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"Whenever I go on a ride, I'm always thinking of what's wrong with the thing and how it can be improved."
-Walt Disney


Last Sunday, I went to Disneyland with my friend Kamilla.  It was sort of her way of paying me for some artwork that I did for her publishing company.  I didn’t know how much freelance graphic designers get paid (and neither did she) so I was just like, “Uh… take me to Disneyland and pay for my food and drinks.”  So she did.


Anyway, I was excited, right?  Cuz I wanted to see the World of Color show so freaking badly.  So we got to Disney’s California Adventure and stood in line to get passes for the show.  The wait was around 30-40 minutes and the earliest show we could get was 10:15pm. 


It was hot and crowded and yuck.  But it’s all good cuz it’s Disneyland and we were able to rest a lot.  We had a couple of drinks at the Grand Californian Hotel and afterwards we made our way back to the park to see World of Color.


We had to wait at a holding area for 1 more hour because the 9:15 show was still going on and the park employees still had to reset the viewing area.  We had to stand in front of these annoying teenagers while waiting in line, and after 15 minutes of hearing them yap, we were ready to murder them.  I mean, come on… one of them baby-talked for like, 45 minutes!  At first, without seeing her face, I thought she was only 5 years old so I excused the ridiculous voice.  But when I turned around, I found out that she’s like, 16 years old who’s just trying to bone one of the other guys in the group.  Motherfuckin’ A!  It was fucking torture!  But you know what?  Seeing World of Color would have been worth it.


By the time we were ushered to the viewing area, we’d have already been in Disneyland for approximately 11 hours.  Holy hell, the show better be good.  We were lucky and got placed at the very front of the viewing area – the Soak Zone.  We were getting super excited now… only a few more minutes until 10:15pm.  But 10:15 came and went and the show hasn’t started.


That’s ok, cuz shows get delayed, right?  We stood around for 5 more minutes, when finally… the announcer came on the speakers.


“Due to unforeseen circumstances, tonight’s 10:15 showing of World of Color has been canceled.”


Apparently, a pipe had burst. Fucking fuck.  11 hours at Disneyland. Teenagers baby-talking. Show canceled.  I was pissed off, man.  But what else can we do but go home?  As we were leaving the park, I saw that the queue of people outside Guest Relations started to get longer.  I heard that park employees were scared that there might be a riot.  Psshh.  I’m not surprised.  Can you imagine??  A lot of people spent hundreds of dollars on a dinner package because they were promised a good viewing spot.  Others (like my friend Kamilla) paid the full $97 park-hopper ticket.  Some people were tourists and that night was their last night at Disneyland.  Others actually scheduled their entire day around the World of Color show.  Yes, shows get canceled all the time, but at least Disneyland had some sort of damage control.  This time, they didn’t.  They didn’t know where to send people.  They didn’t know how to compensate those who spent lots of money.  They just made things up as the complaint line got longer and longer.  They didn’t have a plan.  Some got free fast passes to other rides.  Others got a free 1-day ticket to one of the parks. Most people didn’t get anything. And nobody got a guarantee to see World of Color at another time.  I mean, who cares about the fast passes and the free tickets?  We wanted to see the show… the show was taken away… we wanted to get compensated for that.


And you know what sucked the most?  The 11:15pm show went on without a hitch.  Some people tried to get back in, but their passes were for the 10:15 show so they technically weren’t valid. Freaking’ A.

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Santana: Sex is not dating.
Brittany: If it were, Santana and I would be dating.



I got a new TiVo. I named him John Casey.  It was the last thing I needed to buy in able to complete my room.  So now I can finally say that the "renovation" is officially done.  Goodbye, fire.  Farewell, smoke stains.  Adios, charred wall.  So long, burn marks on the carpet. 



Click here to see the photos. )

Yay. And it only took me 2 months. LOL!!! Special thanks to Mr. Clean, BEHR, Home Depot, FLOR.com, and Target. I should also thank my dad because he totally moved all my furniture and ripped out the old yucky carpet from my floor. Oh, and my co-worker Jamie because she gave me her discount code for FLOR.com! I saved mucho money on the carpet tiles!

I guess one of the other major change in my room is the number of beds. There used to be two, you know, and now there's only one. I definitely appreciate the extra space... although now I don't know where to dump my dirty clothes.


Today's Awesome List
  • My room is officially done.
  • I love my new carpet.
  • My new TiVo kicks ass.  I can watch streaming HD videos from Netflix!
  • Caught up with my friend Will after not seeing him for a year.
  • My cellphone bill did not look too horrible this month (even with all the roaming charges from my trip to Canada.)
  • SYTYCD is back and I love Alex Wong.
  • I was able to sleep in until 12:30pm today!
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"I can't change! I'm like a chameleon - always a lizard."
- Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock


Finally finished re-painting my soot-covered room. And it only took me like, what... two weeks?  Man, what a workout.  I'm sore all over!  Even my fingers are sore.  My fingers!  You know, from gripping that... paint roller.  Anyways, I still need blinds and a new carpet.  ::sighs:: In the meantime, I'm still sleeping in the living room.

I also bought a new TV last Friday.  It's a tiny little 22-inch flat screen TV.  It's sleek and thin and the picture quality is good, but... it's not compatible with my TiVo.  So guess what?  I need to buy a new TiVo!  "Zoom in on my empty wallet."


This season of Doctor Who is rocking my world.  I need to make an icon.


Did anybody else see last night's episode of SNL?  I actually don't know what the big deal is with Betty White and why everybody wanted her to host SNL, but OMG... old cast members coming back!!!  I mean, come on now... Delicious Dish with Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer?!!!  Classic!!!


Today's Awesome List
  • New TV!!  It cost me quite a bit of money, but hey... it's new! And it looks cool.
  • My TiVo may not be compatible with my new TV, but at least I can download TV shows on the Internet.
  • No more room-painting!
  • The past two months have been tough, but I'm going on vacation soon!
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: You're a really good dancer.
Finn: Thanks! But my feet weren't really moving.
Brittany: That was the best part.



Last night's episode of Glee was so overly hyped up on Facebook and Twitter that when finally saw it today, I was so underwhelmed.  Yes, it did have some funny moments, but dudes... everyone and their mommas JUST HAD TO quote that "gay dolphin" thing.  By the time I heard Brittany say it, the joke was already played out!  LOL!!!

(But yay for Brittany and Santana!  It's possible that they can dethrone Artie and Tina as my Glee OTP.)


At the suggestion of [livejournal.com profile] portiapm, I thought I should give this whole "Gratitude Journal" a try.  I'm sick and tired of being defeated by stress and it's time for me to start kicking its ass.  So every day whenever I can, I'm going to blog about the awesome things that have happened to me on a particular day.  I'm not going to ignore all the bad, of course.  I'm still gonna use my right to bitch.  But it helps to acknowledge the good stuff too.  So anyways... here it is:

Today's Awesome List
  • Lunch break at the LMU bluff: The view was pretty, the breeze was cold, and the fruit parfait was yummy.
  • I put labels on a whole bunch of envelopes, I stuffed brochures into a whole bunch of envelopes, and I sealed a whole bunch of envelopes.  So relaxing :)
  • My sister finally got a Disneyland Annual Pass and she went to Disneyland today for the first time in about 5 years!  I'm so proud.  (And on that note, I'm going to Disneyland with her on Sunday and I'm freaking excited!)
  • Tomorrow's Bones episode?  Yep, already saw it!
  • My mom gave me loose change.  Cha-ching!!!  I have bus fare!!!
  • I got my In the Heights ticket in the mail!!
So there you go!  Now if you'll excuse me... the bed is calling my name.  Goodnight!

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Hey sports fans, here's my NCAA pick: bet it all on the Savannah College of Art & Design. Go Fighting Acrylics!"
- Conan O'Brien


Project Runway pet peeves:
  • "One day you're in, and the next day... you're out." Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!!! Must Heidi Klum say this every fucking episode?!!
  • Why do the designers have to meet Heidi in the same fucking room at the beginning of each show?  I mean, all she does is tell them to go someplace else to meet Tim Gunn.  It's pointless.  Why can't she just be where Tim Gunn already is and save us some time?
  • And finally... the way Heidi says "Nina Garcia" is just... ARRRGHHH!!!  I know it's her accent and all, but... it's just like fingernails against the blackboard for me!


Fuck you, Capital One.  Fuck you for sneaking this weird Credit Inform charge into my bill.  I don't trust you anymore.  I'll be canceling my credit card soon.

Here's what happened:
I got a new credit card because my old one was about to expire.  To activate the card, I had to call a particular phone number.  But instead of getting an automated recording, I got an actual person.  I thought it was weird.  I've never gotten a real person before.... not when I'm activating a card, at least.  Anyway, it was someone from the Philippines who had a thick accent and who talked too fast.  She (he?) talked too damn fast that it forced me to say "Uh-huh" to everything.  And apparently, by saying "Uh-huh," one too many times, I've agreed to pay for this thing called Credit Inform.  It's about $9.00 a month!  FUCK THAT!

Unfortunately, I can't cancel Credit Inform online.  I have to call the fucking company.  I'm sure it won't be easy.  Apparently, they ask you all these questions to verify your identity including your Social Security Number.  Now, I understand why they'd ask for that information... but the company's just so shady that I feel iffy about sharing any info with them.  And of course, by calling them they'll have a chance to rope you back in.  I'm really not looking forward to doing this.

And since Capital One allowed this kind of fuckery to happen, I don't trust them anymore.  This can possibly be a blessing in disguise.  I have way too many credit cards and it's time to get rid of some of 'em.


I saw Dreamgirls at the Ahmanson Theater last Saturday.  It was just okay.  I enjoyed it, but I was expecting something more.  Plus, they included that horrible "Listen" song by Beyonce.  Barf.


I love that Conan O'Brien is on Twitter.  I miss you, Coco.

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"For me, bacon is the candy bar of meats."
- Jack in the Box commercial


Wow.  I just cleaned out my iChat buddy list.  I had like a hundred people on there, but I don't even remember who 90% of them were so I thought it was time to make some cuts.  Now I'm down to a manageable 10 people and I feel so much better!


SKINS reaction:
 Blaaargh )


Ooooh! I did my own taxes for the first time EVER!!!!! Of course, when I woke up this morning, I got a notification that my federal tax return was rejected. What the frak. I had to re-do the damn thing! I hope it goes through this time cuz I'm really freaked out. I don't want the IRS to suddenly bust through my door and arrest me cuz I didn't know my electronic filing PIN. I mean... they don't do that, do they?


What's up with California and all this rain, man? Didn't we just survive a week-long storm? And now it's back? It sure is nice, though... once I'm all warm and dry and not soaking in my own rain-soggy socks.

(Also, Rain + Power outage = Awesome NAP.)

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Don't worry about it, darling. I mean, these things are random. I took the very same test and my career match-up said, "Mary Cherry, the career that's best suited for you is serial killer!" I mean oh my god! It's crazy!

- Mary Cherry, "Popular"


I was thinking, "Hmm... this ep is kinda slow-going," and then BAM! Shocker ending.  I can't believe there's only two more episodes.  TWO!  I need this show in my life, y'all!


I bought seasons 1 and 2 of "Popular" on DVD.  SQUEE!  I need a marathon someday.  And I say "someday" because I have other shows that I need to marathon.  Gosh, where will I ever find the time? 


Just for my own reference:
I've seen Wicked a total of 7 times.  I've seen 6 different Elphabas and 5 different Galindas.  I've seen Eden Espinosa perform twice and Megan Hilty three times.  They are still my favorite duo.


Oooh!  OOOOH!!!!  I went to Disneyland last Friday after work!!!!  Man, it's so good to finally use my Annual Pass.  I thought I had renewed it for nothing.  Now I just need a couple more trips to make it worthwhile. 


How come I've never tasted Stella Rosa wine until today?  Goddang, that shit's good.  Red Electra is still my favorite, but I'm glad to know that I have backup.


Ack!!! My credit card bill is due.  I'm afraid to look.  I must have spent a ton of money in Massachusetts.

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Currently Reading: Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman (audiobook)


"I see you have learned to work the Google on the internet machine."
- Chazz, Blades of Glory


I'm watching season 1 of Skins right now. I like it so far, but this Tony fucker is a fucking douchebag. I hope he dies. Thanks for the rec, f-list :)


I survived the LUSH Grand Opening Party in Anaheim. I've never seen so many people in such a tiny store. I could barely move around inside! I took a pic while standing in line to pay at the cash register:

Anyways, I got a lot of stuff. And since I like spreading the LUSH love around, I'll list them all here with links!

FREE stuff:

Good stuff. It puts a major dent on my credit card, but hell... I like to be pampered from time to time. I just wish my bath tub wasn't so nasty so I can use the bath bombs and bubble bars as well :(

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You know uh, "Aloha" has multiple meanings. Yeah, it can mean hello, goodbye, or suck it. So uh... aloha. Yeah, ALOHA HARD.

- Saturday Night Live


I've been so jealous of all these people who have the internet on their phone that I finally got a data plan for my Blackberry. Can I afford it? We'll see. I've managed to cut back a couple of dollars by changing and deleting some features on my cellphone plan so I'm crossing my fingers. I've thought about buying an iPhone cuz it's only $99 at AT&T right now, but the fact that I can't opt out of the data plan makes me feel iffy. I mean, what if I can't afford it anymore? I'd need a new phone! And seeing how pretty awesome the iPhone is, downgrading would be uber-painful. So uh, I've decided to pocket the $99 dollars and save myself the heartache. On the upside... I can now chat with [livejournal.com profile] peakin75 in Canada via Blackberry Messenger and I don't have to pay for international text messaging! WIN!


Man, Kelly Clarkson's new album rocks. I listened to it at work for 3 days, yo. And at one point, I listened to it 3 times in 3 hours! WTF is this? I never cared for her albums before! And I hate "My Life Would Suck Without You!" But the rest of it is pretty good :)


Let's see...
Things I should be watching according to my f-list:

1. Merlin
2. Skins

Anything else?


Pet peeve: When I leave people voice messages and they never listen to them. And then they call me back and ask, "Why did you call?"


Check your voice mail, fucktard.


My thoughts on The L Word series finale:
WTF was up with that ending?? )

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"You have the voice of an angel. Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus."
- Dale Doback, Step Brothers


The older I get, the more I FAIL at sleeping in. It is teh suck. It's like my body's saying, "Six to seven hours of sleep is all you'll get! I don't care if you're still sleepy or you have the whole weekend to sleep -- I will fucking wake you up!" God, it's such a pain!

I even try to trick myself, you know? I'll go to bed at 9:30 PM, thinking that if I slept early I can sleep for 8.5 hours but nooooooooo. My body would wake me up at 4:00 AM! WTF??? I didn't sleep early so I can wake up earliER, you bastard! I slept early so I can sleep longer! Ugh, being a grown-up sucks!


I looked into getting a data plan for my Blackberry since everyone seems to have Internet service on their phone. Sadly, I can't afford it.


I must comment on the recent lameness of BONES )


I'm obsessed with this game.


Facebook owns me. I haven't even been on MySpace for like, a month. I've looked at other people's MySpace pages, yes, but I haven't really logged on to mine. Anyways, wanna see my SuperPoke pet on Facebook??

His name is Panda. Panda the pig. He's rockin' the Valentine's Day glasses.

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"I'm not bad; I'm just drawn that way."
- Jessica Rabbit


Gacked from[livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl:

100 Top Grossing Movies (adjusted for inflation)

Bold what you've seen, underline what you own.
65 seen, 16 owned )

Gone with the Wind on #1 makes me sad. Am I the only one who didn't like that movie? It sucks cuz the movie was probably great story-wise, but I just hate Scarlett O'Hara so much that she ruined the entire film for me. I know, I know... a lot of people have reasons why she's such a strong and admirable character, but frankly the bitch just annoyed me. Like, stop it, Scarlett. Stop being... the way you are.


Counting down the days until the holiday break...

Did you know that I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet? Oh how I miss the days when my parents used to buy the presents for the family. Now that responsibility has landed on me and my sister. We were doing fine, but now the money's kinda' tight and we have A LOT of cousins. Alas, we shall resort to $10 gift cards. So if you're my cousin and you're reading this blog entry, you WILL get a $10 gift card.

Next year I'm totally organizing a Secret Santa thing. I'm sure my over-21 cousins would appreciate this ::crosses fingers:: I doubt me and my sister are the only ones who have inherited the burden of buying presents for everybody...


The Library Christmas party is today! I'm so ready to eat! And then tomorrow the dean of the library (my boss) is having a party at her house so I'm going there too. Mmm... food.

And speaking of food, I haven't gone to the gym at all this week.


The rain came back yesterday. I got my pants, my shoes, and my socks wet again. It's soooo cold at night too!!! Since I can't use a space heater in my room, I have to bury myself under four blankets. Going to sleep sucks at first because the first 10 minutes in my bed is freezing, but after a while it warms up and it's the comfiest sleep ever!


Seven days until my awesometastic holiday vacation!!!

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Literal people are scary, man
Literal people scare me
Out there trying to rid the world
Of its poetry

- "Literal" by Ani DiFranco


My mom just called me "fat" because I put sugar in my coffee.
Oh, I'm sorry... do I shame the family, bitch? Do you not want to present me to the public anymore cuz ::gasp:: I eat rice and I love sugar? Oh noezzz. How can I do this to them? I'm such a bad, bad daughter!

::rolls eyes::
::puts more sugar in coffee mug::

I can't wait to move out and cut my mother off. I hate paying for her cellphone service when she doesn't even know how to use a cellphone. I hate going to the living room and seeing her fangirl over Bill O'Reilly. I hate eating lunch and dinner and she's eyeing everything that I put on my plate. I hate giving her $200 a month for the household bills. Yes, this is such a vain thing to say, but... I'd rather buy a purse with that money. And food. Lots and lots of fatty foods.

I hate that I can't afford to live on my own right now.


I cleaned my room on Saturday while watching "Torchwood." I mean, I vacuum on a regular basis, but I don't dust the furniture, ya know? And I'm tellin' ya... it gets awfully dusty in here. While I was organizing my desk, I found dust bunnies behind the letter holder. Dust bunnies. On my desk. WTH? Is there a way to avoid getting too much dust in my room??? I think it's a lost cause. As long as my window's open, the dust roam free. And I cannot really close my window because I don't have an A/C so besides the weak electric fan in my room, it's my only source of cold(ish) air.

Man, I can't wait for winter. I'm dying to close my window just to keep the dust out.


I finished my season 3 DVDs of "How I Met Your Mother." Ugh, why did Britney Spears have to appear twice on that show? She can't act and she's dead in the eyes.

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Do you smoke grass out in space, man?
Or do they smoke astroturf?
Oh yeah, oh it's such an artificial high

"Bowie in Space" by Flight of the Conchords


I slept at around 10:30 PM last night and woke up at 6 AM this morning. I was like, "Dang... what do I do now?" so I popped in my Hot Fuzz DVD, trimmed my nails, put on blue nail polish, and started my weekend. God, I miss having movie marathons.

Anyways, I'm watching Glory right now. Boy, that movie makes me cry. It's such a powerful film. And the music... ((sighs)) the music just does it for me. You da man, James Horner. I wonder what I'll be watching next...


Got a notice from Amazon.com that they've completed my refund for that blasted copy of Breaking Dawn. I'm so happy to see my $12.00 back!!!


Does anybody here use the Bare Escentuals mineral powder? Man, that shit clogs up my pores, which is weird cuz it's not supposed to clog pores!!! Back to regular powder I go.


McCain's VP choice is making me laugh and scared at the same time. Democrats think it's ridiculous. Republicans think it's the best plan evarr. How am I supposed to feel about this, you guysss?!!


Man, I shouldn't have woken up at 6 AM. Cuz now I'm all sleepy. Maybe I'll nap after I watch Glory. Anyways, have a great Labor Day weekend, ya'll!

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Not a day goes by that I don't reach into my pocket
And there you are

- "Touchstone," by Carole King


I finally got to see The Dark Knight and OMG, it was like the best movie ever. I am officially adding it to my "favorite movies" list. I didn't even notice that it was almost 3 hours long cuz there was never a dull moment. I'm dying for the DVD to come out already!!!


Two months ago today...
I realized that


So here's to love, to love, and most of all, TO LOVE.
((raises water bottle))

I am drinking it all in.


I saw this Harajuku Lovers bag (in blue) at the Virgin Megastore and I WANT IT SO BADLY. But no... must save money. Anyway, I ended up buying the Stardust DVD while I was there, but it was only $10 so I say it was one hell of a shopping compromise :D

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Hunger hurts
But starving works
When it costs too much to love

- Paper Bag, by Fiona Apple


Came to work. Checked my voicemail. Heard this message:

"I've been watching. Stop cheating on your husband or it will come back to you."


Yeah, I checked the caller ID and the number was from Montana. Frakking Montana, yo. I mean, why would someone from Montana call out an "adulterer" in Los Angeles? And since when was I a married woman? LOL! Srsly. If it was a wrong number, that's one hell of a wrong number. I mean, frakking Montana, dude. What. The. Heck.


Hyper Frame.
Level 22 out of 40.
Kill me now.


My credit card bill is... frightening.
Betsey Johnson bag, Christina Aguilera tickets, Nordstrom, Netflix, TiVo... yadda yadda yadda.

Plus I just spent over 70 bucks at DeepDiscountDVD.com
Not to mention my recent purchase at LUSH...

Well, at least my hair smells like bubblegum.

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Now that I can see you,
I don't think you're worth a second glance

- Rapid Hope Loss, by Dashboard Confessional


Credit card bills on my desk.
I think I should like... pay them or something.


Wore black leather pumps for more than 5 minutes.
Now my entire left leg is sore (from my thigh to my toes)


Watched Heroes.
I thought it kinda sucked.


Veronica Mars season premiere is tonight.
Already saw it last week.
Will watch it again anyway.


I'm happy because...

*is dying of SQUEE*
Weevil rules.


Prison Break.
Oh my god.


I love you, IVAN.

If I wrote you a symphony
Just to say how much you mean to me,

[Error: unknown template video]


Insanity, yo.

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"Your pencils are creating a health hazard. I could fall and pierce an organ."
- Dwight Schrute, The Office


Why did I almost tear up during tonight's episode of The Office? I dunno, dude. Is it because I'm watching the wrong show? Nope. Is it because I'm a total sap? Maybe. Is it because I'm INSANE? Hell yeah. But it was really sad, though! Or maybe it's just me...


Yeah, I couldn't decide which fandom to showcase, so I just picked three of my current obsessions: VM, Instant Star, and The Office. It might change, it might not, but hey... I got a shiny new layout and that's what counts :D


Feck it, Lakers! You only needed to win one more game and you can't even pull one off at home!
You gotta take Game 7, DAMMIT!!! Take Game 7 so you can play the Clippers next. Then I won't be too nervous anymore! Cuz either way an LA team comes out of it with a "W".


It's been decided. I'm going back to New York in July. I'm going to take a one-week vacation and I'm gonna chill with my homegirl Joanna in Manhattan. I'm so excited!!! I'm actually going away with someone who's not a member of my family! Anyways, she's looking for plane tickets and hotels right now. I still need to tell my boss, though. And my parents. (Isn't it weird that I still get nervous when I tell them about my plans and my trips? I mean, it's not like they're gonna say 'no,' right? Right?)

Anyway, since this is gonna cost me insane amounts of money, I'm gonna try NOT to spend any money for the next couple of months. No DVDs, no music, no makeup, no LUSH. I'm only allowing myself to spend money on food. I'll still have to pay my cellphone bill and my TiVo bill and the Comcast bill (plus Netflix)... but that's it! That's it, you hear me!???

Ok, so I still have to buy 3 tickets to go see RENT in June, but that's it! That's it, okay? I trust that you guys will keep me from buying shit that I don't need, or else.

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Quote of the day:
"And I want a TV embrace"
- Cigarettes Will Kill You, by Ben Lee


Buffy follows me everywhere. Like in tonight's episode of 24, for example. Audrey Raines mentioned the name "Jane Espenson." JANE ESPENSON, yo!!! I had to re-watch the scene 3 times to convince myself that I was't hearing things. And I wasn't! Audrey said "Jane Espenson!" One of the main writers on BTVS!

(LOL! I think David Fury's responsible for this. Who wrote this episode anyway?)

Um... in other news, it's still raining. And my sister's sick. This week's not gonna be a happy one.

I love [livejournal.com profile] audiography. I just got a bootleg of Ben Folds doing an improv song called "R-O-C-K with your C-O-C-K out." Man, it was hilarious. Not as hilarious as these two Chinese dudes that I keep talking about, but amusing nonetheless.

Anyways, I had a dream about ______________ a week ago. Unfortunately, it was too perfect and wonderful for me to actually forget about it. So guess what? I haven't! And it's both fulfilling and frustrating at the same time. Maybe I should channel all these feelings into writing a fanfic. Hmmm... let's see... what to write about?

Ah crap. What am I talking about? I'm uninspired. Anything I write right now would be crap compared to this one. Hmm... maybe I should just go to sleep.

YouSendIt.com is pissing me off. You'd think that after getting hi-speed Internet, uploading and downloading files would actually be hi-speed. But no. I feel like I should kick someone's ass.

Speaking of the Internets, my bill for Comcast finally came. $88 bucks for the first month and a half. Please shoot me now.

"MySpacing" with my cousins is fun. Especially with the young-uns. I just had a conversation with my cousin Lea about baby animals and it was like, the best thing ever. We'd just send each other private messages back and forth. I guess while you're at work thinking about job-related things it's nice to just talk to a kid about... puppies or something. Yeah... and sometimes when I'm on my desk, I just want to color. Yeah, color. You know, I get jealous because my student workers are going on their Spring Break next week. And I'm thinking, "FUCK! I don't get to have Spring Breaks anymore!"

*throws a temper tantrum*
Gimme some god-danged crayons, dammit.

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Quote of the day:
"L.A. lights never shine quite as bright as in the movies
Still wanna go"
- Catalyst, by Anna Nalick


Rrrriiiight. I changed my layout again. There's no big difference, really. The header's the same, but the colors are different. After several minutes of looking at the computer screen I realized, "Dang... [livejournal.com profile] bentheslayer is right! The color scheme suxx!" So after a bit of tweaking, I got rid of all the black and replaced it with dark blue. Now itz all denim and orange. But enough about my layout. What I really want to talk about is my aquarium.

There's an aquarium in the living room and I can't stop staring at it. I think I stare at it five times a day for about 10 minutes or so. Why, you ask? Well, it's because of the little fishies. The mama fish gave birth to 6 new fishies and then died right away. I know this because I was watching the frigging aquarium when she died. Anyways, the little fishies are cute and everyday I think to myself, "Hmm... I wonder if they grew." So yes, I would watch them and feed them and giggle when they can't swallow the bitty fishy flakes.

Random info of the moment:
Catalyst is my favorite Anna Nalick song.

So. I'm wearing a see-thru pirate shirt right now. It's all sexy with ruffles in the front, but since I'm wearing it it's more dorky than sexy. I'm a pirate. Arrrgh. I'm wearing a dorky see-thru shirt.

What's up with the stamps, man? It's now 39 cents! What am I gonna do with all my 37-cent stamps? *buys 4 booklets of 2-cent stamps online*

And like, why is LOST, VM, and Bones on at the same night now? Whattafuck is this? My TiVo can only record 1 show at a time! Bastards! I need to start looking into reruns soon.

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Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare, by Darren Shan

Quote of the day:
"Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = CRAZY DELICIOUS!"
- Parnell & Samberg, SNL, "Lazy Sunday" skit (aka "The CHRONICles of Narnia")


Wow... I can't believe I'm saying this, but...

Woo hoo!!! I'm off work for a week, people. It's like the last day of school all over again. Except... you know... I'm not in school cuz I'm a working girl now, but well... I DO work in a university so technically, IT'S THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL for me!!! Woot!!!

Anyways, here's a mini-dilemma...
Sending money to family members you don't even know... )

In other news --

Shoutout to my homegirl [livejournal.com profile] sleepymonster!!! She came over my house last night and we exchanged gifts. She gave me a dock for my Dell DJ and now I'm all sorts of happy!!! Boba and music... FAAAAAAAANTASTIC. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic like Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanada.

I also want to send a shoutout to [livejournal.com profile] shadys_lane who sent me burned copies of Degrassi episodes!!! MWAH!!! You rock, girl!!! And actually, the CD's will do... you don't have to send me the DVD's :D Again, I thank you!

Well, that's about it for me. If you don't see me here for a week, that means I'm just chillaxin' at home, enjoying my time off. Dunno if I'll be able to get on the Internet, but hopefully I'll be able to check up on ya'll from time to time.

P.S. Still got that "CHRONIC--what!--cles of Narnia" song stuck in your head? Yep, me too. It's one of the best SNL spoofs EVER. It's way up there with their Harry Potter parody. If anyone here has a downloadable version of the video, hit me up!


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