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so today I went to 3rd Street Promenade with Brookes to spend money at Old Navy. I bought these track pants that were only 8.99
I also bought this tank top with a built-in bra... and some cute hangers for 2 dollars.

afterwards we went to go see Serendipity, which was a very very cute movie. but the best part was when they showed the preview for "on the line"
me and Brookes are gonna see that movie too, of course.

I finally got ahold of that Teen People magazine with the boys on the cover.
god, they are such a funny bunch.
I love nsync.
and I love burly men.

because. yes.

then me and Brookes took the bus back to the campus, and i might say...
that was the most uncomfortable and yet very entertaining bus ride I've ever had.
we had to stand and it was so crowded in there!!!
and the driver was all "ladies and gentlemen... we just broke the world record for the most people crammed inside a bus"
then everybody had to sing happy birthday cuz this one girl in the bus was celebrating her birthday that day.

it was a happy bus.


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