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Penny: I give up. He's impossible!
Sheldon: I can't be impossible. I exist! I think what you meant to say is, "I give up. He's improbable."

- The Big Bang Theory


Currently reading: The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson


So… one day I drank from a cup that was sitting on top of the Sparkletts bottle in the kitchen and the next thing I knew, I had a sore throat. Whoop-de-do, I’m sick again. But at least I get a 5-day weekend. On the downside, I was going to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at the Arclight tomorrow, but not anymore. I’m dripping snot and the sky is too and it's gonna rain again tomorrow. Anyway, I guess I’ll just watch the movie through illegal means…


Yay! So I got tickets to see Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, and In the Heights!!!!  I don't really care for Phantom... wasn't too crazy about the movie and the music, but I feel obligated to see it just cuz it's Phantom.  But anyway, I bought the cheapest ticket I could buy.

On the other hand, I'm so freaking excited about IN THE HEIGHTS!!!  Man, I've been dying to see this musical!!!!  I remember listening to the soundtrack and I cried cuz it's so good!  I have to wait until July to watch it, but OMG... wheee!!!


This singing fish is now mounted on my wall:

SO AWESOME. Thanks, moo-moo!!!!


Sep. 20th, 2009 01:26 am
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I hate, hate being left out. Whether it's not being picked for a team... or being picked for a team and then showing up and realizing the team doesn't exist. Or that the sport doesn't exist! I should've known. Poop ball?

- Michael Scott, "The Office"


On the Kanye/Taylor Swift issue:
I'm on Team Beyonce

On Patrick Swayze's death:
There's already been several celebrity deaths this year that I think I've been desensitized.

On my new iPhone:
I'm slowly making it my bitch.

On my health:
No more severe coughing. Voice is back to normal. A little phlegm here and there, but I'm fine.  However, due to the heat or... something, I've developed some kind of eczema on my neck.  It's disgusting.

On work:
I'm ready for a vacation.

On vacation:
Heading to Virginia on September 30!!!  Made a massage appointment :D

On Disney:
My cousins and I went to the D23 Expo last Sunday and had a blast!  Check out some of my pics

On television:
I've seen the premiere of "Bones" and "The Office."  I haven't seen last week's SYTYCD, nor have I seen the last two eps of "Top Chef" and "Project Runway."  No time for TV!!!!

My dad:
He's trying to set me up with some dude.  Ewwwww.  Hellz no.

My sister:
She's finally leaving her god-awful job and moving onto a better one.  We celebrated by eating at Fire+Ice in Anaheim.


I... need to sleep.  Bye!

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"Love. You can know all the math in the 'Verse, but take a boat in the air you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turning of worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells ya she's hurtin' 'fore she keens. Makes her home."

- Serenity


I'm getting better. Still snifflin' but I'm back at work, schedulin' those meetings. I sure do miss the sick leaves, though!


The LMU Library now has a MySpace, thanks to my homie Ray-Ray. At first I'm all "OMG, this is cool!" but after being added to the library's f-list, I started feeling uncomfortable. There goes my default picture, on the Top Friends section, accessible to all library staff members. Now, I dunno about you... but my MySpace is sort of my "home away from work." It's okay for a few employees to know about it, but when my own boss starts showing my page to University Relations reps, then it's a whole new ballgame. I quickly emailed Ray-Ray and I asked to be taken off the library's f-list. I mean, that's just weird, yo. I want my peeps to feel comfortable leaving me raunchy messages, without worrying about the priests and nuns on campus reading them ;)


I bought the following DVDs:
- Glory
- Miss Congeniality
- The Grudge
- Saving Face
- Memento
- The Mighty Ducks boxed set
- Enchanted (pre-ordered)

And speaking of DVDs... I'm totally running out of storage. So I dunno where the fuck I'm supposed to store all the DVDs that I just bought :(


Last week, a friend from high schoool, Gerardo, asked me to join our 10th year high school reunion committee. I declined cuz I don't like dealing with planning stuff, but OMG... has it almost been 10 years already??? God, I'm old.

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I'm the motherfucking princess.

- "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne


Guyssss.... I've been super duper sick. I went home early from work a couple of times cuz I just felt like death and then I just slept. A LOT. Oh, and I also got a haircut :D Fun times!

I'm going to an Avril Lavigne concert. Shoot me now.

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I'm not trying to pressure you
Just can't stop thinkin' 'bout you
You ain't even really gotta be my girlfriend
I just wanna know your name
And maybe some time
We can hook up, hang out, just chill

"Just Friends" by Musiq Soulchild


Motherfrak, why am I sick again? I'm *so* over this. I'm just waiting for this week to be over so I can just bum around at home without a care in the world. Work has been super busy, but luckily I was able to have a "30 Rock" marathon in my office, thanks to Netflix's "Watch Instantly" feature.

I'm also finally caught up with "The L Word," and I must say... I'm *so* over TiBette. Like, seriously. Am I in the minority here? They are not fun gay.


My cat is adorable.
And my roommate is awesome-tastic.


I haven't been to Disneyland in so long. Want. To. Go. I miss the Tower of Terror. And the turkey legs. Man oh man, I miss the turkey legs :( Dunno if any of my cousins read my blog, but yo... cousins!! When are we going back?


I desperately want to sleep. I think I shall nap in the staff lounge later.

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Deb: What are you drawing?
Napoleon: A liger.
Deb: What's a liger?
Napoleon: It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic.

- Napoleon Dynamite



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ain't he gorgeous? I finally got him in the mail today and I'm so giddy!!!! Eeeee!!! I actually own a Blackberry! Goodbye, Motorola RAZR. You wouldn't let me have the mp3 ring tone of 'The Office' so I'm leaving you. And look!!! A keyboard!!! No more text messaging with numbers! Woot!!! So text message me, ya'll!


House - 3x14 - Insensitive )


I'm not sick anymore so YAY!
I'm gonna miss you, NyQuil. You're great at putting me to sleep at night, but DOOD... you make me super groggy in the morning.

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The sun, whose rays
Are all ablaze
With ever-living glory,
Does not deny
His majesty
He scorns to tell a story!
He don't exclaim,
'I blush for shame
So kindly be indulgent.'
But, fierce and bold,
In fiery gold
His glories all effulgent!
I mean to rule the earth
As he the sky
We really know our worth
The sun and I!

- Gilbert & Sullivan, The Mikado



[Error: unknown template video]


The Office - 3x15 - Phyllis' Wedding

It's hard for me to admit this.
But it's been tearing me up inside that I just have to come out and say it.

I'm on Team Karen.

Yes, you heard me. )


Still sick. Not going to work tomorrow.

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Booth: God does not make mistakes.
Angela: I don’t know. Putting testicles on the outside doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

- Bones


I'm home sick.
I feel crappy-craps.
On a brighter note...

I bought this.

I'm reading this.

And I can finish watching this.

(( cough ))
(( cough ))

Back to bed.

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Sara: You went to Loyola.
Michael: You've been checking up on me.
Sara: I like to get to know my patients. I went to Northwestern. Graduated two years after you did.
Michael: Maybe we met before. You know, drunk, out at a bar somewhere.
Sara: I would've remembered.
Michael: Is that a complement?
Sara: No.

- Prison Break


Success!!! I made a new MySpace layout! I'm so proud of myself :D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Come by and drop me a comment!


It's time for...
Non-spoilery TV commentary.

Prison Break - 2x16 - Chicago

hotness, ya'll.
shippy goodness.

Veronica Mars - 3x12 - There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill

WEEVIL wins.
I love him.
I love Weevil.
Weevil --> good.


I ship. And it's great. This year I shipped Benjelle and it was all sorts of crazy. Then there was that period of calm in the shippy seas. But right now my ship's a-sailing again. Scofield, Tancredi, Booth, and Brennan... I'm lookin' at ya'll.


I'm sick. I wanna go home.
I want to curl up in bed and watch Brick.

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Michael: We've got a picture of you with Saddam Hussein.
George, Sr.: I thought, I thought that was the guy who played the Soup Nazi. I told him how much I liked his work.

- Arrested Development


The world hates me. I was in bed last night, all showered up and fresh, getting ready to watch Veronica Mars...

But guess frakking WHAT?

There was no Veronica Mars.
Instead, there was basketball. What the EFF, dudes?!!! Why can't VM go back to UPN where there's no basketball??? Why can't the world just let me watch VM?!! Whyyy??!!!

Woe, I say! WOE!!!!


Does anyone have the newest Gwen Stefani album? I know the entire thing was leaked, but I've only downloaded a few songs here and there. If you have the entire album, hit me up, yo!


I want a Sidekick. Why can't Sidekicks be available for Cingular?


I miss Korean BBQ. I want Korean BBQ now. Why can't there be Korean BBQ on campus?


I'm still sick. My throat is doing better, but my nose is all clogged off. Why is it that I ALWAYS get sick in November? No fail. Sick = November. Everytime November hits, I just KNOW I'm gonna get sick.


Yesterday was my 13th Year Anniversary here in the United States. Woot!!! I can't believe I've been here for THAT long. So I think we should party. There's a little booth at Disneyland where they sell margaritas. I say we all get wasted with Mickey.

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Lamb: What do you mean by, "it smelled"?
Dick: Dude, it smelled - like the ass of something that died.
Lamb: And you can't say what it was?
Dick: I'm not, like, a professional smellologist.

- Veronica Mars


Dude. I'm sick. I'm slathering myself with Vicks Vaporub. *cough* *cough* This is not cool, man.


Someone spilled my face wash in the bathroom. Now it's almost gone. And it was expensive too, dammit!!!


I felt the urge to re-visit my Schwingers so I went on IdolForums and did a little posting.


I totally saw myself on the Megan Mullaly Show.


It's time for some NyQuil. Then I'm off to beddy-bye.

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"Everytime a banana comes out it's like... really steamy."
- Tatiana



For a full recap of the DEMAND charity event, check out the [livejournal.com profile] benjelle community. I posted tons of pictures and videos. But if you're not a member, that's just too bad. Heheh. Much love to my gurls Liza and Tatiana. Thanks for the breakfast and the sleepover!!! 'Twas fun, yo! Benji kisses all around.


I didn't get anything accomplished today cuz I went to Disneyland again. And now I'm sick. *cough* My throat's all itchy. *cough* I'll probably have a full-blown cold by Wednesday. *cough* But I hope not.

Anyways, I'm tired. The weekend wore me out. I'm sorry this blog entry totally sucked. GAH. Gotta go to work tomorrow.

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Spike: I've lived sodding forever. I've done everything. Done things with you I can't even spell, but... I've never... been too close... to anyone. Least of all you. Until last night. All I did was... hold you, watch you sleep. And it was the best night of my life. So yeah... I'm... terrified.
Buffy: You don't have to be.
Spike: Were you there with me?
Buffy: I was.
Spike: What does that mean?
Buffy: I don't know. Does it have to mean anything?
Spike: No. Not right now.
Buffy: Maybe when --
Spike: No. Let's just leave it.
Buffy: Ok.
Spike: We'll go be heroes.

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer


I... have a mild fever. I have a mild fever and I have to go meet Benji Schwimmer tomorrow. And I have to go watch him at the Megan Mullaly taping. And I can't wear my DEMAND shirt cuz apparently, you can't wear white to the taping. And Deon may not come after all. I have a headache. I have a headache and I feel hot all over. I have an ice-cold can of Coke on the back of my neck. Mother-frak!



Disneyland with Michele, Sara Michele, and Dallin was oodles of fun yesterday! Lots of giggles and cuteness and Wicked and SYTYCD. Benji and Donyelle should chill with us. We are the coolest.

Although... I think the Grizzly Rapids did me in. I got so drenched, I think that's why I have a mild fever right now. LOL! But I'll be fine, I hope. I just... need an ice pack, dammit!


Robin Thicke is so hot. I'm listening to his album right now. Purrrr...


Why can't Bones and Booth make out already? Golly! They're so cute together! He's like... so goofy and she's so deadpan. I know this show is not exactly a must-see, but I can't get enough of it. I love Bones!!!!


The Office is tonight. Frakking yes.

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Quote of the day:
"You are eight feet tall. Your boobs are perfect. Your hair is down to there. If I was you I would just walk around naked all the time. I wouldn't have a job, I wouldn't have any skills, I wouldn't even know how to read. I would just be... naked."
- Christina Yang, Grey's Anatomy


I am a slut for fic reviews. I get tiny little happy-gasms everytime I get an email from Fanfiction.Net. What a wonderful ego-stroke for conceited little bitches like me.

Anyways... I'm still sick. Yeah, I didn't go to work. And I know some of you feel a little "Heh???" because I look OMG!SoCute when I'm sick. So I'm posting this pic to quell any of the WTFs that might have sprouted in your heads.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I may or may not be smiling under the sheets.
((Now accepting noodle soups and tender loving care of any kind))


In other news, I'm starting a new project: A Grey's Anatomy soundtrack. Yep... I am downloading songs as I type. I love me some Tegan & Sara.

the weekend

Dec. 5th, 2005 08:00 am
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Quote of the day:
"The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off."
- Gloria Steinem


Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] firelily!!!
Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] mooners!!!
Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] sex__magic!!!

Have a GREAT one, you guys!!!


Geez, I don't even remember what I did this weekend. Hmmm... let's see....

Watched Scrubs.
Watched The L Word.
Finished up my final batch of Christmas cards (they're ready to be mailed!)
Continued reading GoF.
Went to my cousin Demi's b-day party (so yes, there was another family gathering).
Ruined my favorite t-shirt.
Had a bit of a scare. Let me elaborate:

Basically, my mom started throwing up at Demi's party. And it was so sudden, too, because she seemed fine up until that moment. Afterwards she just kinda slid to the floor and couldn't get back up. She was totally pale, yo. And her skin was effing cold. I started to worry. Luckily my uncle's a doctor and he was there to make sure everything's okay. Anyways, I think she had the same stomach flu that my sibs and I had a couple of weeks ago. It's just a bit weird because I've never seen my mom sick before...


So what else?
Oh yeah, it's Monday.

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Quote of the day:
"I'm crap with girls. Guys my age, they think they're suave, but they're rubbish and they know it."
- Daniel Radcliffe


Wow, this has got to be the earliest update EVER. Anyways, I'm home sick. Yeah, yeah, I know... it sucks. But yesterday at work, I suddenly felt all hot inside and cold outside. Like I'm frigging breathing fire or something. Then I just felt like something heavy is weighing me down so I'm like, "That's it. I'm going home." So I did, right? And when I got home I fell asleep instantly. But when I woke up, my head was just THROBBING with PAIN! And whoa, my skin was burning up! Then I got up, ran to the bathroom, and started vomiting like crazy. Which is odd because I hadn't eaten anything all day, so yes... I was basically just throwing up water.

10:30pm, I woke up with my stomach grumbling because like I said, I hadn't eaten all day. So I ate a couple of hash browns and I guess they didn't settle well with my stomach because I started throwing up again. Ugh! Craaaaap-tastic. I went back to sleep, woke up every 3 hours or so, and now I'm here. My head is feeling better and my fever had gone down, but...

Oh SHIT! I'm gonna throw up again. Hold on.

Ugh. This is ass, you guys. And great, my stomach is grumbling again. I'm so hungry!!! But I know if I eat, I'm just gonna start barfing again. *sighs* Send me some good healing vibes, yo.
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Quote of the day:
My brain's repeating
'If you've got an impulse let it out'
But they never make it past my mouth.
- Death Cab For Cutie, The Sound of Settling


Yah. Weevil (my TiVo) is sick. His modem is busted so now I have to buy an external one. And since I don't want to deal with any of the setup issues that I had before, I don't wanna just buy a regular ole' modem. I wanna buy a plug-and-play TiVo-configured modem. Unfortunately, it's 70 bucks. So for now I'll just put my VCR to good use. And I need to get my butt on schedule again. I mean, how difficult is it to be in front of the TV by 9pm? I've done it before and I can do it again.

Still kinda sick. This sucks. It's one of those VERY slow-progressing colds.
Wednesday, throat feels iffy.
Thursday, throat is sore liek whoa.
Friday, mini-sniffles.
Saturday, DYING.
Sunday, sniffles.
Monday, snot galore.
Tuesday, still sniffling.
Wednesday, mini-sniffles.
Thursday, still recovering.

What will tomorrow hold?

Heh-neeway. My sister called me on the phone yesterday and said, "OMG! RENT is a movie???" And I was like, "Um... dude. Where have you been?" And my brother goes, "What's 'RENT'?" And I'm like, "It's a musical. But it's gonna be in the movie theatres soon." ANd he goes, "Really? How much?" And I said, "Uh... well, if you have a student ID, you can get a discount. Otherwise it's 9 bucks." ANd he laughed at me and said "No, how much do they pay for RENT?" Yeah, I got moded. My brother has a weird sense of humor like that. One time my sister bought a Member's Only jacket and my brother goes, "Oh, so you must be the last remaining member." I was dying.


Well, that's about it for me. Buh-bye.
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Quote of the day:
"Are you gonna give us some beer?"
- Trick-or-Treaters at my house


My family's going to heck.

See, we poured all of our candies into one giant box and placed it near the door so when the kiddies come by, we can just scoop 'em up and drop it into their bags. Well, by the time the older kids started to come by, I kept getting a LOT of questions like, "Are you gonna give us some beer?" So I just played it off like, "Nah, dude. We're all out." And I'm thinking, "Man, why do they keep asking me about beer?" And it clicked: our box-o-candies was a Budwiser box. *headpalm* Way to encourage the kids, Jill.

Anyways, this damn cough won't go away. Robitussin is just not cutting it for me, man. And I can't swallow the damn NyQuil gelcaps. But I'm at work now. I can't be absent one more day cuz my work is gonna start piling up and I *SO* don't want that.

Hmm... I just realized that I haven't bought a pepper spray yet. Damn time change. Now I'm gonna have to start walking alone in the dark.

Oh yeah... [livejournal.com profile] sleepymonster, The Kite Runner is getting really really good! I'm loving this book so far :D
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Currently reading:
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Quote of the day:
"Ladies and gentlemen, fresh from 45 minutes of butt-robics, I give you my ass."
- Jack, Will & Grace


Jason Mraz was so hot, I wanted to jump up onstage and... just rub myself all over him. White boy got mad flava, yo. If I wasn't so sick, I'd probably be like, "OMG!ILOVEYOUSOMUCH!!!" and dance around like an idiot, but I was caughing and sneezing so badly, it's not even funny.

The next day, I woke up and my voice was just gone. My throat was hurting like a mother and I have snot all up in my nose. It was horrible. But dude, guess what woke me up? My brother saying "Veronica Mars... Veronica Mars..."over and over again. I had no idea why he kept saying it, but I could hear him all the way from outside my room and I was like, "What in the world?" So I got up and went over to the living room, only to find him in front of the family computer watching my VM dvd's. I was like, "Dude... what are you doing?" And he looked at me and said, "Oh... yeah, I've been watching all morning." And I was all, "Well... dude, don't watch it without me!!!"

And thus, began our second Veronica Mars marathon. It's funny what boredom can do to my brother.

(( ah-choo!!! ))

Monday morning. I'm still kinda sick. I'm probably at 83% right now and I decided not to go to work cuz I didn't wanna aggravate my condition. So yep... I'm at home. I got m' box of Kleenex and m' jar of Vick's Vaporub and I'm *so* ready to get better. I want to be able to hand out candies to the kiddies tonight and go to work tomorrow morning. So wish me luck, okiee?

Anyways, HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!
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Quote of the day:
Finn: Ever heard of Hobbes?
Will: As in 'Calvin and' or the philosopher?
- Young Americans


Man, that was the best sick leave EVER! So I woke up at around 8am, right? And my brother Lee walked into my room and said, "Hey... can we watch Prison Break?" So I said 'okay' and I fired up the TiVo. Well, after it was all over, he noticed that I had another show in my backlog:

"So I guess we're watching Veronica Mars next," he said.

Well, how could I possibly refuse? I played the darned thing and my brother watched with curiosity. He had plenty of questions because it was his first VM episode, but when the closing credits started to roll, he looked at me with this "what-are-we-gonna-do-now" look. I grinned at him and said, "Well... I do have the entire season 1 on DVD." Without any hesitation he said, "Let's watch it!!!"

And thus began my sick leave VM marathon.

But not only that... the lovely [livejournal.com profile] selkie63 also posted this HILARIOUS link on her LJ! I swear, I laughed so much it hurt. It's these two Chinese dudes singing a BSB song. Watch the video... it'll brighten your day. Seriously. It sweetened my sick leave even more.

Wait, that's not all!
HPANA just posted thirteen -- that's right, THIRTEEN -- Goblet of Fire movie clips. Dude, I am in spoilerrrific heaven! The film looks wonderful. It's magical, it's hilarious, it's scary, and totally emo. Yep, I can't wait.

In the meantime I wish my throat would feel better. I'm still sick, but I feel a lot better. If they kick me out of work, I'll just chill on campus til 8pm because the JASON MRAZ CONCERT IS TODAY!!!


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