Sep. 26th, 2001

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so I didn't get to see "gone" today cuz I had class...
but now I'm just waiting for a rerun of TRL so I can tape it.
man, i'm getting impatient!!!

anyways... so i got my History paper today and I got a B on it.
I also got back my Psych test and I got a mere 71/100. It sucks. I need to do better than that.

sidenote: woo hoo!! TRL is starting!!!

anyways, so midterms are starting next week and i'm freaking out. for History, our midterm is full on essay. I can't write essays for shit. at least not when the teacher puts a time limit on it. I don't work well under pressure.

I guess playtime is over for me.
I need to start studying.
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oh god...
I loved "Gone".
I loved it.

too much Justin...
but i loved it.

Chris looked so hot.
oh Chris...
Can you have my baby, Chris?

anyways... and i thought it was so cute that Justin and Britney were vacationing

p.s. thank you very much to Nelle who put my name on my icon!


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