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I want you
against time
and revelation
and beds too far away
I want you wanting me
clothed in the absolution
of fangs and forks and fucks we shouldn't have
I want you
buried in the belly of a blind belief
like Jonah
like apostle
like Mary
and Joseph
like God
I want your spirit
made flesh
within me

"Litany of Desire" by Staceyann Chin



It's raining so I had an excuse to wear a hoodie and jeans to work.
I slept longer than 4 hours last night.
I love Valentine's Day candies, cookies, and cake.
My quote-of-the-day is HOT.

After hours of staring at the computer screen, waiting... waiting... waiting...
Something amazing happened.

I think I found my poem. )
And thanks to Elite Beat Agents, I think I found my song. )

I have booked my flights for May.
I'm seeing two amazing people at Bboy Unit on Saturday
Have I mentioned RENT and Spring Awakening in NYC??!!!
My lows are really low, but my highs are easy to find.
I'm frail, but at least I am not numb.


I know my blogs have been totally emo as of late, but hopefully it'll go back to their usual fangirly state soon. Just bear with me, my bbz. I *heart* you all and have a Happy Valentine's Day :) Singles Awareness my azz. As long as you got your peeps with you, you are not single.

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I'm so deep
My anus leaks the words of the prophet
In the form of a fart

- Beau Sia


So deep...

more sugar than coffee )

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I wanna do dumb things
I'm talking: strolling-in-the-park things
Stealing kisses straddled on park swings in the daylight

- "Fantasize" by Floetry



Can't wait...


Sarah Connor Chronicles: thumbs up
I squee for Summer Glau.


I want a love like...


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stop accidentally touching my thigh
unless you mean it.

and you don't have to
tell me about other men-
I know
you're gorgeous.

my stare is more than listening.

it's intention
and desire.

we need to fuck the old
that is creeping into
our system.

we need to be
here now.

- "fantasy p" by beau sia


Today on Veronica Mars:

Must gather panties to throw @ TV.


Beau Sia's poetry makes me feel so gangsta.
I friended him on MySpace so we can be homies.



I sprayed Kenneth Cole BLACK on both my wrists. Now I just feel sad.
Good thing Sephora didn't carry "Still" by J-Lo.


I told myself that I need to be in bed by midnight.
It's already 1:07 AM.

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Just for the record,
The weather today is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of:
A. Indifference or
B. Disinterest in what the critics say

- London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines
by Panic! At the Disco


Current MySpace song:
Ring the Alarm, by Beyonce

I totally missed her performance @ tonight's VMA's (go, YouTube, GO!!!) but I gotta say... I'm a little too in love with this song. Cause I'll be damned if I see another chick on your arm. Hellz yeah.


I was actually debating whether I should update my LJ tonight or wut. I mean, nothing much happened. But life is good, man. Life is GOOD.

I don't know what's up with me and MySpace, though. I'm seriously addicted. There's this chick @ Benji's site and she is FRICKEN' PSYCHO. You think I'm insane? Wait til you meet this chick. She amuses me to no end. She's really convinced that Benji is going to MARRY HER, just because he sent her an email that said "hi." Seriously, guys. She leaves him a comment everyday saying shit like, "I'll always keep my fingers in your soft, white boy hair..." OR,

"I look forward to extending our precious family. I picture you, behind me dancing; as I brush my teeth in front of the mirror..." OR,

"Isn't it GRAND, being, deeply ^^^In love, you & I???^^^"

She even mentioned screaming out "King Benjamin!!!" while doing certain "married couple activities."


First of all, it's spelled "Benjiman," NOT "Benjamin." And second of all... this deranged woman is 30 years old and has a kid!!! WHAT THE HECK?!!

THIS IS NO JOKE. The girl is delusional. I'm scared for Benji. And get this, she also believes that Donyelle is out to "steal her man." She said that she wants Donyelle out of the picture. And this makes me scared for Donyelle.

Dude. Seriously. This girl should be studied.


Anyways, enough with the scary talk... here's a really really WEIRD video from YouTube:

Kelly likes shoes, BETCH!
[Error: unknown template video]


Aaaand here's some poetry for yo' azz...
Mirror - by Ryan Conferido )

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Could a body close the mind out?
Stitch a seam across the eye?
If you can be good, you'll live forever
If you're bad, you'll die when you die

Hearing only one true note
On the one and only sound
Unzip my body
Take my heart out
Cause I need a beat to give this tune

- Ramalama (Bang Bang), by Roisin Murphy


Huzzah. I finally got my black leather pumps in the mail. I still can't believe I bought 'em. They're like... feet suicide. But lookit how pretty!!!
(SIDENOTE: Please excuse the stubby legs and the mosquito bites.)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yeah, I think I'm gonna head to the supermarket this weekend to buy some Dr. Scholl's massaging gel insoles. Cuz I'm gellin' like Magellan.
Haha. Ok, that was lame.


Sometimes I get hit by the "Asian pride bug." This is one of those times.
(Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sleepymonster for the heads up!)

Slip of the Tongue - A short film by Karen Lum
[Error: unknown template video]

Frigging awesome. I suddenly want to bust a Def Poet on LiveJournal's ass.


MySpace is so addicting. WHY?
Oh yeah.... because of stupid SYTYCD.


Jul. 13th, 2006 04:03 pm
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I'm being ridiculously emo right now.
Do they have pills for this?


Dance is you and me and me and you floating over a vast space, embracing the fluidity of air and sweetness smoothing over the wrinkles of time when
you weave your hand gracefully through my fingertips
creating an enclosure of warmth that
holds us in together in a beautiful agony of
it's where you and me and me and you combine into a crushing heap of
love and life and joy intertwined within the finite moment between seconds and minutes
afraid of the world outside where

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For [livejournal.com profile] caalan...
(Because Patsy does haikus too)

Teardrops of whiskey
Sliding along his skin, he --
Whispered, "Drink up, love."

Bloodsugar woman
Held open her heart and bled
An acid-tongued kiss

Hair twisted in an
Improvisational grunge...
Loud noise, pure music

An ugly mismatch
Of jagged puzzle pieces:
You, me, love, beauty

Got you. You're mine now.
Captured you between my teeth
Where it hurts like hell

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Now when a bitch comes
Around and fucks up your flow
Best let that ho go!

- Lemon


A major shoutout to [livejournal.com profile] caalan! Hahaha, you like my quote of the day? I opened up my Def Poetry book and whaddaya know, there's a haiku!!! We need some more XXXTreme haikus up in heahhh!!!

This is ass, you guys
American Idol sucked
My night done fucked up

Haha! That's the first haiku I wrote since... sophomore year of highschool? I don't remember. Anyways, American Idol did suck. I actually fastforwarded through a lot of performances. But Paris was really good, though. And um... I'm glad to report that I didn't forget to watch Scrubs!!! It was awesome, as usual. Can't complain :)

(ETA: Did you see Dr. Cox with the red stapler!!??? OMG!!! I was freaking out!)


Hehe. I said "pee."

It's pouring like hell here in SoCal. It makes me not want to wake up and go to work tomorrow. I want to just stay in bed and drink hot cocoa and watch movies. Like I wanna watch Chasing Amy again. That was a really kick ass movie.

But here's a good reason why life is great despite the rain.
- Went to get some food at lunchtime today.
- Got to the cash register.
- Realized that I didn't bring enough money with me.
- I start to freak out.
- Told the cash register chick that I was going to leave my food with her while I run back to the library to get some more money.
- She smiled at me and said, "No, that's okay."
- *sighs* I feel the cafeteria love.

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Currently reading:
Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway -- And More: The Choice Collection

Quote of the day:
"These Social Drugs...
Messing with my mind,
Telling me I'm fine,
Wanting me dead."
- Lauryn Hill


RENT is coming back to L.A. in July. I am *SO* there.

Ani DiFranco on Def Poetry Jam. Pure awesomeness.

Speaking of Def Poetry, I'm totally its bitch. I'm thinking of buying all the DVDs.

Here's another poetry for you: KRISPY KREME - by Poetri )

Shoutout to [livejournal.com profile] dorsia: I GOT YOUR 'ZINE, GURL!!! You rule!

I'm going to New York in a week. I'm so excited!

Prison Break + 24 = HEART ATTACK-CACK-CACK!!!

Asians can be really really funny. Check out this HILARIOUS 'Asian Pride' video!!!

Somebody remind me to watch Scrubs tomorrow night!


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BEAU SIA is like, one of the best fricking poets out there, man. I love his poetry. It's doesn't claim to be all romantic or angsty or revolutionary -- he just says what the fuck ever that comes into his mind. And it's fricking hilarious!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

written by Beau Sia

give me a scrabble board
and watch
as i beat you
without using consonants

give me a song
any song
and i will kick your ass
at musical chairs

give me ten teenage cheerleader sluts
and my solo pyramid
will still score higher than theirs in competition

I'm that extreme sports motherfuckah
your mama warned you about

in a world of no fear, just do it,
now who's the craziest sports slogan maniacs
I'm the mentally buff Chinese hulk Hogan
disciplined, determined
and deadly
to punk ass bustas
that want to step to me

I woke up at dusk just to mock your mom
for giving birth to you

how extreme is that?

I'll go extreme on a toaster and not shed a
single tear

cuz I ride extreme ponies.
I take extreme bubble baths
I even have an extreme diary.

here's an excerpt from memory

dear diary. dusk. woke up.

mocked the mothers of my enemies
for giving birth to them
stole a pro athlete's wheaties
shat in shaq's shoes
put Spanish fly in tiger woods' powerade
and made him cry
went to mcdonald's, had a snack at mcdonald's
caused a scene at mcdonald's
got kicked out of mcdonald's
went home, decided to crank call the U.N.

Is this the un?
yeah uh-huh
this is beau sia
yeah you've got a bomb!
in your pussy!

I'm senior dream team extreme.
pushing the limits

five time roman candle fight champion
intercontinental smashing little kids'
science projects champ 1999

I'm so extreme
next year's x games will be called
"beau sia makes your mangina cry"

I'm so extreme
the prison system, depends diapers, and crack
are my sponsors.

I'm so extreme
I took the words "let's get ready to rumble!"
and made 'em cut it down
to just "rumble!"

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first off... Happy Birthday to my man Chris Kirkpatrick!

and secondly... a poem:

*Loneliness* by Roguester
Sleeping at 11
In oppose to 1:30
Each night I go to bed
Feeling kinda empty
It seems like Jake and Ham
Are drifting far away
I post and post these empty words
I don't have anything to say

So here I sit
In front of the computer
It's almost 11 pm
But I'm still hoping to see a poster
And damn this new FF "look"
It's not functioning right
That's why I have no playmate...

I have no playmate tonight
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*I Should Be Studying For Midterms*
by The Roguester

I can't sleep, Kate
I can't sleep
Just to kiss dem lips
Would make me wanna weep

I put my head down the pillow
Tossin' and turnin' every night
I touch your face in the picture
Taped to the wall by my side

I blame you, Kate
I blame you
I have a midterm on Friday
But what can I do?

Can't concentrate on my book
But I don't mind it one bit
Cuz even if I get a D
Girl, you still the sh*t
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So i was trying to pack my stuff for college when I found something...
It was a poem I wrote when i was 17 - for my English class.
The teacher asked us to write a poem that describes ourselves... so this is what I came up with.

*Decoding My Inner Self* by Jill

Symphony flowing into the ocean within
the depths of my soul
The strings of guitars moving along to the rhythm
of my blood
The sound of the drums echoing
synchronized with the beat of my heart
The keys of the piano hitting every note in my brain
black. white.
black. white.
And - if you listen closely - one voice
Being expressed by a single unheard source
That is me.

The Melody
Brushed against my fingertips
As it traveled through my veins,
Intertwined by hate, sorrow, and desperation
It slowly unwound its many strands
I am free
My body swaying to the rhythm of the music
Left. Right.
Left. Right.
Dancing - dancing to the sweet, sweet sound
That is the melody

Falling, falling
Flowing like a waterfall
Falling down, brushing against my hair
Touching the tip of my lips
Cleansing away the negativity of my thinking
Lifting my spirit up - up to the ultimate high
towards the endless sky
And carefully defining, unlocking the key of the mystery
That is me.
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I spied, you spied
On the jeep
Last night
You sighed, buzz fly
His fly -
Open wide
Open sounds, open air
Open legs -
Her legs
Bent back, laid back
As he knelt on the stack
Of clothes - on the floor
What for?
Scream "MORE!"
More thrusts, more moans
More sweat
She's wet
Hot sex - what's next?
Next day, next week
Fuck, yeah
On this jeep
We spied, smoked hay
On the set

(this is for you, nelle)
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*Moving On* by Roguester

Moving on from the things that you did and you said
Moving on from your touch that caressed me in bed
Moving on from the memories that we created down the line
Moving on from your lips - so gentle, so fine

What we had was so great, but today it must end
What we had hurt me so, cuz the truth we had to bend
And I'm tired of the secrecy, we knew it wouldn't last
So no matter how much I love you, the feelings just had to pass

So baby, let me go... if I have to run away, I will
You wouldn't have to think twice if you knew how I feel
But now that you set me free, to leave you - I cannot do
Cuz even if we move on... you still belong to me --

And I belong to you...
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Ha! Talk about passion -
That scene started waaay before the director said "action"
You could tell by her reaction
Her sweet smile oozing with candy-colored satisfaction

Don't think he'd ever stop
Taste the cherry off her tootsie pop
Watch her starburst and what not
Watchamacallit her thingamabop

Ask her how many licks
It took do down his lick-a-stix
Melt the caramello off da Twix
Dust the sugah off the pixie stick

Oh, happy Almond Joy they feel
Make like a Twizzler, they pulled and peeled
Hershey's Kiss, from her, he steals
Good was their snack, plenty was their meal

So now you know too
What's behind door number two
They can sugar coat what is true
When all they're really saying is --
"I wanna have sex with you"
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so nothing cool happened to me today. at least not yet.
I wrote poems though...

*the zone*
it's quite frustrating to know
that in love...
there's a line i cannot cross
it's not as simple as a coin toss
I pick heads or tails
but i really have no choice
it's still my loss

you look at me a certain way
talk to me a certain way
i pass by you and you glance once
but you never look back
you just let me drift far...
far away...

and so now I sink
into the sad realization
that i can never call you my own
cuz now i understand
that you're not letting me out
i'm trapped in the "friend zone"

*betta' recognize*

recognize me
see what I can do
realize who i can be

take the blindfold off your eyes
so for a change
you can see something nice

and take your hands off your ears
listen to my voice
it's something u might wanna hear

but if it's not...
hey, it's quite okay
I'm not askiing for a lot

but one day, I will reach the top
and if you ask to come with me
sorry -- ur luck just stopped

so recognize me.
see what I can do.
realize who I can be...

... before I kick you out of my life.
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*Coming Out* by Roguester

I can't take it anymore
Get this burden off my back
I'm not who I say I am
So sit down. Listen. And cut me some slack.

No longer will I go on
Pretending to be this way
I'm trapped within the web of lies
And now it's time to break away

I'm coming out of the closet
I'll wave the flag - just tell me when
I'll say it once - I'll tell you this...


I'm an obsessed *NSYNC fan
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I'm at work
I'm bored
So here's a poem from my friend Monica:

I'm a poop poop head
I smell like poo
Oh, the odor...
The odor...
Can you smell it too?


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