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Oh baby give me one more chance
(Show you that I love you)
Won't you please let me
(Back in your heart)

Oh darlin' I was blind to let you go
(Let you go baby)
But now since I see you in his arms
(I want you back)

- "I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5


I know this is long overdue, and some of you are probably sick of hearing about this already cuz hey... you could care less.  But I feel like I should speak my piece.  Michael Jackson passed away last Thursday and I'm still sort of... wow... damn... you know?  I mean, I wasn't all broken up about it or anything.  I didn't cry, I just... idk... now there's a gaping hole in that part of myself that appreciated music and dance.  I mean, almost all of the performers that I've come to love was inspired by this man.  And now that he's gone, I start to wonder, "Well... who's next?  Who's gonna be the person that all other pop performers are going to aspire to?"  I am drawing a blank.

Let's backtrack.  I might have been 6 or 7 years old and I remember listening to "Billy Jean" IN VINYL.  Like, what?  Dudes, I was a little kid in the Philippines who barely understood English and I knew who Michael Jackson was.  I actually thought "Billy Jean" was about a dude named Billy who was not Michael Jackson's son.  LOL!  But anyways... his stuff is fucking international.  I do wonder what the 6-year olds in the Philippines are singing right now.  Britney?  Beyonce?  Justin?  Usher?  Fucking Miley Cyrus?  Will any of the performers I just mentioned have the same impact as Michael Jackson 25 years from now?  It's kind of hard to imagine.

Anyways, I leave you with one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs ever.  I know it's quite the unconventional choice, but it has Janet Jackson in it and that alone makes the song pretty fucking epic.  Good day, LiveJournal.

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You know uh, "Aloha" has multiple meanings. Yeah, it can mean hello, goodbye, or suck it. So uh... aloha. Yeah, ALOHA HARD.

- Saturday Night Live


I've been so jealous of all these people who have the internet on their phone that I finally got a data plan for my Blackberry. Can I afford it? We'll see. I've managed to cut back a couple of dollars by changing and deleting some features on my cellphone plan so I'm crossing my fingers. I've thought about buying an iPhone cuz it's only $99 at AT&T right now, but the fact that I can't opt out of the data plan makes me feel iffy. I mean, what if I can't afford it anymore? I'd need a new phone! And seeing how pretty awesome the iPhone is, downgrading would be uber-painful. So uh, I've decided to pocket the $99 dollars and save myself the heartache. On the upside... I can now chat with [livejournal.com profile] peakin75 in Canada via Blackberry Messenger and I don't have to pay for international text messaging! WIN!


Man, Kelly Clarkson's new album rocks. I listened to it at work for 3 days, yo. And at one point, I listened to it 3 times in 3 hours! WTF is this? I never cared for her albums before! And I hate "My Life Would Suck Without You!" But the rest of it is pretty good :)


Let's see...
Things I should be watching according to my f-list:

1. Merlin
2. Skins

Anything else?


Pet peeve: When I leave people voice messages and they never listen to them. And then they call me back and ask, "Why did you call?"


Check your voice mail, fucktard.


My thoughts on The L Word series finale:
WTF was up with that ending?? )

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"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive."
- Gilda Radner


Lookit the kissy puppies!!!!!! Watch them kiss! It is the cutest thing everrr!!!!

If you can't see the video, watch it HERE.
((sigh)) So adorable...


My Thanksgiving weekend in bullet points:
  • I finally finished my "Bones" marathon with Turtle!
  • Speaking of "Bones," I'm pretty much obsessed with Eric Millegan's video blogs.
  • Thanksgiving dinner @ my aunt's house. Good food, fun times, and we were outta there by a VERY early 7:00 PM.
  • Black Friday shopping. I bought a pink external hard drive, Guitar Hero for my Nintendo DS, and some DVDs:
- Election
- The Princess Bride
- Domino
- The Fast and the Furious (2-Movie Collection)
- Ghost
- Interview with the Vampire
- The 40-Year-Old Virgin
  • Saw Secondhand Serenade, Cute Is What We Aim For, Automatic Loveletter, and A Rocket to the Moon.
  • Went to Disneyland with my cousins.
  • 6-month anniversary <3

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Do you smoke grass out in space, man?
Or do they smoke astroturf?
Oh yeah, oh it's such an artificial high

"Bowie in Space" by Flight of the Conchords


I slept at around 10:30 PM last night and woke up at 6 AM this morning. I was like, "Dang... what do I do now?" so I popped in my Hot Fuzz DVD, trimmed my nails, put on blue nail polish, and started my weekend. God, I miss having movie marathons.

Anyways, I'm watching Glory right now. Boy, that movie makes me cry. It's such a powerful film. And the music... ((sighs)) the music just does it for me. You da man, James Horner. I wonder what I'll be watching next...


Got a notice from Amazon.com that they've completed my refund for that blasted copy of Breaking Dawn. I'm so happy to see my $12.00 back!!!


Does anybody here use the Bare Escentuals mineral powder? Man, that shit clogs up my pores, which is weird cuz it's not supposed to clog pores!!! Back to regular powder I go.


McCain's VP choice is making me laugh and scared at the same time. Democrats think it's ridiculous. Republicans think it's the best plan evarr. How am I supposed to feel about this, you guysss?!!


Man, I shouldn't have woken up at 6 AM. Cuz now I'm all sleepy. Maybe I'll nap after I watch Glory. Anyways, have a great Labor Day weekend, ya'll!

whoa. woe.

Jul. 22nd, 2008 01:39 pm
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Every inch that you give is a wave in our wake
And every hour that you slay is a link in your chain

- "Misery is a Ship" by Minus Story


Slept a total of 3 hours and 30 minutes
Currently drinking Jamba Juice
Eating Ruffles and Hershey's Cookies 'n Creme
Starving for actual food
Feeling blah
Listening to "Melancholia"
Wishing I called in sick instead
Would rather be in bed
Would rather be with her Circlemates
Would rather be with Will
Would rather be at a bar with Ray-Ray
Would rather be at an aquarium
Would rather be at Spring Awakening
Would rather be

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And when you use your lips they better be on me.

- "Bounce" by The Cab


OMG. Why do I cry so easily, you guys??? I just met with my supervisor today for my staff evaluation and I totally broke down in front of her just because she told me that I was amazing and that I'm doing a great job. I mean, WTH? This is like... the 3rd year in a row that this happened, yo! I do not understand!!!

P.S. On my evaluation, my supervisor totally said that I surf the Internet too much. LMAO!!! Word, yo. But dudes, if I don't do it I'll go crazy. Srsly... the Internet is my salvation.


I organized my LJ tags. I know, it's boring. But I noticed that there are lots of tags that I've only used once. I had to delete a whole bunch of them so now my LJ feels less cluttered.


I bought The Cab's new CD from iTunes. It's awesome.

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We don’t need the headlines
We just want…

We want the airwaves back
We want the airwaves back

- "Born for This" by Paramore


Oooh, let me tell you about my weekend of MUSIC, dudes.
On Saturday I went to Bamboozle Left with my friend (and ex co-worker) Ashley and we had a BLAST. Paramore and Jimmy Eat World rocked my socks off and guess what? Despite the thick mass of people, we managed to get up to the barricades up front!!! How awesome is that?!! I'm tellin' ya... Ashley can REALLY squeeze through crowds. I was amazed. Even when we left our spot to grab some lunch, we were able to get back to that same exact area afterwards.

Unfortunately, I missed The Cab's performance because they went up early while we were waiting in line to get in. I was so disappointed. But anyways, we did see other bands: The Morning Light (who were so adorable that I actually bought their EP), Rookie of the Year, The Starting Line, Story of the Year, Alkaline Trio, Daphne Loves Derby, RX Bandits, The Bouncing Souls, Face to Face...

But the best ones were still Jimmy Eat World and frigging PARAMORE!!!!!!
GAH! Hayley Williams owned that shit!


On Sunday, Ashley and I saw Jason Mraz at the Troubadour!!! OMG, I love love love that guy. I took lots of photos, but since I'm still experimenting with my new camera, a lot of them turned out grainy. Here's a couple anyway :)

Aaaand... here's a video that I took! ENJOY!


I swear, I'm obsessed with Threadless. I bought three more shirts this morning!!!

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I don't want to fall to pieces
I just want to sit and stare at you

- "Fall to Pieces" by Avril Lavigne


Why yes, I listened to Avril Lavigne from 9:30 AM to 4:54 PM yesterday. Yep, I couldn't believe it either. Just gearin' up for the concert, is all -- and also, trying to find the meaning of life. Speaking of concerts, I can't wait for Bamboozle Left and Jason Mraz this weekend. Should be fun!


According to my calculations, I've been getting 5 hours of sleep (at most) every weekday. In the last two days I have gotten 6 hours of sleep total. It's all worth it, though. Definitely.


Am I the only one who's not too thrilled about Panic at the Disco's latest album? It's been getting good reviews from my f-list, but I was just "meh" about it. There were a few choice lyrics that I dug, of course, but I cannot "dance to this beat," man. It's a bit too laid back for me and I was expecting to get my disco on... this is why I listen to Cobra Starship instead.


Received one of the most wonderful MySpace messages ever. It was very VERY encouraging, especially from someone who is a few years younger than me. Oddly enough, I really do look up to her in terms of... just... guts, you know? And "chillaxability." Ya know, it's not too difficult for me to find happiness in the smallest of things, but as I get older I've realized that that quality about me is slowly disappearing. I need it back.

God, seriously... I miss television. LOL! Ya know, I remember back in my YA days people used to tell me that my obsession was becoming unhealthy... well now I'm certainly yearning for another unhealthy obsession to cure my even more unhealthy adult state.

And on that note...
I want to do this in an empty library:
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It's like John Mayer just KNEW.
It's like there was a reason I stayed up last night. I was waiting for THIS all along.

You read my mind, [livejournal.com profile] expatiates. It was perfect timing too.


I need to write this. )

This is about us all.

This is about a level of self consciousness so high in my generation, that it's actually toxic.

This is about the girl in her bedroom who poses in front of the camera she's awkwardly holding in her outstretched hand. She'll take a hundred photos until coming up with one she's happy with, which inevitably looks nothing like her, and after she's done poring over images of herself, will post one on her myspace page and then write something like " I don't give a f*ck what you think about me."

This is about the person trying out for American Idol, who while going off about how confident they are that they were born ready to sing in front of the world, are trembling so badly they can hardly breathe.

This is about me, the guy who walks through a throng of photographers into a restaurant like he's Paul Newman, but who leaves a "reject" pile of clothes in his closet so high that his cleaning lady can't figure out how one man can step into so many pairs of pants in a week.

This is about a young guy who maintains a celebrity blog that subsists on tearing other people down but who has wrestled with a lifelong battle for acceptance as a gay man.

This is about us all. Every one of us. Who all seem to know deep down that it's incredibly hard to be alive and interact with the world around us but will try and cover it up at any cost. For as badass and unaffected as we try to come off, we're all just one sentence away from being brought to the edge of tears, if only it was worded right. And I don't want to act immune to that anymore. I took the biggest detour from myself over the past year, since I decided that I wasn't going to care about what people thought about me. I got to the point where I had so much padding on that, sure, I couldn't feel the negativity, but that's because I couldn't feel much of anything. And I think I'm done with that.

I'm not the first person to admit we're all self conscious, Kanye was. But what I want to do is to shed a little light on why we're all in the same boat, no matter the shape of the life we lead: because every one of us were told since birth that we were special. We were spoken to by name through a television. We were promised we could be anything that we wanted to be, if only we believed it and then, faster than we saw coming, we were set loose into the world to shake hands with the millions of other people who were told the exact same thing.

And really? Really? It turns out we're just not all that special, when you break it down. Beautifully unspectacular, actually. And that truth is going to catch up with us whether we want to run from it or not. The paparazzo following me to the gym ain't gonna be Herb Ritts and the guy he's following ain't gonna be Bob Dylan. It's just a matter of how old you are once you embrace that fact. And for me, 30 sounds about right.

What now, then? I can only really say for myself: Enjoy who I am, the talents and the liabilities. Stop acting careless. In fact, care more. Be vulnerable but stay away from where it hurts. Read. See more shows. Of any kind. Rock shows, art shows, boat shows. Create more art. Wear hoodies to dinner. Carry a notebook and hand it to people when they passionately recommend something and ask them to write it down for me.

Root for others.

Give more and expect the same in return, but over time.

Act nervous when I'm nervous, puzzled when I don't know what the hell to do, and smile when it all goes my way. And never in any other order than that.

And when it's all over, whether at the end of this fabulous career or of this life, which I hope takes place at the same time, I should look back and say that I had it good and I made the most of it while I was able. And so should you.

I'm going quiet now.


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I want you
against time
and revelation
and beds too far away
I want you wanting me
clothed in the absolution
of fangs and forks and fucks we shouldn't have
I want you
buried in the belly of a blind belief
like Jonah
like apostle
like Mary
and Joseph
like God
I want your spirit
made flesh
within me

"Litany of Desire" by Staceyann Chin



It's raining so I had an excuse to wear a hoodie and jeans to work.
I slept longer than 4 hours last night.
I love Valentine's Day candies, cookies, and cake.
My quote-of-the-day is HOT.

After hours of staring at the computer screen, waiting... waiting... waiting...
Something amazing happened.

I think I found my poem. )
And thanks to Elite Beat Agents, I think I found my song. )

I have booked my flights for May.
I'm seeing two amazing people at Bboy Unit on Saturday
Have I mentioned RENT and Spring Awakening in NYC??!!!
My lows are really low, but my highs are easy to find.
I'm frail, but at least I am not numb.


I know my blogs have been totally emo as of late, but hopefully it'll go back to their usual fangirly state soon. Just bear with me, my bbz. I *heart* you all and have a Happy Valentine's Day :) Singles Awareness my azz. As long as you got your peeps with you, you are not single.

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I'm so deep
My anus leaks the words of the prophet
In the form of a fart

- Beau Sia


So deep...

more sugar than coffee )

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It’s true that you lose your mind when you gain control.

"Highway 7" by K-Os


Favorite song of the moment:


I was reminiscing. I wish the stupid WB released Young Americans on DVD cuz I *SO* want to have a marathon right now. 7 years later and I'd still totally makeout with Kate Moennig, OMG.

And yep... still a Jahammer shipper :D

Eeeeeeeeeeee!!! Kate and Iannnnnnnnnn!!!!!!
Man, that was some hardcore shipping right there. It was crazy. They both had very kissable lips. So much YUM. LMAO!! I showed my friend some episodes of YA cuz she's a total L-Word fan and she's all about Shane, but instead of being all SQUEE about it she was like, "Ewwww!!! Why is she kissing a guy???!!!" LMAOOOOOO!!! Oh, shush. Jahammer, FTW.


Last Saturday, I went snowboarding spent almost an entire day sitting on my azz with my rented snowboard on, trying to get my butt off the snow. Man, those boots were like, the most unnatural thing I've ever worn on my feet. I don't understand. But hey, I tried and even though I failed, I felt oddly accomplished afterwards.


Umm... what else? Oh, I'm finally catching up on the 2nd season of Supernatural. I'm currently on disc 3. Woo hoo!!!

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"The eyes are the groin of the head."
- Dwight Schrute, The Office


Remember when I said that November was gonna be one of the best months of my life?
Well, I was WRONG. Cuz apparently the universe hates me and wants to make me its butt monkey.

Work has been brutal. I've cried twice in front of my boss and I didn't even care if I looked like an idiot. I was just so stressed out that didn't know what to do with myself. I was at work until 8:00 PM last Tuesday and I was not very happy. I know to some people this is just a normal day at work, but to me this is something new. I've always told myself that I didn't wanna be one of those people who stay behind after office hours, trying to make a deadline, but now I'm turning into one of them. It's fucking scary! Cuz my free time is very precious to me, mmkay? And if work starts taking my free time away from me, I get very cranky. Why do you think I haven't blogged in so long? Cuz I don't have time for fandom anymore! And since I don't have time for fandom anymore, I don't have anything to blog about. Yes, there is "real life," but seriously... me blogging about "real life" means me bitching about work. And frankly, I'd rather talk about something squee-worthy.


Anyways... you heard me right.
I don't have time for fandom anymore cuz work is ruining it for me. I've got a shit load of shows on my TiVo and I never have time to watch them all until the weekend. And by the time I've finished 'em, my commentaries would have already been "old news." There's still SYTYCD, of course, and the L.A. stop of the tour is next week. I'm excited, but I'm also worried that I won't get my work shit done before I meet up with [livejournal.com profile] cali_b and [livejournal.com profile] peakin75. I really don't want to bring my work to our San Diego vacay afterwards :(

On a brighter note...

Sara and Pasha should totally make out.
Seriously, without them I would've probably died of work-related stress.


Things that kept me sane this past week:

- VM season 3 marathon
- Scrubs season 6 marathon
- Alicia Keys' "As I Am" album
- Chatting on AIM
- "Toffee latte freeze" from the campus coffee shop
- This video (from 1:27 up to 1:43)

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"Why is this so hard? That's what she said. Oh my god, what am I saying?"

- Jan Levinson, The Office


I miss Prison Break already. I want to read some fanfics, buuuuut... I'm too lazy to find the good ones. I really want to avoid all the crap stories, so if anyone has any recs, let me know!


I'm still not over this video.

[Error: unknown template video]


I escaped jury duty yet again!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Can I avoid the courthouse 3 days in a row??? Stay tuned.


Current favorite song:
What Were We Thinking by Joss Stone

Everytime I listen to it, my heart breaks a little. Anyways, I have also acquired Avril Lavigne's new album, The Best Damn Thing, and Ciara's The Evolution. I don't exactly know why... but they're free, so why not?

For your music needs, check out these sites:
Jennifer's Music Botique
Kevipod Music

... cuz ain't no way I'm gonna get the deluxe edition of Beyonce's new album just so I can have those few extra songs that weren't in the original version of B'Day (one of them being a ripoff of Desree's "Kissing You," except with different lyrics). I mean, what the frak, dude?

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"What's up with it, vanilla face? Me and my homie Azamat just parked our slab outside. We're looking for somewhere to post up our Black asses for the night. So, uh, bang bang, skeet skeet, nigga. Just a couple of pimps, no hos."

- Borat


The following albums have been acquired:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yes, one of them's Hilary Duff, and I don't particularly like her, but one of her songs is pretty catchy. Anyways, Timbaland's new album of off the chizzain. It makes me bounce, like my ass got the hiccups. Word to your mother. Fall Out Boy, Elliott Yamin, and Amy Winehouse are frickin' awesome too.


I was at Disneyland yesterday with my cousins. We haven't hung out in a while so it was great! Anyways, while I was waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean, [livejournal.com profile] caalan called me!!! SQUEE! We chatted about TV shows that are cheezy good (like Instant Star) and TV shows that are painfully annoying (like Grey's Anatomy). Fun times!!! Then I had to hang up cuz, ya know, pirates and all. But I called her again while I was standing in line for Big Thunder Mountain. OMG, I was so giddy :D

Anyways, I'm going back to Disneyland on Sunday with Meghan and Sonia. Weeeeee!!!


Battlestar Galactica - 3x20 - Crossroads, part 2 )


I have conquered you, Ironman Double Ab Wheel. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. All I needed to do was roll you against a wall so you'll stop where I want you to stop. No more fear of falling flat on my face! I own you, Ironman Double Ab Wheel! I own you!


I bought a Nintendo DS Lite.
I saw that "game" NintenDOGS in my cousin's DS and I couldn't stop squeeing. The puppies were so cute. I had to get that game. But first, I had to buy a DS. So I did. BAH.

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"Hello, square one. Nice to see you again."
- Veronica Mars



Read Kristin's blog on E! Online here.
So yay! She's wrong yet again! But wait -- the fight is not over.

Keep writing those letters to the CW execs. Keep calling with praises and/or concerns. Let's secure a 4th season!

Dawn Ostroff
President of Entertainment, The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Boulevard, Bldg 168
Burbank, CA 91522-0002
Los Angeles, CA 90025-6602

Viewer comment line: (818) 977-6878


OK Go and Common are having a free concert at my school on Saturday and I can't go :( Well, I could go but I wanted my brother to come with me. I really wanted him to see Common. But he has tickets to see a play that day. Woe.


I got my office back! New carpet and all :) I started plugging in my computer and stuff, but I'm missing a cable so now my monitor won't work. And my phone won't work either!!! GAAAH!!!! What's going on??? I *need* to catch up with work, dudes! And I can't do that until I get a working computer and phone!


Goodbye, Grey's Anatomy. I don't think I'll be watching you anymore. I'm deleting you from my TiVo Season Pass right now.

(( deletes ))

Bring on the spinoff, Addison. And take Callie and Alex with you.


Blah. It's Friday tomorrow. I'm glad.

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Hey, hey, something's different in my world today
Well they changed my traffic sign to a brighter yellow

- Curbside Prophet, by Jason Mraz


I won it.
I won the bid for the damn Blackberry Pearl. I'm so excited. I went to the mall yesterday and I kept stopping by the Cingular booth just so I can see it and SQUEEEEEEEEEE at its cuteness. OMG, I can't wait to set up my address book! And my calendar! I can now use the mp3 of The Office theme song as my ring tone! Weeee!

Anyways, the seller shipped the package today and I'm sooo giddy! I'm gonna have Scofield in my hands soon! Yes, if ya'll didn't catch that the last time, I'm naming my new cell phone "Scofield."


Speaking of...
I was at GAP yesterday and ohhhh jaysus, there were two big ass posters of Wentworth Miller on the wall! I cannot stop looking at them! Sooooo pretty!!! And dayum... today's Prison Break!!!! My shipper heart's a-fluttering! I'm sooo excited!


I need a new MySpace layout.


CHICAGO concert:

Wow, it was fun! They played several of my faves except for "If You Leave Me Now." I now have an even bigger appreciation for the horn section. Before I'm all about percussion, but dudes... they were rockin the horns, yo. The trumpet, trombone, and saxophone. I don't know the names of those guys, but they were fricking amazing. It just sucks that my dad couldn't go... he's a HUGE Chicago fan. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't know any of the songs...


I miss SYTYCD. I really do. As much as I hate the heat, I wish it was already summer so I can start going to tapings again.


Feb. 3rd, 2007 02:41 am
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"It's a bridal shower for guys. A guy shower. An hour-long shower with guys."

- The Office



I currently have the highest bid on eBay, but I'm kinda hoping somone would outbid me cuz I realized that I'm bidding on a T-Mobile phone and not Cingular. I don't wanna have to pay the extra charge to unlock the damn thing. But OMG... I want. I'm about ready to throw my RAZR against the wall. I've come to hate it so much. Apparently, I got the most basic model in that I can't even transfer the pictures I've taken with the camera phone onto my laptop. What's the frakking point? And GODDDDD, I hate text messaging with frakking numbers. I don't want numbers! I want letters! I want QWERTY! So wish me luck with eBay, yo. I hope I get my Blackberry Pearl soon.

P.S. I'm gonna name him Scofield.


The Office - 3x14 - Benjamin Franklin )


Grey's Anatomy

I automatically hate any character who makes fun of Dr. Callie Torres. Shit-talker better get yo' azz kicked, thinkin' it's so funny ha-ha cuz OMG, apparently we're still in grade school. But anyway, I'm glad that they show reruns on Fridays cuz that's the only time I get to TiVo it. I mean, I actually liked Meredith this week. That's gotta be good, right? And I liked George too cuz of that scene with the chick whom I hate right now cuz he was all, "Oh no you didn't!" and I'm like, "YOU GO, BOY!"


I'm going to a Chicago concert tomorrow. You know, the band Chicago. I mean, just last Monday I was in a frigging High School Musical show and now I'm gonna see Chicago. How did I get from point A to point B?

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"Head and heart. Keep cutting 'til you see dust."
- Angel


Hello. Long time no post. Well, it's only been four days, really. But anyways... here's a recap :)

Thanksgiving was nice. We had a family gathering, as usual, but it was actually fun! The kids and teens played the new Nintendo "Wii" in the living room and the adults watched a tape of the Pacquiao/Morales fight in the family room. I didn't eat much because my sicky-ness ruined my apetite, but it's all good.

I did go shopping on Black Friday, but I mostly did it online. Got a bunch of DVDs from BestBuy.com and I also bought a 2-gig memory card for my camera for only $29.99!!! I was gonna buy an external hard drive for my laptop too cuz it was hella cheap... but for some reason I didn't :( I suck. I'm filled with regret.

Health update: I'm still sniffling and coughing, but I feel so much better. Thanks, Nyquil!

I also started watching Supernatural, which is great. I never get to see it on its regular time cuz it conflicts with The Office so I had to wait 'til I can get it through Netflix. I saw the first two discs with my sister this weekend and she really loved it! I also had a mini Angel marathon. I'm now watching the episode where Cordelia died. Here comes the waterworks...

Hmm... so, what else? Oh yeah, I totally subscribed to this chick's YouTube account cuz DAAAAAAMN she's good. She's 18 and she's from the Netherlands and she can FRAKKING SING. Here's a sample. No shit.

Ordinary People by Esmee Denters (John Legend cover)
[Error: unknown template video]

Now excuse me while I mop myself off the floor...

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Michael: We've got a picture of you with Saddam Hussein.
George, Sr.: I thought, I thought that was the guy who played the Soup Nazi. I told him how much I liked his work.

- Arrested Development


The world hates me. I was in bed last night, all showered up and fresh, getting ready to watch Veronica Mars...

But guess frakking WHAT?

There was no Veronica Mars.
Instead, there was basketball. What the EFF, dudes?!!! Why can't VM go back to UPN where there's no basketball??? Why can't the world just let me watch VM?!! Whyyy??!!!

Woe, I say! WOE!!!!


Does anyone have the newest Gwen Stefani album? I know the entire thing was leaked, but I've only downloaded a few songs here and there. If you have the entire album, hit me up, yo!


I want a Sidekick. Why can't Sidekicks be available for Cingular?


I miss Korean BBQ. I want Korean BBQ now. Why can't there be Korean BBQ on campus?


I'm still sick. My throat is doing better, but my nose is all clogged off. Why is it that I ALWAYS get sick in November? No fail. Sick = November. Everytime November hits, I just KNOW I'm gonna get sick.


Yesterday was my 13th Year Anniversary here in the United States. Woot!!! I can't believe I've been here for THAT long. So I think we should party. There's a little booth at Disneyland where they sell margaritas. I say we all get wasted with Mickey.


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