!!! Helloooooooo breakfast!


Before I forget: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
What are your plans for tonight? Me? I'll be giving out candy :) Or maybe not... maybe I'll just watch TV.

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"I still feel the scars on my lips
When I touch when I love when I kiss"
- Fighting For My Love, by Nil Lara



Defragging my laptop. 46% complete. Imagine the pain and anguish that I felt when I learned that I only had 51% free disk space left even after deleting hundreds and hundreds of files. Say, what's the smallest external drive that I could buy? And by small, I mean physically. I seriously don't want any more clutter on my desk.

(( Dammit, I wish I opted for a DVD/CD burner when I purchased my laptop. Now I have all these BSG eps that I want to store in a disc somewhere, but I'm sure it'll take about 20 blank CD's for me to do that. ))



109 calls and 3 hours later, I've finally managed to get in 29 votes for Taylor Hicks. I'll keep dialing until the time is up. And for all you West Coast peeps, the phone lines close at 1:00am. So if you're an insomniac and you don't have anything better to do, please call:

1-866-43657-02, 1-866-43657-04, OR 1-866-43657-06 to vote for Taylor!

I mean, you don't even really have to watch American Idol! Just dial away! For the sake of... Christmas and... puppies!



OMG. Did House mess with my mind or what?!!
House - 2x24 - No Reason )



So... word on the street is that they're gonna move Scrubs to Thursdays after The Office (instead of having it be a midseason replacement). If this is the case, then I'm gonna have to say goodbye to Grey's Anatomy. Because when it comes to medical shows, Scrubs is KING. I just don't think the general public has realized it yet.

Speaking of Scrubs, this scene right here is one of my favorites. It made me cry buckets. Buckets, I say! John C. McGinley is such a great actor, I don't even know what to say. Plus... The Fray! Yay!



It's 12:16am. Have you voted for Taylor yet?
My final vote count is 47.
Yes... I voted for Taylor 47 times.
He better win.

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"Honkey just can't buy a break."
- House


Veronica Mars is smarter than LOST #1:
... and on Day 1, Veronica looked upon Jack and Kate and said, "This is lame." So she teleported out of there. Yes, she teleported. I don't know why she was able to do that. But apparently, according to Locke, it was the will of "the island." Whatever that means.


OMG, House made me cry like WHOA. Omar Epps was fricking AWESOME. I mean, THAT was some great acting, yo. Excellent performance! Fantastic! And dude... I think I've developed a ship. )


Veronica Mars is smarter than LOST #2:
Weevil said to Ana Lucia: "Take my hand, chica. We will escape this god-forsaken island. We will run away to a place far away from here: a place... called 'da hood.' And in da hood, you don't have to deal with these crazy white people."


What does one do when her LJ goes quiet-like? She makes new friends!!! So I welcome the lovely [livejournal.com profile] mandilyn to my LJ. A girl can always use some Weevil!Love in her system, know what I'm sayin? *grins*


Veronica Mars is smarter than LOST #3:
Wallace appeared from the clearing and nodded towards Eko. Upon seeing him, Eko gave him a high five and said, "Yo wassup, my brotha'... see what I got right here? This is my magic stick, son. Yeah, I got the magic stick. I know if I can hit once, I can hit twice. I hit the baddest chicks. Shorty don't believe me, then come with me tonight. And I'll show you maaagic. (What? What?) Maaagic. I got the magic stick."


My gurl Joanna was in the library today!!! We didn't get to chat for long cuz I needed to catch the bus, but it was soooo nice seeing her again!!! I missed her soooo much!!! Anyways, she just came from New York too and she told me that she wanted to visit the city again. I said, "Me too!" And she said, "OMG!" And I said, "I know!" And she said, "Dude... we gotta go back!" And I said, "For realz, yo!" So anyways... hopefully everything falls through. It'd be nice to take a trip again.


Veronica Mars is smarter than LOST #4:
Keith Mars faced The Others...
And he kicked all their asses.

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Just a drive-by GIP.
There's no point to this post whatsoever.

What you want, Natalie?
To drink and fight!
What you need, Natalie?
To f*ck all night!

I know, this icon is looooooooooong overdue. That Natalie Portman rap has probably been played out already, but... but... but... I have Photoshop at work and I have nothing to do!

ETA: I guess this post has a point after all. What's up with UPN moving Veronica Mars back to Tuesdays? GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! It's gonna be on at the same time as House and Scrubs?!!! Why? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME??? *headdesk* I was perfectly comfortable with it being on Wednesdays and now they're gonna switch it back? As soon as I've lost interest in LOST? I mean, I can skip LOST altogether, but I cannot miss House or Scrubs! AaaCKKK! They better keep pushing reruns, man. And I know they'll still show VM reruns on Wednesday's but it's not permanent, right? Right?!!

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Quote of the day:
"I wish we could open our eyes
To see in all directions at the same time
Oh what a beautiful view"
- Marching Bands of Manhattan, by Death Cab For Cutie


Man, I felt like such a college student yesterday.
I went downstairs during my lunchbreak and took a nap on one of the library couches. Hee! It was great! I felt like a freshman student again!

OMGWTF?!!!! Did anyone else watch House last night?!!! Cuz dude... that ending was like whoa!

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So um... all of a sudden I've become obsessed with House's Hugh Laurie. I mean, I love love LOVE the show, but I never really "researched" the actor, you know? And in the midst of looking for some House screencaps (I'm going to make myself an icon, just watch), I found myself grinning like an idiot. I mean, the man is just sexy. So here's a list of why I love Hugh Laurie:

- He's British
- He's a musician
- He was in Friends!!! I didn't know that!
- He's written a novel.
- He rides a motorcycle.
- He reminds me of Wesley from Angel.
- He was in a rowing team (Young Americans, anyone?)
- He's so frickin' cool!

So yes. I'm in love with Hugh Laurie. Which is odd... considering that I usually have crushes on 15-year-old wizards...

How many more hours 'til Veronica Mars?
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Hehehe... so I guess I hate a few people on FF.

This past weekend, I've developed a newfound dislike towards another YA poster. Well, actually... It's not "newfound" at all. I've disliked her for a while now. (Well, actually... sometimes I like her and sometimes I hate her.) But right now I dislike her. I just didn't say anything cuz I thought she was a well-respected poster on the board. Well, I've thought wrong. Because two days ago, i found out that several people don't like her either -at least not at the moment. I used to think that she's all coo' cuz she's ghetto like me, but I just don't like how she always ruins the spirit of the YA board by being her typical higher-than-high self. Grrr... I just don't know what to make of her sometimes. Hopefully I'll like her again. Maybe next week I will *lol*

anyways... "moving day" went well! We now live in a house!!! Woo hoo!!! the place is still messy, though... cuz we're too tired to unpack everything! but besides that... it's all to the good.

oh, and yesterday while i was fixing up my stuff, I picked up my JC Chasez calendar that my friend gave me (she thought JC was my fave cuz JC is my initials) and I told my sister "He's cute, huh?"
and she said "he's ah-ite" and i'm like "who's ur favorite, then?" and she goes "Chris Kirkpatrick!"
and I asked her why and she said "cuz he's so cute! he's so little! like, he's short and he has cute little feet..."
and I was LMAO!!! I guess my sister just has a thing for small people?

anyways... that's it for now!
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so we're in the process of moving right now.
man, i'm so tired. I just realized how much junk i have stacked in the closet.
anyways... my family's at the new house at the moment, arranging some furnitures and what not.
I, on the other hand, am sitting here at the old apartment. cuz ya know, i'd rather post on FF than help them move *lol*

anyways... I changed my LJ background again. Go check it out!
I know that I'm not supposed to be "posting" that pic anywhere... but who would tell, right?

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so i've been packing all my stuff already cuz we're moving to a new HOUSE on Sunday!!!
goodbye ghetto apartment.
after seven years of living here, i'm not gonna miss it one bit!!!

woo hoo!!!!
on the downside - packing now means unpacking later.

anyways... yesterday i finally got our mini-YA gathering pics from BP. Thanks, nibs, for scanning them! I love you both!!!


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