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Literal people are scary, man
Literal people scare me
Out there trying to rid the world
Of its poetry

- "Literal" by Ani DiFranco


My mom just called me "fat" because I put sugar in my coffee.
Oh, I'm sorry... do I shame the family, bitch? Do you not want to present me to the public anymore cuz ::gasp:: I eat rice and I love sugar? Oh noezzz. How can I do this to them? I'm such a bad, bad daughter!

::rolls eyes::
::puts more sugar in coffee mug::

I can't wait to move out and cut my mother off. I hate paying for her cellphone service when she doesn't even know how to use a cellphone. I hate going to the living room and seeing her fangirl over Bill O'Reilly. I hate eating lunch and dinner and she's eyeing everything that I put on my plate. I hate giving her $200 a month for the household bills. Yes, this is such a vain thing to say, but... I'd rather buy a purse with that money. And food. Lots and lots of fatty foods.

I hate that I can't afford to live on my own right now.


I cleaned my room on Saturday while watching "Torchwood." I mean, I vacuum on a regular basis, but I don't dust the furniture, ya know? And I'm tellin' ya... it gets awfully dusty in here. While I was organizing my desk, I found dust bunnies behind the letter holder. Dust bunnies. On my desk. WTH? Is there a way to avoid getting too much dust in my room??? I think it's a lost cause. As long as my window's open, the dust roam free. And I cannot really close my window because I don't have an A/C so besides the weak electric fan in my room, it's my only source of cold(ish) air.

Man, I can't wait for winter. I'm dying to close my window just to keep the dust out.


I finished my season 3 DVDs of "How I Met Your Mother." Ugh, why did Britney Spears have to appear twice on that show? She can't act and she's dead in the eyes.

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so I didn't know that Wade Robson was a Meety Cheezy Boy!
I'm like, dying now.
I so did not know this.

anyways... so I got bad news.
My friend Brookes tried to get the Britney Spears tickets... and she couldn't get a good one. the ones that are left are expensive and shitty. so i don't think we're gonna go at all...
I don't know if i'm gonna be upset or relieved!
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oh god...
I loved "Gone".
I loved it.

too much Justin...
but i loved it.

Chris looked so hot.
oh Chris...
Can you have my baby, Chris?

anyways... and i thought it was so cute that Justin and Britney were vacationing

p.s. thank you very much to Nelle who put my name on my icon!
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Oh geez... I just saw the new Britney video and it looked like a big ass orgy of a music video. did you see dem guys licking her face?
OH MY GOD! I didn't know if i was gonna laugh or what.

anyways... on another note...
Kate Bosworth is gonna be in Ian's new movie!
how creepy is that?
she's supposed to play this slut who gets it on real bad with James Van der Beek.
pretty cool, huh?

god, they might as well put all the WB stars in that movie.
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oh god.
well, i'm definitely damned now.

so I'm going to a Britney Spears concert.
yep, I am.

just in case I haven't mentioned this before, my suitemate Brookes is a HUGE Britney Spears fan.
well, let's just say that she found out that Brit is coming to the Staples Center on Nov. 21

hehehe. and apparently, I'm coming with her.

what a great way to celebrate my 8th-year anniversary here in the U.S. *lol*

oooh, and has anybody heard that song "What's going on" (originally by Marvin Gaye)??? It's so cool. they had everyone in there!
Bono, Aaron Lewis, Nsync, BSB, Britney, Christina, Destiny's Child, Nelly, Nelly Furtado, Nas, P Diddy, Eve, Alicia Keys... EVERYBODY!

god, it's soo cool!
and i caught the video on tape too!
woo hoo!!!

well, that's about it!
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so today I planned to work out with my friend Brookes.
the thing is that... she backed out.
so i was like "ugh!" I didn't wanna go to the gym alone. it's just soooo boring working out by myself.

anyways... so she told me that we'll make up for it. she said that we can go dancing in her room.
so i'm like "fine".
Then she went ahead and played her britney spears cd's and videos and started dancing the hell outta them. I mean, this girl knows every Britney dance steps (yep, even her performance from the 2000 VMA's). I also realized how complicated these steps were. I mean, they were NO nsync steps!!!

So now i have this urge to take hiphop classes again (which i've been planning to do already).
but the thing is that...
no one will go with me.
It's just soooooo boring working out by myself.
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today i didn't go to work.
so i'm just sittin here... chillin'...

got pissed cuz i just realized that I taped over *nsync's "it's gonna be me" performance from the MTV movie awards and their 2000 VMA performance.
Grrr! and i taped over Christina Aguilera's "Come on Over" performance with Fred Durst too!
not to mention Britney Spears's very daring number...


last night i had a very serious talk with my bestfriend. It was quite funny, actually cuz it sounded like we're a couple on the brink of breaking up. One day I asked her if she'd ever dump me (cuz yeah, she did dump one of her bestfriends once due to their growing difference)... and it bothered her a bit cuz she thought that she was doing something wrong and that she wanted to fix it in able to preserve our friendship. I said that it wasn't about her at all... it was just about my own personal insecurities...

anyways... long story.
but we're ok now.


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