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What man, whose the man, when’s a man a man, why’s it so hard to be a man?
Am I a man? Yes, technically, yes…

- Flight of the Conchords


Come ride Splash Mountain with me and my cousins, ya'll!!!

Are you ready for the big drop??? Hands in the air! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Yes, we were totally fake-screaming. Hahah! It's fun!!! We scream at the smallest dips forrealz. Sometimes we freak people out. Anyways, as you can probably tell I went to Disneyland this weekend. My annual pass expired last Monday so I had to squeeze in one more visit to the happiest place on earth. But no worries... I renewed that bastard. I'm not about to give it up. Disneyland is a necessity.


So guess what? My brother got robbed at gunpoint last Saturday. Luckily he's alright. That was some scary shit.


Had a dental appointment today so I just took the entire day off. It's just too much of a hassle to go to work, and then to the dentist, then back to work again, only to go home 2 hours later. So... no. I stayed home and uploaded some more songs on teh damn iPod. I'm almost halfway done. Halfway. It's been days and days and I'm not even close to finished yet. I have so many .wma files... it's such a pain trying to convert them.


Well, helloooooo Michael Scofield. It's been awhile, my man. Now if only the rest of my TV shows would freaking start already. I'm dying to see Kristen Bell on Heroes. I mean, how effing cute is this???

(( d i e s ))

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"Why is this so hard? That's what she said. Oh my god, what am I saying?"

- Jan Levinson, The Office


I miss Prison Break already. I want to read some fanfics, buuuuut... I'm too lazy to find the good ones. I really want to avoid all the crap stories, so if anyone has any recs, let me know!


I'm still not over this video.

[Error: unknown template video]


I escaped jury duty yet again!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Can I avoid the courthouse 3 days in a row??? Stay tuned.


Current favorite song:
What Were We Thinking by Joss Stone

Everytime I listen to it, my heart breaks a little. Anyways, I have also acquired Avril Lavigne's new album, The Best Damn Thing, and Ciara's The Evolution. I don't exactly know why... but they're free, so why not?

For your music needs, check out these sites:
Jennifer's Music Botique
Kevipod Music

... cuz ain't no way I'm gonna get the deluxe edition of Beyonce's new album just so I can have those few extra songs that weren't in the original version of B'Day (one of them being a ripoff of Desree's "Kissing You," except with different lyrics). I mean, what the frak, dude?

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"You're a regular decorated emergency."
- Panic! At the Disco


(( points at icon ))

Le sigh, ya'll. Le freaking sigh.
And look! It comes with a video!

[Error: unknown template video]

Hee! My ship! It's sorta' floating! Anyways, enough with the squeeage. Guess what? I totally bought the Season 1 DVD of How I Met Your Mother. YAY!!!!!


Well, that's about it today. Sorry for the short update. This post was only meant to be a GIP. Cuz I mean, check it out...

(( points at icon ))

P.S. I love my NintenDOGS puppy. I named her Kitty.

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"I'm ten years old, but I'll beat your ass!"

- Walker, Talladega Nights


Grizzly Rapids, California Adventure, Disneyland

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

BTW, California Screamin' owns our soul. What the frak is that Red Hot Chilli Peppers song that they play on the ride? It's freaking kick-ass!!!!!!!!


Prison Break - 2x22 - Sona )


Anyways, I still need to watch the season premiere of Doctor Who. I've already downloaded the ep, I just need to actually sit down and watch it. And I haven't watched The Black Donnellys either. I think I'm slowly losing interest.

Speaking of losing interest, I really don't care about Harry Potter right now. Just let me know what happens in Book 7, will ya? On the other hand, my recent issue of Entertainment Weekly had Hermione in the front cover and it got me a tiny bit excited about the movie.


I love my new Nintendo DS. Oh, Moritz...

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"Your home is a trailer. Don't you see the beautiful poetry in that? It's a thing that's been designed to *go* someplace, and yet the hitch isn't hooked *up* to anything. So it just *sits* here, never living up to it's potential. But never in any danger of breaking down either."

- Wonderfalls


TV reviews in emoticons and punctuation marks:

Battlestar Galactica - 3x17 - Maelstrom

Prison Break - 2x19 - Sweet Caroline

24 - 6x12 - 6:00PM to 7:00PM

I've yet to watch Heroes and The Black Donnellys. You know, if ya asked me years ago if Mondays would ever be this exciting, I would have answered with "meh" or "blah." I mean, before I started watching 24, there was only 7th Heaven. And who watches that show anyway, right? (Wait... what? It's still on TV?!?!!)


The following DVDs have been purchased:

I'm still waiting for DeepDiscount.com send me my copy of Borat. (Sidenote: I'm totally watching The Black Donnellys as I type this. Six minutes into the episode and I'm already SQUEE.)


Gaaah. Is it Sunday already? I'm itching to go to Disneyland and have a zipity-do-dah day. On a totally unrelated note, I have a new ring tone. Wanna know what it is? It's the CTU ring tone in 24. Heck yeah, I'm badass. Now if I can only get that ring tone on my work phone, that'd be swell.

Did I just say swell?

Anyways, back to the Donnellys, I go.

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Sara: You went to Loyola.
Michael: You've been checking up on me.
Sara: I like to get to know my patients. I went to Northwestern. Graduated two years after you did.
Michael: Maybe we met before. You know, drunk, out at a bar somewhere.
Sara: I would've remembered.
Michael: Is that a complement?
Sara: No.

- Prison Break


Success!!! I made a new MySpace layout! I'm so proud of myself :D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Come by and drop me a comment!


It's time for...
Non-spoilery TV commentary.

Prison Break - 2x16 - Chicago

hotness, ya'll.
shippy goodness.

Veronica Mars - 3x12 - There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill

WEEVIL wins.
I love him.
I love Weevil.
Weevil --> good.


I ship. And it's great. This year I shipped Benjelle and it was all sorts of crazy. Then there was that period of calm in the shippy seas. But right now my ship's a-sailing again. Scofield, Tancredi, Booth, and Brennan... I'm lookin' at ya'll.


I'm sick. I wanna go home.
I want to curl up in bed and watch Brick.

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Hey, hey, something's different in my world today
Well they changed my traffic sign to a brighter yellow

- Curbside Prophet, by Jason Mraz


I won it.
I won the bid for the damn Blackberry Pearl. I'm so excited. I went to the mall yesterday and I kept stopping by the Cingular booth just so I can see it and SQUEEEEEEEEEE at its cuteness. OMG, I can't wait to set up my address book! And my calendar! I can now use the mp3 of The Office theme song as my ring tone! Weeee!

Anyways, the seller shipped the package today and I'm sooo giddy! I'm gonna have Scofield in my hands soon! Yes, if ya'll didn't catch that the last time, I'm naming my new cell phone "Scofield."


Speaking of...
I was at GAP yesterday and ohhhh jaysus, there were two big ass posters of Wentworth Miller on the wall! I cannot stop looking at them! Sooooo pretty!!! And dayum... today's Prison Break!!!! My shipper heart's a-fluttering! I'm sooo excited!


I need a new MySpace layout.


CHICAGO concert:

Wow, it was fun! They played several of my faves except for "If You Leave Me Now." I now have an even bigger appreciation for the horn section. Before I'm all about percussion, but dudes... they were rockin the horns, yo. The trumpet, trombone, and saxophone. I don't know the names of those guys, but they were fricking amazing. It just sucks that my dad couldn't go... he's a HUGE Chicago fan. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't know any of the songs...


I miss SYTYCD. I really do. As much as I hate the heat, I wish it was already summer so I can start going to tapings again.

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"Second Amendment... it's like my favorite."
- Mac, Veronica Mars


Monday was great because of: a) Prison Break and b) 24. I was also able to download the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica so I'm on a roll, people!!! The only downside is that I don't get to watch Heroes anymore so if someone can please direct me to an LJ community where I can download episodes, it would be much appreciated.

I also learned that yesterday was supposed to be "Blue Monday." My boss said that my peppiness was so wrong. LOL!!


Oscar nominations:

Jennifer Hudson FTW. She's basically the only nominee that I care about. I don't really care who wins in the other categories. Well... Abigail Breslin would be nice too.


It's past midnight and I'm starving.
I'm gonna go heat some chicken nuggets.


I love Veronica Mars. I do, I do, I do...
Even when the episodes are like, mediocre, I'm still all "OMG" about it. I love EVERYBODY in this show. I think the only person that I ever hated was that chick from Just Shoot Me. But yes. I love everyone. And I love Duncan. I don't give a fuck what you think.

And with that... I give you my reactions to tonight's episode in "list form."

Veronica Mars - 3x10 - Show Me The Monkey )

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Anyone can READ the news TO you. What I plan to do is FEEL the news AT you.

- Stephen Colbert


Whew! I finally got caught up with my TV shows. Well, most of them, at least. I still haven't watched Studio 60, but I'll get to that tomorrow before The Office.

Speaking of The Office, tomorrow's ep is gonna be SO EFFING HILARIOUS, man. I saw a clip on TVGuide.com and I laughed my ass off!!! Jim + Dwight = TWU WUV. LMAO!!! It was frakking ossom!!!

And you know what else is ossom? Bones. And Veronica Mars. They were simply giggle-tastic this week!!! I wish I had the energy to give a full review, but I'm much too tired...


I think I'm getting old. I don't even have the energy to write up my usual TV reviews. I can, however, let out a big, fat SQUEE for all the ossom shows that I saw this week:


Of course, a huge chunk of that SQUEE belongs to Sara/Michael from Prison Break and Bones/Booth from Bones. Cuz srsly... they all need to MAKEOUTALREADY.


On a sadder note, [livejournal.com profile] macaroniprotest (my OMG!BFF from work) got a job somewhere in Irvine so she's totally leaving the library by the end of this week. *le sigh* Dang it, Jharina... I'm gonna miss our lunches at Alejo's. And I'm gonna miss hearing you talk on and on about Sufjan Stevens. Who else am I gonna SQUEE with after a good episode of The Office? And why are we the only two people at work who watch that show???? Anyway, u suck. Good luck at your new job or whatever. LOL! Just kidding, gurl. I hope you have a kickass time in Irvine. You'll feel right at home with all the Asian people. LMAO!!!

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I'm sleeping in your living room, but we don't have much room to live.

- "Konstantine" by Something Corporate


I've been obsessing over Something Corporate's "Konstantine" for about two weeks now. I cannot get this song out of my head. It's so effing pretty with the piano and the emo-ness. I've always had this song in my mp3 player, but I just became obsessed with it recently. Damn you, SYTYCD. I can't believe that I'd actually listen to this song repeatedly. I mean, it's over 9 minutes long for frak's sake!!! Anyways... download it if you'd like.

Konstantine - by Something Corporate


Shockwave.com is KILLING me. I cannot stop playing Bejeweled. Someone needs to buy this frakking game for me cuz it is TEH AWESOME. I'm actually *this* close to buying it for my cellphone. Is it worth the 6 bucks? Do I even need a frakking game for my cellphone??!!!


Veronica Mars - 3x04 - Charlie Don't Surf

The episode was kinda blah, but DICK totally kicked ass!!!!! Can't wait to see Weevil next week!


Speaking of VM... My sister's boyfriend's uncle totally saw Kristen Bell, Percy Daggs, and Francis Capra hanging out at a club together. Frakking awesome.


So, there's this new boy...

He commutes from LMU to Norwalk via the Metro train, much like myself. But I bet he's either a) GAY, b) MARRIED or c) BOTH. Maybe next time I should look for a wedding band.


You know what's funny? My mom started asking me about Prison Break today. LOL!!! She just started watching this season so she's a bit confused. I don't think she even knows the characters' names! She refers to them as "the girl," "the handsome guy," and "the rough one." Hahahhahaha!!!

Anyways, I should go now. Gotta play more Bejeweled! LMAO!!!

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"Be romantically self-destructive with me."
- Kicking and Screaming


I tried catching up with TV tonight. I saw Degrassi and South of Nowhere cuz I missed them last Friday, BUT I still have a backlog of Battlestar Galactica eps waiting for me in my laptop. Will I ever get to them? EVER?

Plus, I just totally downloaded the first two eps of Torchwood so hopefully I'll get to them by the end of this week.


Prison Break killed me DED. I mean, I was dedder than DED. I was DED times a hundred. It was simply awesome. I'm so glad that it's back on TV! I'm not gonna review it since I'm still high on the giddiness... but OMG, Scoffield + Sucre = LOVE.

(And yeah, I sooo cannot wait for Michael and Sara to be reunited!!!!! Hahah, I'm such a shipper!)


Current favorite song: Wasted - by L.P.

Uh, yeah... I can't stop listening to it. Damn you, South of Nowhere!!!



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

... cuz dancers make a difference, dammit. LOL!

Anyways, I want to go to the charity event on November 15, but it's in frakking Costa Mesa and it's on a school night (Hehhee... funny how I still call it "school night.") It just goes to show how much I DON'T CARE that both Benji and Donyelle have "significant others" who are not each other. LOL! As long as they're still BFFs, I have something to squee about :D


(And I'm glad Benji understands that)

[Error: unknown template video]

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Now that I can see you,
I don't think you're worth a second glance

- Rapid Hope Loss, by Dashboard Confessional


Credit card bills on my desk.
I think I should like... pay them or something.


Wore black leather pumps for more than 5 minutes.
Now my entire left leg is sore (from my thigh to my toes)


Watched Heroes.
I thought it kinda sucked.


Veronica Mars season premiere is tonight.
Already saw it last week.
Will watch it again anyway.


I'm happy because...

*is dying of SQUEE*
Weevil rules.


Prison Break.
Oh my god.


I love you, IVAN.

If I wrote you a symphony
Just to say how much you mean to me,

[Error: unknown template video]


Insanity, yo.

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Love is friendship set on fire.
- Jeremy Taylor



One bag of M&Ms from my boss.
One bag of M&Ms from my other boss.
Two bags of M&Ms from my student worker Meghan.
Two bags of M&Ms from [livejournal.com profile] mrsdiddy (all the way from Indiana!!!)

Anyone want to send me foreign M&Ms? LOL!!! Canadians, where you at?!!!
Brazil? UK? Denmark? Spain? Philippines? I see you on my f-list! Send me foreign M&Ms, yo!

(( just kidding ))
(( kinda ))


Prison Break - 2x04 - First Down )



Am I excited? Heck yeah. I'm going with [livejournal.com profile] sleepymonster so it'll be fun. We'll squee over Travis. And I'll drool over Ivan. And of course... I'll be watching Benjelle like a hawk. I'm thinking of bringing a pen and paper with me so I can write down spoilers. Would that be too dorky? I just don't want to forget anything.

(Please, let me go already...)


I want to change my MySpace song again, but this time I want it to be in Tagalog. I want people to go: "What in the heck?" LOLz. No, seriously. I just need the perfect Tagalog song. I just couldn't decide which one it is yet. So for now, I'll just keep it on Alexz Johnson. Cuz I miss Instant Star.

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Please forgive me
If I act alittle strange
For I know not what I do.
Feels like lightning running through my veins
Everytime I look at you
Everytime I look at you...

- Please Forgive Me, by David Gray


The rollercoaster took another dip. It is TEH SUCK. Will this ship ever be stable? EVER?!!

In the meantime, here are a few things that prevented me from throwing stuff against the wall:

1) MySpace. I now have 164 friends. A little bit of tragedy really brings people together.

2) David Gray's "Please Forgive Me." I dunno... I couldn't stop listening to this song. It's oh-so-pretty, but it makes my heart ache.

3) Veronica Mars Season 2 DVDs. Package from Amazon.com has finally arrived. Veronica and Co. are now patiently waiting for me in my bedroom.

4) Work. I was so busy at work today, I had almost forgotten that I was supposed to be emo.

5) [livejournal.com profile] peakin75, [livejournal.com profile] portiapm, and [livejournal.com profile] cali_b

6) Sweet Charity. I'm going to the October show @ the Pantages Theatre. What can I say? I'm a musical theatre junkie.

7) This Prison Break music video. It's simply stunning. It's breathtaking. And the quality is f*cking awesome for a YouTube clip. Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] redrover1980 for bringing it to my attention :)

[Error: unknown template video]

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She could say no -- she could say no in a hundred different ways. She could say nothing, she could turn away, she could burn him and he would let her, because there was always that chance. There was no way to predict, as much as he's memorized about her character. She could say no.

She could say yes.

- Say Yes, by [livejournal.com profile] spamdillemma


Why, yes. I saw Snakes on a Plane this weekend :D It was motherf*cking awesome, man. I think I cracked up the entire time!


There are now two new computers set up in our living room. Great. My brothers can finally play Warcraft against each other --
While sitting in the same room together... 4 feet apart.


Prison Break - 2x01 - Manhunt

I'm not gonna discuss any spoilers... but OH MY GOD. That is all. Thank you, FICTION, for entering my life once again. I've had it up to *here* with "reality TV." Well, ok... not really. I still obsessively check Benji's MySpace (but not Donyelle's because her boyfriend is on there). Anyways... I was talking about fiction, dammit!!! So yes... God bless Fall TV! Please, I need a ride back to Neptune, CA.

And damn that Michael Scoffield and his fine ass. Oh how I've missed seeing you...
And Sucre too.


I've been MySpacing a lot. What's up with that? I now have 157 friends. I'm a rockstar. You can't be me.

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Yes, madam, I am drunk. But in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.
- Winston Churchill


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Elliott and Paris are all about the Soul Patrol AND SO AM I!!!

Yep. I'm 4 out of 5. That's my American Idol score. Now, if it wasn't for Carrie Underwood, it would've been 5 out of 5, but anyways... here are my Wednesday night musings:

American Idol )
LOST: Season 2 Finale )
Veronica Mars: Making fans out of my... student workers )

ETA: God, I LOVE it when fandoms collide...

Because OMG! Michelle and Amaury!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Quote of the Day:
Dick: Maturity is like one of the two most overrated things on the planet.
Logan: The other being?
Dick: Chicks.
- Veronica Mars


I wasn't too impressed with this week's episode of Veronica Mars. It was packed with new information, but severely lacking in the "OMG" factor. But maybe that's only cuz I was spoiled. But still, reading spoilers doesn't usually ruin episodes for me. Anyway, I'm sure next week's ep will be oodles of fun.

Speaking of spoilers...
I'd done spoiled myself for Prison Break. *headdesk* I don't exactly know a lot of things... but let's just say that I've watched a couple of choice scenes from upcoming episodes. And yes, I'm going insane.

Ummm... what else?
Oh yeah, I don't have work on Friday!!! Woot!!! That means I get to watch Instant Star on TV! Dude, you know what I just realized? I only had 3 days of work this week! Cool, eh? I feel like I've been on vacation forever! *sighs*

Anyways, so what are YOUR plans for the weekend?
(I'm going to the dentist and then I'mma see CATS at the Pantages Theatre.)

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Quote of the day:
Callie: You didn’t call me.
George: I did---I did, a few times. I just hung up every time.
Callie: Nice... very stalker like. Goes with the hair.
- Grey's Anatomy


As pointed out by [livejournal.com profile] mooners...

THIS IS MY 2,000th LJ ENTRY!!!

Come celebrate with me by... by... drinking water?!! Cuz that's what I'm drinking right now. Anyways, so yes... this is my 2,000th post. I feel like this is FanForum all over again! Remember when we used to celebrate milestones? Yeah, that was fun. I think I had about 40,000 posts before I left. Or was it 60,000? I forgot. But it was A LOT of posts. I'm still a bit peeved that my account was deleted. Tens and thousands of posts gone!!! I feel like a small part of me has been ripped away!! Damn you, Fanforum! Damn you!

Ok, this is not the way to celebrate my brilliant feat. Instead, let's talk about television...

Grey's Anatomy )
Prison Break )
24 )

Anyways, today I tripped over the porch steps and hit my knee on the concrete. Knee went BANG. Rogue went OWW! Knee goes THROB, THROB with pain. Ugh.

I'm leaving for NYC on Thursday night. I cannot be more excited about this. This is the first time I'm leaving Southern California, people!!! (Las Vegas don't count). I'm *so* going insane with anticipation. And I don't even care about any of the tourist attractions, man. I just wanna go to the Hershey's store. Oh, and I HAVE TO buy a Rubik's cube from Toys R Us or FAO Schwartz. I know, I know... I can buy a Rubik's cube anywhere. But at least I can say, "Yeah I got that from New York!"

And my co-workers were all, "You have to go to Ellis Island!" "You have to visit the Statue of Liberty!" "You have to go to Ground Zero." And I'm like, "Man... I'm going to LUSH!"

Anyways, since we can't afford any Broadway shows (nor are we willing to stand around in line, waiting for the cheap tickets), we're just gonna go to The Laugh Factory and catch a comedy show.

Ooooh, you know what would be cool? I know this is dorky, but if I bring my laptop with me, I can log on to LiveJournal on Saturday evening just so I can post, "LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!" Cuz then I'd actually mean it, you know? Like I'll be making an LJ post, live from New York, on a Saturday night.

Yes. I am a neo-maxi-zun-dweebie.

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Currently reading:
Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway -- And More: The Choice Collection

Quote of the day:
"These Social Drugs...
Messing with my mind,
Telling me I'm fine,
Wanting me dead."
- Lauryn Hill


RENT is coming back to L.A. in July. I am *SO* there.

Ani DiFranco on Def Poetry Jam. Pure awesomeness.

Speaking of Def Poetry, I'm totally its bitch. I'm thinking of buying all the DVDs.

Here's another poetry for you: KRISPY KREME - by Poetri )

Shoutout to [livejournal.com profile] dorsia: I GOT YOUR 'ZINE, GURL!!! You rule!

I'm going to New York in a week. I'm so excited!

Prison Break + 24 = HEART ATTACK-CACK-CACK!!!

Asians can be really really funny. Check out this HILARIOUS 'Asian Pride' video!!!

Somebody remind me to watch Scrubs tomorrow night!


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Quote of the day:
"Don't, okay? It won't help if you two spew any more testosterone and pee all over each other."
- Jude, Instant Star


So, Jake Gyllenhaal... you survived the Oscars. What do you want to do next?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

You party with Ang Lee, of course )
*pics gacked from [livejournal.com profile] sinful_caesar*

In other news, my hair smells terrific. Come on, touch it. Touch my hair, dammit.
Yeah... just like silk, baby.

Oh, by the way... I just finished watching 24.
I can't even imagine how it's gonna be like when Prison Break comes back on. I mean, can I handle 2 hours of pure adrenalin rush every Monday? CAN I??!!!


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