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Santana: Sex is not dating.
Brittany: If it were, Santana and I would be dating.



I got a new TiVo. I named him John Casey.  It was the last thing I needed to buy in able to complete my room.  So now I can finally say that the "renovation" is officially done.  Goodbye, fire.  Farewell, smoke stains.  Adios, charred wall.  So long, burn marks on the carpet. 



Click here to see the photos. )

Yay. And it only took me 2 months. LOL!!! Special thanks to Mr. Clean, BEHR, Home Depot, FLOR.com, and Target. I should also thank my dad because he totally moved all my furniture and ripped out the old yucky carpet from my floor. Oh, and my co-worker Jamie because she gave me her discount code for FLOR.com! I saved mucho money on the carpet tiles!

I guess one of the other major change in my room is the number of beds. There used to be two, you know, and now there's only one. I definitely appreciate the extra space... although now I don't know where to dump my dirty clothes.


Today's Awesome List
  • My room is officially done.
  • I love my new carpet.
  • My new TiVo kicks ass.  I can watch streaming HD videos from Netflix!
  • Caught up with my friend Will after not seeing him for a year.
  • My cellphone bill did not look too horrible this month (even with all the roaming charges from my trip to Canada.)
  • SYTYCD is back and I love Alex Wong.
  • I was able to sleep in until 12:30pm today!
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"Ken lee.  Tulibu dibu douchoo."
- Bulgarian Idol

I've been getting these headaches for the past week or so.  I always get them towards the end of my work shift which sucks cuz they ruin my commute.  I think I get them because of stress and hunger.  So like... I probably need lots of food and a vacation.


There's this creepy woman on my Facebook who faked her engagement.  It's like, weird.  I mean she's a grown-ass woman who's been dropping hints about being engaged and who finally announced that she was changing her last name and all of a sudden, "Tee hee!  J/K guyz!"  I'm not surprised though... I know she's one of those crazy Benjellers who made me realize that the Benjelle fandom had some crazy dangerous fucked up grown women who shouldn't be posting pics of sinking ships and biracial babies on Benji Schwimmer's MySpace page.


Life Without a TiVo: Day #5

I'm getting by.  I've just been downloading TV shows.  I ended up buying a used TiVo box on Amazon for about 50 bucks.  I just... don't know when the seller is going to ship it to me.


I'm on the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I'm confused, though, so I might have to read an online summary somewhere.  Dumbledore lost me somewhere between hallows and horcruxes and Harry's blood and Voldemort's soul and blah blah blah.  But still... Harry Potter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Twilight.  The number of deaths alone makes Harry Potter better than Twilight.


Saw Milk and Doubt this weekend.  I loved Milk, but I thought Doubt was just "meh."
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Blood will run down his face when he is decapitated.
His head on my mantle is how I will let this one know how much I love you.

- "Dracula's Lament," Forgetting Sarah Marshall



So I went to the SYTYCD tour with Will last night and it was so much fun! And it was so cool cuz Joshua, my favorite of the season, performed so many times IT'S CRAZY!!! I took lots of pictures too and I must say, a few of them actually turned out nice!!!

You can find more pictures HERE, if you're interested. Anyways, after the show, I asked a few ushers where the meet-and-greet was, but they were like "Oh, you'll need a pass." And I was like, "Damn... they're not having an outdoor one?" So I was totally ready to go home, but Will was like "I'm not giving up!!!!" so after wandering around for 30 minutes, he overheard one of the ushers direct a lady towards the tour buses! We followed the lady and whaddaya know, there were barricades set up! We waited 'til 12 midnight and the dancers finally came out :)

You can find the rest of my meet-and-greet pics HERE. I didn't get to meet Twitch, Will, and Kherington cuz they were being rushed back to the buses :( But all in all it was a fun experience.

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"My heart... It feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like it's trying to escape because it doesn't belong to me anymore. It belongs to you. And if you wanted it, I'd wish for nothing in exchange - no gifts. No goods. No demonstrations of devotion. Nothing but knowing you loved me too. Just your heart, in exchange for mine."
- Yvaine, Stardust


Nope. I haven't read Breaking Dawn yet. I figured I can just torrent the damn thing, but when I tried to cancel my Amazon order, it wouldn't let me. Apparently they're already getting ready to ship it. Boo.


This weekend, I watched movies. I particularly loved Penelope and Charlie Bartlett. Fun times. I also got some sleep, but that didn't make me any less sleepy than I already am. I mean, what's up with that? I was more alert when I was sleep deprived!!!


I re-joined Facebook. Yep, you heard me. MySpace was just having way too many issues that I had to release some of my frustration. I don't understand why I'm not getting any notifications and why my updates are not showing up. Yo, MySpace... if you're gonna steal some of Facebook's features, at least make sure they are functioning properly! Don't get me wrong, I'm still on MySpace... but unless Tom (or whoever) fixes these little things, I'mma go cheat on them with Facebook.

(But please, do not send me any vampire/zombie applications.)


So You Think You Can Dance Tour
Honda Center, Anaheim, CA
September 27, 2008

Floor seats
Section 106, Row 1, Seats 7 and 8

I'm still holding out for better seats, though. I might end up going to the L.A. show if I can get a good spot in the pit section.

Not soft

May. 16th, 2008 12:15 pm
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I don't know where the next road goes
But I feel the wheels rolling down below me

- "My Sweet Time" by Alexz Johnson


Man alive, it is hot as hell today. I do not like.

I'm leaving for New York early tomorrow morning. It might be raining when I arrive.

The weather hates me.

But OMG, so excited!!!!


I do not care about American Idol. For the first time in the show's history, I'm not gonna be voting.

I'm pretty much "bleh" about television nowadays. The only thing I get really REALLY excited about is frigging BONES. Cuz OMG, it rules.

SYTYCD this Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My work computer died last Tuesday. I panicked because it had all the important (and confidential) information about the library. Luckily the IT department came through for me, bt I don't know yet if any files are missing. I guess I won't find out until I try to look for something specific and it's not there.


I had drinks with Ray-Ray and Ron at the Custom Hotel yesterday and it was great! And dudes, the bathrooms had sound effects! Crashing waves and all! I guess to help people pee? I was dying!! And the little shelf in the stalls where they put the toilet papers? They're like, little flat mirrors. So the bathrooms are totally equipped for snorting coke. Yay!


Eep!!! I want to be in New York already!!! RENT and Spring Awakening, here I come!

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I don't want to fall to pieces
I just want to sit and stare at you

- "Fall to Pieces" by Avril Lavigne


Why yes, I listened to Avril Lavigne from 9:30 AM to 4:54 PM yesterday. Yep, I couldn't believe it either. Just gearin' up for the concert, is all -- and also, trying to find the meaning of life. Speaking of concerts, I can't wait for Bamboozle Left and Jason Mraz this weekend. Should be fun!


According to my calculations, I've been getting 5 hours of sleep (at most) every weekday. In the last two days I have gotten 6 hours of sleep total. It's all worth it, though. Definitely.


Am I the only one who's not too thrilled about Panic at the Disco's latest album? It's been getting good reviews from my f-list, but I was just "meh" about it. There were a few choice lyrics that I dug, of course, but I cannot "dance to this beat," man. It's a bit too laid back for me and I was expecting to get my disco on... this is why I listen to Cobra Starship instead.


Received one of the most wonderful MySpace messages ever. It was very VERY encouraging, especially from someone who is a few years younger than me. Oddly enough, I really do look up to her in terms of... just... guts, you know? And "chillaxability." Ya know, it's not too difficult for me to find happiness in the smallest of things, but as I get older I've realized that that quality about me is slowly disappearing. I need it back.

God, seriously... I miss television. LOL! Ya know, I remember back in my YA days people used to tell me that my obsession was becoming unhealthy... well now I'm certainly yearning for another unhealthy obsession to cure my even more unhealthy adult state.

And on that note...
I want to do this in an empty library:
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I swear, I belong
This is where I belong

- "The World Is Our Playground" by Up Dharma Down


I've never been here before, but I feel like I'm home. I wish to stay for as long as I can.


This weekend, I...

... celebrated Mylene's birthday at The Stinking Rose with my sister and our other girl cousins. I had to return the fetuccine/pesto that I ordered cuz I didn't like it... and then I ordered short ribs instead, which was delicious. I had garlic taste in my mouth 'til Sunday night, though, and it was soooo icky!

... hung out with Lisa. We realized that we'd watch just about anything together from Kevin Smith to... jackrabbits.

... enjoyed some interspecies erotica. I mean, my cat and my pig are so cute together!! And check out how giddy I look:

... got lots and lots and lots of sleep, which, apparently, isn't enough.


On Monday, I...

... got the sudden urge to reconnect with a friend from college. Through the power of Google, I was able to read some excerpts from her "memoirs" and I thought, "Wow... I've known her for quite a while and I didn't know all this was happening." I wish I was able to be there for her while she was struggling with some of her personal issues. I do miss our X-Files marathons very much.

... watched "The L Word." Go away, TiBette!!!

... got annoyed cuz Netflix canceled my DVD order for Saving Face

... mmmm... Rhys.... mmmmm.... pony... mmmmm... Jack and Demi makeoutnowplz.


Today I...

... got swamped at work.

... got my Mighty Ducks boxed set and Enchanted in the mail.


Concert lineup:

Bamboozle Left, Day 1
April 5, 2008
Verizon Ampitheatre

Jason Mraz
April 6, 2008
The Troubadour

Avril Lavigne
May 3, 2008
Honda Center

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Jimmy: I see you got fat.
Chazz: I see you still look like a fifteen year old girl, but not hot.

- Blades of Glory


This week, I got sick.
But that's okay :)

Here's a list of why my week rocked anyway:

1) Work wasn't too stressful.
2) I got to see Wicked with my cousins. It was my 4th time seeing the musical.
3) Had a great time with Sara at 3rd Street Promenade last Thursday. Lunch was great and the day was very... interesting.
4) Watching the snow fall with a very good friend :)
5) Evening with Kevin Smith.
6) Lisa and I are hilarious and cute and we will steal Avril Lavigne's tour bus and run away to Canada and then Australia to raise our alien baby.

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This could get ugly
If you think that I'll let you go
You're out of your mind

- "Close Up" by Frou Frou


Eating chocolates from Trader Joe's at 10:51 AM. My back hurts. I can't quite get comfortable in this chair. I think I've written up 5 sets of meeting minutes in the last two weeks and I'm sick of it. I wish I can just fold papers and stuff envelopes all day. I find it very relaxing, especially since it doesn't involve much thought. Last week I was actually able to watch La Vie En Rose while doing a MASSIVE mailing to faculty members. It was great.


I hate it when the clock strikes 1AM during weekdays cuz that's usually when I have to go to sleep. Don't get me wrong, I love to sleep, but I also love it when I am awake, enjoying every second that I'm NOT at work. Going to sleep on weeknights just means that I have to wake up early to go to work the next day and I'd rather stay up til 4:00 AM, watching Spice World on YouTube. Weekends are never long enough.


This week's gonna be... bleh. I have this extra Wicked ticket for a show on Wednesday, you see, cuz one of my cousins backed out. And my other cousin just informed me that she can't take me home afterwards so I might have to rely on public transportation at 10:00 PM. If I had known that they were gonna flake out on me, I wouldn't have bothered.

I also have "plans" to go out with someone on Thursday. But she's not really into planning things, so I might end up getting the details at the last minute and I HATE doing last minute stuff. If I don't get early notification, I might not be able to go. And I probably won't see her for months and months and months and months... which makes me sort of sad :(


I finished season 4 of "The L Word," YAY!!! On to season 5, I go :D
And what the frak, doodz? Where is the torrent for SYTYCD Oz? I'm dying to see the Top 18 show!


I bought two new Nike dunks this weekend. One is pink and the other is blue. Me so happy.

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"One band, one sound!"
- Drumline


and the beat goes on...

Dominic Sandoval, ME, and Sara VonGillern
BBoy Unit, Los Angeles
February 16, 2008

Hola, folks. How's it going? Things have been cool and calm lately, and for that I am thankful. I had a mini-marathon of "The L Word" this weekend and I'm currently waiting for the next disc on my Netflix queue. I'm loving season 4 so far and I've LOL'ed so many times, it's awesome. And by the way, I totally love Jenny Schecter now!!! Wow, what a change!!! I don't find her annoying anymore and I'm glad :)

On Saturday I went to BBoy Unit @ the Crash Mansion in LA. I saw some amazing breakdancing crews, including a group of kids (I'm guessing from ages 8 to 14) who call themselves "Curfew Breakers." They totally battled against adults and they blew my mind. The best breaker in the group was this little girl named "B-Girl Simi" (check her out on YouTube!!!) and daaaaaaaaaaaaamn... she is gonna kick SO MUCH ASS when she grows up.

Of course, as you can see on the pic above, I also met Dominic and Sara (from SYTYCD, if you've already forgotten)!!! Both their crews competed in the battles (Unfortunately, Sara was late and missed her own battle) and it was awesome. Got to chat with them for a little while, which proved to be difficult because it was SO LOUD in there, we had to yell at each other the whole time! Anyway, I've got more pictures on my MySpace, if ya'll are interested.


Speaking of SYTYCD...
Dudes, seriously watch SYTYCD Australia. Ya'll are missing out. Download the torrents and WATCH. If you don't mind streaming video, go visit the SYTYCD Oz thread on IdolForums. Those are full episodes right at your fingertips, ya'll. Get to it!!!

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I want you
against time
and revelation
and beds too far away
I want you wanting me
clothed in the absolution
of fangs and forks and fucks we shouldn't have
I want you
buried in the belly of a blind belief
like Jonah
like apostle
like Mary
and Joseph
like God
I want your spirit
made flesh
within me

"Litany of Desire" by Staceyann Chin



It's raining so I had an excuse to wear a hoodie and jeans to work.
I slept longer than 4 hours last night.
I love Valentine's Day candies, cookies, and cake.
My quote-of-the-day is HOT.

After hours of staring at the computer screen, waiting... waiting... waiting...
Something amazing happened.

I think I found my poem. )
And thanks to Elite Beat Agents, I think I found my song. )

I have booked my flights for May.
I'm seeing two amazing people at Bboy Unit on Saturday
Have I mentioned RENT and Spring Awakening in NYC??!!!
My lows are really low, but my highs are easy to find.
I'm frail, but at least I am not numb.


I know my blogs have been totally emo as of late, but hopefully it'll go back to their usual fangirly state soon. Just bear with me, my bbz. I *heart* you all and have a Happy Valentine's Day :) Singles Awareness my azz. As long as you got your peeps with you, you are not single.

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I could still see her bright eyes like sunny day real estate

- "Taxi Driver" by Gym Class Heroes


OMG, you guys.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Watch it and be amazed. In some ways, the show's better than the U.S. version.


Purchased the following DVDs:
- Across the Universe
- Imagine Me & You
- My So-Called Life, the complete series


I'm still obsessing over Elite Beat Agents :D

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Can you feel it, to the beat ya'll
Let the music play for the people

"ELEctrik HeaT - the seekwiLL" by k-os


Photoshop CS3 acquired. All by myself.

I now know why nobody would just let me borrow their disc. It's cuz this shit costs a lot!!! Ain't no way I'm making a free copy of dis for no one. I'm keepin' it to myself. I got an educational discount and all, but that's still $300. Someone wanna pay me to make them LJ icons???

I didn't think so.

Oh, and let me tell you the shit I had to go through just to install that mother. I didn't know I needed to use an installer to uninstall the beta version so I just dragged it to the trash bin like I was s'posed to. BAD IDEA. Cuz when I tried to install the legit version, it kept detecting traces of the beta version and refuses to load. When I found out that I had to use the installer to uninstall, it was too late. I'd already emptied my trash bin and all these Photoshop files that needed to be uninstalled were now considered "missing." So guess what I had to do???!!!!!!!!!!

I had to restore my MacBook back to its factory settings. Yep... I had to start all over again. Fun times. But at least now I have a shiny new Photoshop. Which, again, I am not sharing with anybody.


I feel bad. I keep talking shit about my MacBook. But there is one awesome thing about it that I really really love: the built-in webcam. Oh what fun!!! Cuz I'm too cool for regular AIM now. Me and Lisa just have to step it up and use the video feature of the iChat.

Hi, Lisa.

She's probably reading this so I should totally plug her new Sara VonGillern montage. Check dis shit out:

Genius. OMG, so I totally tried to learn some breakdancing last Monday. Ummm... fun, but... no fun. I was sore up until this morning. But hey, I can do a mean toprock.


Wanna see another SUPER AWESOME video??? OMG, it's so awesome you can die of awesomeness and like... be an awesome zombie. I was laughing SO HARD, I had TEARS IN MY EYES.

"Woot I'm coming." Holy shit.

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your mama is so
ugly they call her face the
place where god isn't.

- Beau Sia


There's this girl named Lisa from Boston and she watched SYTYCD and her fave was Sara Von Gillern and she loves X-Files, Wonderfalls, and Firefly so I thought, "Ah. We are from the same breed. We must become friends."

So one night during an AIM chat she said "I think I'm going to the SYTYCD shows in NorCal..." and I was all "But u already went to 8" and she was all "Maybe Reno too" and I was all, "Ur insane."

Fastforward to me, a day later, looking for flights to Reno. I sayz to Lisa, "WTF. I'm looking for Reno flights." And she sayz, "Well after the NorCal shows, I'm staying with a friend in Anaheim..." And I sayz "I'm 20 minutes away from Anaheim" and she sayz "No way." And I sayz "Road trip to Reno, Y/Y?"

So this is where my Reno adventure began... )

Well guys, that's the end of my "November ended with a BANG!" blog. To those of you who read through the entire 3-part series, thank you!!! It truly was an amazing experience and I've met some of the coolest people EVER. Let's do this again soon, people! MAY 2008 -- where u at?!!!

Photo credits:

From Roguester's RENO collection:

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Baby, let's go
Have that wreckless love
That crazy love
That off-the-wall, won't stop 'til I get enough kind of love

- "Wreckless Love," by Alicia Keys


SYTYCD - Los Angeles

It started with a phone call.

My gurl Lisa was at a meet-and-greet in the east coast somewhere and she put Jesus on the phone for me. I told him that I was going to the L.A. show, but I was worried that there won't be any meet-and-greets since they didn't have any for the Los Angeles show last year. So he said, "I can get you passes. Do you want passes? Just give me your name and how many people you're going with." So of course I was like, "Yes! Sure!" and voila... I got totally hooked up. And so did [livejournal.com profile] peakin75 and [livejournal.com profile] cali_b -- my "plus two."

Fastforward to November. Met up with Peak and Cali for our LA/San Diego adventure. We stayed at the Holiday Inn across the street from the Nokia Theatre, which was very convenient. Then we had dinner with Jazzy, Lori, and some other peeps in this one Italian restaurant. Our waiter was such a riot! I dunno if he's forreal or wut, but he talked like a straight up car salesman and used phrases like "sweet, sweet clams." OMG, it was hilarious!

Then off we went to the show. The backstage passes waiting for me at will-call so YAY for Jesus for keeping his word! Then I saw my "taping buddies" inside the theatre (Tat, Deon, Kat... plus Joey) so I was extra giddy. Nothing from the actual show itself. Everyone was great and I had a great time! Pasha and Lauren's Transformers routine was freaking amazing and Kameron's solo was HOT!!!! Plus, Sara was ON FIRE and I'm so glad that the breaking routine was included in the lineup :)

Anyways, I saw Donyelle Jones in the audience during intermission and I freaked the hell out. She's my favorite dancer last season and although I've met her before, I've never taken a pic with her!!! So I just went up to her and my boy Deon was already there, trying to get a hug. LOL! Of course, it was the perfect opportunity to take some pics. And OMG, she looked freaking GORGEOUS, ya'll. She was so beautiful, I didn't know what to do with myself.

Then my gurl Joey spotted Mary Murphy in the pit section somewhere so we were like, "Eeee! We need a pic with her!" So we went, but the usher was like, "Uhh... no... not unless your tickets are for this section." So Joey was like, "Pleeaaaseee... we just want a pic with her!" So we went and Mary was so nice and agreed to take pics with us. She even got up from her seat and went around the row of chairs that were separating her from us so we can get closer together for the photo :)

On to the meet and greet:
Ok, so I get there, right? And it was hella freaking crowded in there! You'd think that they'd have a larger VIP lounge in LA, but noooo... everyone was cramped in there. I was sweating like hell and I'm all "Ewwww... my pics are gonna come out all shiny...." The Season 2 dancers started filtering in and that's when I saw my favorte male dancer from last year -- IVAN KOUMAEV. I was all, "Tee hee! I'm shy!" at first but oh well... I just sucked it in and asked for a pic. And of course, since Ivan was there... Travis was there as well :) And Dima totally made an appearance too!

Aaaanddddd here comes the Season 3 dancers. I met Neil, Danny, and Kameron and they were all so nice and sweet and smelled very very good! Then Pasha entered the room...

He came up to this one girl wearing a black beret, and kissed her on the lips. I was like, "Whoa... is that like, a Russian thing?" But then he proceeded to put both his hands on her waist and pulled her closer to him. It was very, very, VERY couple-like. The girl also hugged and kissed Kameron, but it was nowhere near as touchy feely as Pasha. I figured that she's someone who worked for the show because she seemed to know some of the dancers. And whaddaya know... she turned out to be Cat Deeley's stylist. My heart ached for Sasha at that moment, but I came up to him anyway and asked for his autograph. He was just so... *sigh*.... I'm so in love with him. I would very much like to cuddle with him and run my fingers through his hair.

Then I saw Jaimie and came up to her for an autograph, but she was totally making out with Ivan and I'm all "Uh... okay... I'll just stand here until they notice me" Haha! I felt almost bad for interrupting the touchy-feely, but Ivan was like "Would you like me to take your picture?" And I was all, "Eeee!!! Yesss!!!" So here's my pic with Jaimie, taken by Ivan.

Afterwards I saw Shauna in the corner standing by herself. Eeep!!!! I actually got a chance to chat with her!!! She's so cute and fun to talk to and we chatted about the Insomniac videos. She explained to me what TYKY meant (totally South Park-related) and gave me the lowdown on the next video that she was going to upload. Besides Sara and Jesus (which I will talk about later), I talked to Shauna the longest.

Then I saw Sabra and I asked for her autograph. I also wanted a pic, but there was a crowd of little girls around her so she asked me to wait a while and she'll get back to me. BUT --
I turned around and saw Jesus kneeling down on the floor, talking to two little boys. So I thought, "Nah... I already got a pic with Sabra. It's time for JESUS, baby!!!"

Anyways, so there he was talking to two little boys and it was seriously the cutest thing ever. He was very very encouraging to them and you can tell that their parents were so grateful that he actually took the time to talk to them. After the family left I was all, "DUDE!!!! JESUS!!!!!" And he was like, "Aaaah!!!!! JILL!!!!!!!!!" And we like, hugged and hugged and hugged some more. But two girls were waiting for him to give them autographs so he was like, "Hold on... let me take care of this so I can pay more attention to you." Tee hee!!!

So we chatted. And chatted. And chatted some more. We talked about... uh... um.... dude... we talked about... stuff... that I don't even remember... why... why don't I remember our conversation?!!!!! Was I THAT distracted by his gorgeousness??? UGH!!!! I also asked him about his CD and he said that he's still recording some songs and will be putting up some samples on his MySpace soon. Then we said goodbye and hugged one last time when I realized that I haven't even seen Sara yet!!! I asked Jesus if she's coming out and he said that she's still upstairs on the 2nd floor talking to some people.

While I was waiting, I was all "doo too doo tooo doo... lalala...." when I suddenly spotted Lauren!!!! OMG, my heart freaking stopped, ya'll. I've been DYING to take a pic with that girl. I totally had my "AZN PRIDE" sign with me and I walked up to her and asked for her autograph. Then I said, "Um... I have a favor. Can I... take a picture with you... while holding up... this sign???" Then I whipped it out like, BAM!!!! And she was like, "OH.MY.GOD. Omigod, this is sooo cool!!!!!!" So we busted out with our peace signs and took the best AZN PRIDE picture ever.

Anyways... it's SARA time.
I thought I saw her signing autographs on the staircase, but I wasn't sure if that's her so I asked Pasha (who just happened to walk by) if he thinks that's Sara or some other chick. Then he said "Yeah, that's Sara" and I'm all "OMG." I positioned myself at the bottom of the stairs like an idiot and waited for her to descend...

She looked up and was like, "JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!" and I'm all "Heyyyyyyy!!!" So we hugged. And hugged. And hugged some more. I asked her to sign my tourbook and my copy of Dance Spirit magazine. Then, I gave her her present:

That's all her routines from the tour, plus her skit with Dominic (laptop not included). I framed it and gave it to her. I think she liked it cuz she was like, "OMG... I'm gonna cryyyyy..." Then we chatted more about the Insomniac stuff when I realized that Pasha was just STANDING.RIGHT.THERE.NEXT.TO.HER. So I'm like, "Oh hey Pasha. Since you're here, can I take a pic of you two?" And Pasha was like, "Uh....." and it looked like he really didn't want to (I think his girlfriend was nearby). After a minute of silent deliberation, he finally went for it. So they stood on either side of me and I slipped out to take their pic. And they were like, "Wait! Where are you going? Don't you want to be in the picture?" And I'm thinking, "Dammit... I wanted a pic of just THEM!!!" So in my defeat, I went back and stood between them. Sara had her arm around my shoulder and I had my hand on... Pasha's butt.

Dude, what can I say? He was tall and my hand was comfortably leveled with his butt. But as soon as I placed my hand right there I'm all "ACK! Inappropriate... must pull hand away!" So I did. Sort of. After we took the pic I made another attempt at getting a Sasha pic so I said, "Can I get one with just the two of you?"

With much hesitation, Pasha said okay but Sara was totally up for it. They stood closer together and Pasha extended his index finger towards Sara. I was all "huh?" and Sara was all "huh?" But Pasha just looked at his finger... and looked back at Sara... like she's supposed to know what to do. Haha! And Sara was like, "What... are... you... doing?"

She just extended her own index finger in response to Pasha's gesture and hooked it onto Pasha's finger. Then Pasha just stared right into the camera, all psychotic-like, and that's how this pic came about.

Sara looked really really cute, though :D

Anyways, the tour people started kicking us out of the VIP lounge so that the rest of the dancers can go outside by the barricades to sign autographs. As I was heading out, I saw Lacey and she was like, "Hey you!!!!" And I'm thinking, "Who, me?" So I waved at her and approached her and asked for her autograph. I wanted a pic too, but she was surrounded by little girls so I said that I'll just get her some other time.

I also saw Anya on my way out so of course I just had to get her pic too!!! Doesn't she look MAD SEXY????

The only two people I didn't see were Hok and Dominic. The QUEST crew was there and I think the b-boys were just busy catching up with each other. I'll get them some other time, perhaps.

Anyways, that's the end of my LA recap! You can view all my pics in my Photobucket:

Next up: My San Diego weekend with Peak and Cali!!!

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"The eyes are the groin of the head."
- Dwight Schrute, The Office


Remember when I said that November was gonna be one of the best months of my life?
Well, I was WRONG. Cuz apparently the universe hates me and wants to make me its butt monkey.

Work has been brutal. I've cried twice in front of my boss and I didn't even care if I looked like an idiot. I was just so stressed out that didn't know what to do with myself. I was at work until 8:00 PM last Tuesday and I was not very happy. I know to some people this is just a normal day at work, but to me this is something new. I've always told myself that I didn't wanna be one of those people who stay behind after office hours, trying to make a deadline, but now I'm turning into one of them. It's fucking scary! Cuz my free time is very precious to me, mmkay? And if work starts taking my free time away from me, I get very cranky. Why do you think I haven't blogged in so long? Cuz I don't have time for fandom anymore! And since I don't have time for fandom anymore, I don't have anything to blog about. Yes, there is "real life," but seriously... me blogging about "real life" means me bitching about work. And frankly, I'd rather talk about something squee-worthy.


Anyways... you heard me right.
I don't have time for fandom anymore cuz work is ruining it for me. I've got a shit load of shows on my TiVo and I never have time to watch them all until the weekend. And by the time I've finished 'em, my commentaries would have already been "old news." There's still SYTYCD, of course, and the L.A. stop of the tour is next week. I'm excited, but I'm also worried that I won't get my work shit done before I meet up with [livejournal.com profile] cali_b and [livejournal.com profile] peakin75. I really don't want to bring my work to our San Diego vacay afterwards :(

On a brighter note...

Sara and Pasha should totally make out.
Seriously, without them I would've probably died of work-related stress.


Things that kept me sane this past week:

- VM season 3 marathon
- Scrubs season 6 marathon
- Alicia Keys' "As I Am" album
- Chatting on AIM
- "Toffee latte freeze" from the campus coffee shop
- This video (from 1:27 up to 1:43)

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Peter: I uh, I don't like my job, and, uh, I don't think I'm gonna go anymore.
Joanna: You're just not gonna go?
Peter: Yeah.

- Office Space


(a.k.a. "4 AM in the SYTYCD tour bus")

I mean, how fucking adorable are they???? Everytime I watch this video I couldn't stop smiling to myself! It is made of puppies and rainbows, ya'll. I was squeeing 'til 3:00 AM last night!!! I was like, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I love the season 3 dancers!!! Suck it, season 2!!!!!!!

(P.S. It's kinda sad that I didn't even notice that Lacey's not in there. But yaaaay, Anya made a teeny tiny cameo!!! And so did Neil!!!)


Anyways, I've been having a VM marathon this weekend. OMG, I'm still in love with this show. Besides the Sara/Shauna vid that I posted above, this has been my salvation from the hell that is my work. Seriously... in the past few weeks, I have come to HATE scheduling meetings. As in I hate it with mad, burning passion. Everytime I need to schedule a meeting, I feel like crying in the bathroom. And I have, actually, a couple of times. I should have stayed in the Reference department where I'm just usually working by myself and NOT having to deal with people. Right now Admin is pretty much kicking my ass. Cuz I don't like dealing with people. I want people to leave me alone. I want to stay home and watch Veronica Mars and freaking listen to Paramore instead. But I guess... there's no escaping it. In able to get a higher salary, you're gonna have to want to kill yourself at work first. Hey, remember when I was only working part-time and I absolutely loved it? I want that back.


Bah. I don't want to end on a shitty note. So you know what? I'm re-posting this video.

Bring on the fun, November. So far, you haven't delivered.

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Barney: Dude, lots of chicks think that architects are hot. Think about that, you create something out of nothing. You're like God. There is no one hotter than God.
Ted: I love it when you quote scripture.

- How I Met Your Mother


What did I do this weekend?

Oh yeah, I had a marathon of the Planet Earth documentary and then I had a marathon of How I Met Your Mother. Life is grand.

And speaking of HIMYM, how many more Joss Whedon alums are gonna make an appearance, mannn? First it was Wesley... then Fred... then Inara... and I think I saw Andrew in there too... plus the Mayor! WTH? Show Gunn too! Bring Gunn to the show!!! Aaaah! I'd die a gleeful death if that happens!

Anyways... since I had a marathon all weekend, I didn't get the chance to see Friday Night Lights yet... nor have I seen The Office. Come to think of it... I haven't watched last Monday's Prison Break either. Hmm... weird.


I have a throbbing headache right now. I'm bored. And hungry, kinda. I need to sleep. I stayed up last night, fangirling on AIM. The sleepiness is finally catching up to me...

I want it to be November already. Need to see the SYTYCD tour. I need to see [livejournal.com profile] cali_b and [livejournal.com profile] peakin75. I need to reunite with JesVon and take an "AZN PRYDE" pic with Lauren. I need Sasha to MAKEBABIESPLZ now. I need this headache to go away.

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joann: i love oceans eleven.
tat: you love asians in leather?!?
joann: whhhaaaaat?!?

- from [livejournal.com profile] upon_cloud_nine's Facebook


Haha! I love my "Quote of the Day."
And I love this YouTube video:

Man, I think I laughed for 5 minutes straight! This shit is hilarious!!!


I'm going to see The Color Purple in December. It's my birthday present to myself :) And then after that maybe I'll go see Sweeney Todd. And then My Fair Lady. Perhaps The Drowsy Chaperone too. Fun times!


I've been watching the Planet Earth documentary on DVD. Have I mentioned before that I'm a sucker for nature shows? The only problem is that I don't get the Discovery Channel. And I rarely catch 'em on PBS so yeah... I rented 'em off of Netflix. I'm having a mini Planet Earth marathon this weekend and I'm excited. And then I'm FINALLY gonna watch my season 2 DVDs of "How I Met Your Mother." SQUEEEE!


I freaking love the SYTYCD season 3 dancers. GAH. I need to see 'em in LA already.

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Currently reading: American Gods by Neil Gaiman


"we're like the slow kid in aerobics class who's like a step or two behind everyone"

- [livejournal.com profile] sleepymonster, on Cambodians and dancing


OMG, I'm so giddy tonight. Mucho giddy. I talked to Jesus Solorio on the phone and now I'm on cloud nine. I wub him so much. I dun care who made it to the Top 10 or the final 4 of SYTYCD... Jesus is still my favorite male dancer on the show this season.



OMG. I can die happy now. This is like, the best thing I've seen on YouTube. I mean, duuude... check out the guy in the cowboy hat!!! LMAO!!! He is SEX. I love how it's choreographed. LMAO!!!! And the funny thing is... [livejournal.com profile] sleepymonster said that they're better than actual Cambodians. Hahahah! Hahahaha! Hahahahha!!! Let's compare, shall we??

Now, see... that dancing right there is too intense, they can only do it one way. Cuz if they bust out some other dance move besides that wavy hand thing, then it's over. But still... where are the cowboy hats? Without the cowboy hat, you fail in Cambodian karaoke.

(( OMG, you guys, I'm laughing SO HARD ))

I told Monster that they need more Cambodians in SYTYCD and she was like, "NO. I'll die, Jill. I'll just die. Can I be Filipino?"

Why yes, Monster. Yes, you can.


FNL rules the schoolz. See my new icon there? It's sexy, ain't it? Friday nights are gonna be soooo awesome.


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