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It’s true that you lose your mind when you gain control.

"Highway 7" by K-Os


Favorite song of the moment:


I was reminiscing. I wish the stupid WB released Young Americans on DVD cuz I *SO* want to have a marathon right now. 7 years later and I'd still totally makeout with Kate Moennig, OMG.

And yep... still a Jahammer shipper :D

Eeeeeeeeeeee!!! Kate and Iannnnnnnnnn!!!!!!
Man, that was some hardcore shipping right there. It was crazy. They both had very kissable lips. So much YUM. LMAO!! I showed my friend some episodes of YA cuz she's a total L-Word fan and she's all about Shane, but instead of being all SQUEE about it she was like, "Ewwww!!! Why is she kissing a guy???!!!" LMAOOOOOO!!! Oh, shush. Jahammer, FTW.


Last Saturday, I went snowboarding spent almost an entire day sitting on my azz with my rented snowboard on, trying to get my butt off the snow. Man, those boots were like, the most unnatural thing I've ever worn on my feet. I don't understand. But hey, I tried and even though I failed, I felt oddly accomplished afterwards.


Umm... what else? Oh, I'm finally catching up on the 2nd season of Supernatural. I'm currently on disc 3. Woo hoo!!!

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Just because.

I think I'm gonna have a Young Americans marathon this weekend. Must look for my tapes. Does anybody know where I can find downloadable eps? Cuz dude... I need them.

P.S. David Gray's "Please Forgive Me" is like, the best song. I actually like it better than "This Year's Love."

ETA: OMG... Meghan just walked in my office and saw me watching YA on YouTube. *SQUEE* Guess what she said?!!! GUESS!!!!

She said...

"DUDE! I used to LOVE that show!!!" And I'm like, "Young Americans?!!!" And she goes, "YES!!! I totally remember that summer!" And I'm like "OMG!SQUEEE" And she goes, "I KNOW!!!"

So not only is she an obsessed VM freak, she was a YA fan too! We are so meant to be!!!!

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Remember the summer of 2000?
I encourage you to re-live it.

Watch YOUNG AMERICANS and reminisce with yours truly.

I know this is where it all started for me --
The obsession... the Internet... the FANDOM. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be here on LiveJournal if it wasn't for this show. I wouldn't have met some of you crazy people if it wasn't for this show. I mean, Young Americans was IT, man!!! It only lasted 8 episodes, but dude... I'm still reaping its benefits, 6 years after it was canceled.

Remember when Ian Somerhalder was still an unknown actor? Remember seeing him on your AIM buddy list?
Remember Kate Bosworth before she became Lois Lane?
Remember Katherine Moennig before she became The L Word pimp?

Oh yes. It was the best summer ever.

Women lusted after Kate M.
Fanforum at 3:00 in the morning.
Non-stop Jahammer squeeage.
This Year's Love.
David Gray.
Nick Drake.

So young! So bad! So what?!!!

It was such a privilege watching this show, dude. Cuz first of all, it was like... the best guilty pleasure ever. Second, I got to experience the beauty that is Kate and Ian (who, by the way, possess the best on-screen chemistry in the history of television). And third, it led me to you guys. To you lovely people who grace my LJ page each day. It led me to Buffy, to Angel, to Veronica Mars... Instant Star... RFR... The Office... Prison Break... Scrubs... 24... BSG... and every fricking TV show that I watch.

All of THAT. In one summer. 8 episodes.

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Quote of the day:
"You're never too old to be young."
- Jack Black


Bought a whole bunch of DVD's.

Spent quality time with the TV.

Got Disc 1 of The L Word (season 2) from Netflix.

Hooked my sometimes homophobe brother into watching (then again, it's a girl-on-girl show).

In the middle of it all, he stopped and pointed at Shane.

He goes, "Heeeey!!! Where have I seen her from??!!!"

I said, "She was Jake from Young Americans."

And he goes, "Yes! She was the girl pretending to be a guy! Then she kissed that other dude who thought he was gay!!!"

And I was all, "YES!!!! That's her!"

Then I got all giddy because I can't believe my brother still remembers Jake and Hamilton.

Anyways, like I said, I bought a bunch of DVD's: The Perfect Score, Face Off, Spanglish, Star Wars Episode III and School of Rock.

Plus, I got an email from Amazon.com. They've already shipped Friends (seasons 3 and 10) and Scrubs (seasons 1 and 2) to my house! Weeeeee!!!

Anyways... in other news.

Dan Radcliffe staring at Emma Watson's boobs. I'm both amused and disturbed.

Shop, shop, shopping. One of my favorite clothing stores, Aeropostale, had a HUGE sale and everything was 40% off! Of course I bought some stuff. *heavenly sigh*

My stomach is doing all sorts of floopy things. I don't know whether to eat or... not eat.

Wow... the weekend just passed me by. It's like it never even happened.
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Currently re-reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I retrieved the rest of my financial aid award today and to my surprise, I got a receipt for $1,400.
Say what?
I was expecting only 100 bucks, but for some reason I got over a thousand? Did they increase my financial aid award without notifying me? Cuz dude... I've already retrieved a thousand bucks last semester. And to my understanding, that's the only money I have available for financial aid refund. Just a thousand for the whole year. That's it.
But lookit that... I have an extra $1,400 on my credit line.
Hopefully, the financial aid people didn't just mess up. I don't want them to take back all that money cuz dude, I could really use some extra money. I don't want to get a letter one day saying, "Dear student, we understand that we gave you a check for $1,400. But you were right, you only did have 100 bucks left for refund. Please give us back our money. Sorry for our mistake." Dude, that would suck big time.

Anyways, I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now but I can't seem to get past the first two sentences. This was only supposed to be a 2-page paper, people. And 8 hours after I started writing it, I'm still working on the first damn paragraph.

I hate writing.
Which is why I'm just gonna stop right now and read Harry Potter instead.

But before I go, this meme seems to be going around LJ lately, so I might as well give it a whirl:

10 Fictional Movie/TV Characters I'd Fuck:

1) Charles Gunn - Angel
2) Spike - BTVS
3) Jake/Jacqueline Pratt - Young Americans
4) Remy LeBeau (aka "Gambit") - X-Men
5) Faith - BTVS
6) Tarzan - Tarzan the Series
7) Lestat - Queen of the Damned
8) Any Character that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers played.
9) Charles Gunn - Yeah, I'm putting him here twice
10) Hamilton Fleming - Young Americans
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I saw Dr. O'Brien today. Heh... we always get all giddy everytime we see each other. What can I say? We were oozing with Spike-love. And Spike-love makes us giddy. So there. Anyways, the weather was so nice too so I almost felt like I was in a freaking musical (Think Julie Andrews during the opening scene of The Sound of Music). And I'm pretty sure Dr. O'Brien felt the same way cuz she walked towards me with her arms wide open -- like she was about to sing "The hills are allliiivveee..." But anyways, here's what happened.

Me: Dr. O'brien!! Hey!! How's it going?!!!
Dr. O'Brien: Ahh.... it's such a beautiful day today!
Me: I know!

*and talk about ruining the mood*

Me: Oooh, did you hear?
Dr. O'Brien: What?
Me: Angel is not coming back next season!!!
Dr. O'Brien: Ugh! I'm *so* in denial. I'm totally in denial right now. And after all the denial, I'll be in mourning. So don't even talk to me about Angel being cancelled.

*the giddiness suddenly melted away*

So basically I ruined her good mood. Hehe. But on a brighter note, my ex-coworker Tanya dropped by the library today. I've completely forgotten that she's a BTVS and Angel fan. So when Petrice said, "Ohmigod Tanya! Have you been watching Angel? Fred died!!!" my ears automatically perked up. Apparently, Tanya have night classes on Wednesdays so she's not able to watch Angel. But I'm happy to report that when me and Petrice told her about Fred and Wesley hooking up, she responded with a big fat "eww." Whaddaya know... she's a fellow Gunn fan.

*insert big grin here*

And I think that the random student who just happened to be using the Circulation Desk's stapler while we were all chatting was also a fan because she had this big smile on her face like she knows exactly what we're talking about.

Life is good - Reason #5
Angel fans in the library

P.S. I haven't been to KatherineMoennig.net in a looooong time, and I visited the site today. I must say, it looks fabulous!!! Hey, I didn't know that randomharp is running it now! Man, I'm so out of the loop!
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first off... Happy Birthday to my man Chris Kirkpatrick!

and secondly... a poem:

*Loneliness* by Roguester
Sleeping at 11
In oppose to 1:30
Each night I go to bed
Feeling kinda empty
It seems like Jake and Ham
Are drifting far away
I post and post these empty words
I don't have anything to say

So here I sit
In front of the computer
It's almost 11 pm
But I'm still hoping to see a poster
And damn this new FF "look"
It's not functioning right
That's why I have no playmate...

I have no playmate tonight
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Kate is so beautiful.
God, she looked beautiful in Law & Order tonight.
Well, except maybe the courtroom scene.
But besides that... she was...


like... i loved how her short hair was pulled up on a ponytail
i thought it looked hella sexy.
and that outfit she had on in the college scene?


i wonder if Ian saw this ep.
I'd like to hear his reaction.

but for now i must get back to squealing.
cuz i'm still not done yet.

viva la kate!
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*I Should Be Studying For Midterms*
by The Roguester

I can't sleep, Kate
I can't sleep
Just to kiss dem lips
Would make me wanna weep

I put my head down the pillow
Tossin' and turnin' every night
I touch your face in the picture
Taped to the wall by my side

I blame you, Kate
I blame you
I have a midterm on Friday
But what can I do?

Can't concentrate on my book
But I don't mind it one bit
Cuz even if I get a D
Girl, you still the sh*t
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I wish next week would come sooner!
I can't wait to see Law & Order!!!

Oh god, Kate...
You make me wanna leave the one I'm with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
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oh man... what a day, what a day...

first off, my psych teacher postponed our quiz til Monday!!!
so that leaves me with one more midterm and one more quiz to go!!!
well, this week at least.

I have more midterms to come...

earlier today, I checked my email and guess what I found out???
My fic "The Finale" won the "Best lost/missing scene Fic" in Required Reading's "Silver Oar Awards"!!!!!
God, I'm so happy!
I never expected this! I mean, there are a lot of excellent fics out there and one of my stories made it!

man, I wish we get certificates

thanks to Selkie for notifying me!
i love ya all!

see, now I'm inspired.
I might just post on the YA board this weekend or next week *wink*
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One midterm down...
One more midterm and two more quizzes to go.
Damn this college life.

on a brighter note... today during my break, I went to our library's website and requested "The Rules Of Attraction" from Cal State Long Beach (since our library doesn't hold it). I should be getting the book in a couple of weeks!
so yay for Ian Somerhalder and Kate Bosworth!

off i go to the gym!
see you guys later!

losing it

Oct. 2nd, 2001 12:32 pm
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ya know, as sad as it may seem... but I think i'm losing interest in the YA board.
I know, it's scary.
But there's nothing much to do around there anymore.
I'm no longer inspired. And due to the "rules" and such, I can't really come up with new stuff anymore.
Plus the fact that my nightriding buddies are no longer around :(
I just feel like I don't fit in anymore.
I guess my days are over?

I mean... it's great to hear stuff like "you're funny, Rogue!"
But come on, man... give me something to work with!
Interact with me!

Hmmm... maybe I'll post again when I see Kate in Law&Order.
But who knows?

I miss Tiger... maybe I'll email her later.
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so OMG!
Mark Famglietti (I don't even know how to spell his name!!!) posted on FF! I know, I just found out right now... but man, that's awesome!
I'm sqealing now!

anyways... yesterday, I was chatting with one of my bestfriends and I mentioned the new *nsync video. she was all "ugh, you still like them?" See, about three years ago, she made a prediction that I'll get tired of nsync in a couple of months... whaddaya know, it ain't happenin yet. so she couldn't get over the fact that she was wrong.

anyways... now she's all "rock rules!"
which is weird cuz she's a pop girl herself.

well, i guess i learned my lesson.
Don't talk about music with people who don't have the same taste as you.
(thanks, marion!)
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hehehe... I watched "Undeclared" tonight.
there's just something about Charlie and that British Flag t-shirt.
and whaddaya know, I still call him "ryder"

anyways, hey... like the new icon?
I'm tempted to change my FF icon too, but nah.
I told people i wasn't going to so I'm not going to.

now I just need to change my background...
I'm looking for some kick ass pics of the x-men logo...

p.s. hey, does anyone know how I can put my name on my icon?
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Oh geez... I just saw the new Britney video and it looked like a big ass orgy of a music video. did you see dem guys licking her face?
OH MY GOD! I didn't know if i was gonna laugh or what.

anyways... on another note...
Kate Bosworth is gonna be in Ian's new movie!
how creepy is that?
she's supposed to play this slut who gets it on real bad with James Van der Beek.
pretty cool, huh?

god, they might as well put all the WB stars in that movie.
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so i take that all of you have heard about this horrifying news.

the "fall" of the world trade center is so devastating and scary. its intensity was so strong that they had to shut down Los Angeles too, especially LAX.

and it frightened me cuz LAX is only 5 mins away from my school.

And earlier today, the city looked like a ghost town...
even my school looked dead even though classes remained in session.

I guess when i first heard about the news, i didn't think it was a big deal. heck, i was still half-asleep at that time... just trying to get ready for my music class.

but then when i got out of my dorm, i noticed that everyone walking by were on their cellphones... and they looked panicked.

then i overheard someone talking about the terrorist attack and he was cussing non-stop cuz i think he had relatives there.

by this time, the news still hadn't sunk in.
I guess I only realized how BIG this thing was when I saw a view of Los Angeles in the news and it was empty.

there were no cars, no people.
it was just empty.

so then i just got paranoid... cuz I dont' know if the terrorists were gonna attack again or what.
then I remembered that a few Jahammers lived in New York so I started shaking...

See, LauraJ used to work at the World Trade Center. I started freaking out, man. Scary shit.
Luckily, she quit her job two weeks ago.


Man, if he hadn't quit that job... who knows...

and Marteh lives in NY too! I'm just glad she's ok. We still haven't heard from Kate, so I'm praying for her safety.

My thoughts are with those who were victims of this tragedy and my condolences goes to those who lost their loved ones.

I hope all of you are ok.
Be safe.
I love you.
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fucking shit!!!
oh my freaking god!
i am down on my knees... i am kissing the ground...

(big thanks to Jane Magazine for the pics!)

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so today i was working at the library and I was watching the people who go in and out.
(just for a background, i go to a private university... which makes the library private too... therefore, you can't come in if you don't have a student or faculty ID).

anyways... this one old guy came up to me and said "hi there. My daughter goes here and she gets off her class at 4pm. She told me to wait for her here. Can you let me in?"

I asked the library supervisor if I can, but she said "no" so i had to reject the man.

then 30 mins later, another guy came up to me and said "hi. my son goes here. he's still in class and i'm wondering if i can wait for him here."

again, i had to turn him away.

afterwards, a married couple came and said the same thing. I let them in, though, cuz they asked if they can tour the library instead of just waiting for their son.

this is so weird.
first of all... this is a college university. Who picks up their son/daughter afterschool?

and second, those were 3 sets of parents in one hour! i mean, what's up? why are they trying to get in the library? are they planning to plant a bomb or something?

this is really weird.

on another note: there shall be no Sarah bashing on the YA board, according to shrr. But whaddaya know? mean-ol'-me made a sarah-bashing-sig.

"To bash or not to bash. That is the bad head."

hail kate and ian!


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