Aug. 14th, 2001

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Hehehe... so I guess I hate a few people on FF.

This past weekend, I've developed a newfound dislike towards another YA poster. Well, actually... It's not "newfound" at all. I've disliked her for a while now. (Well, actually... sometimes I like her and sometimes I hate her.) But right now I dislike her. I just didn't say anything cuz I thought she was a well-respected poster on the board. Well, I've thought wrong. Because two days ago, i found out that several people don't like her either -at least not at the moment. I used to think that she's all coo' cuz she's ghetto like me, but I just don't like how she always ruins the spirit of the YA board by being her typical higher-than-high self. Grrr... I just don't know what to make of her sometimes. Hopefully I'll like her again. Maybe next week I will *lol*

anyways... "moving day" went well! We now live in a house!!! Woo hoo!!! the place is still messy, though... cuz we're too tired to unpack everything! but besides that... it's all to the good.

oh, and yesterday while i was fixing up my stuff, I picked up my JC Chasez calendar that my friend gave me (she thought JC was my fave cuz JC is my initials) and I told my sister "He's cute, huh?"
and she said "he's ah-ite" and i'm like "who's ur favorite, then?" and she goes "Chris Kirkpatrick!"
and I asked her why and she said "cuz he's so cute! he's so little! like, he's short and he has cute little feet..."
and I was LMAO!!! I guess my sister just has a thing for small people?

anyways... that's it for now!
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I was once again tempted by the lure of fancy underwear.
Today i went to Victoria's Secret to get my bestfriend a pajama set for her birthday and i just had to get a VC *cough* thong *cough* which i probably won't wear EVER.

what a waste of money...


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