Sep. 25th, 2001

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so last night, i cranked up my work-out level.
I'm now working out for 45 mins a day, in oppose to my usual 30 mins.

I'm starving, though.
Drinking Jamba Juice for lunch just doesn't get me full.

and dammit!
when is "Gone" premiering on MTV?
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hmmm... been changing my LJ background and modifying my journal. I just don't know what colors to use anymore.

and god, I can't wait to see "Gone" tomorrow. I hope I catch it.
but i think i have class, though... which sucks.
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so ya know before how I told ya'll that I was gonna go to a Britney concert?

well... I think i'm going to another concert.
My friend Brookes just invited me to see 311 at the House of Blues.
And I'm not like a 311 freak (though I'm familiar with the group), but Brookes said that she's paying for the ticket... so I'm going!
woo hoo!

anyways... she said that a lot of her friends are going there too. And some of them are lesbians...
so she said that a girl might hit on me or something.

ah well... there's a first for everything, right?
but come to think of it... i got hit on by a girl before...
yeah, i was about 10 years old then... and some girl came up to me and said she thought I was cute.
and then she asked me for my number.
not knowing what her motive was... i gave it to her.

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hehehe... I watched "Undeclared" tonight.
there's just something about Charlie and that British Flag t-shirt.
and whaddaya know, I still call him "ryder"

anyways, hey... like the new icon?
I'm tempted to change my FF icon too, but nah.
I told people i wasn't going to so I'm not going to.

now I just need to change my background...
I'm looking for some kick ass pics of the x-men logo...

p.s. hey, does anyone know how I can put my name on my icon?
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ok, whoopee!
I changed my background too!


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