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Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger.

- "Telephone" music video, Lady Gaga


Hi!!!  Remember me?  Let us talk about Skins:
the end.

(Honestly, though, I got spoiled.  My cousin @-replied Kaya Scodelario on Twitter and I thought, "Oooh!!! Cute Twitter name!  Who is this @kayascollywogs?"  I followed the link and before I knew it, the damn chick spoiled me.  I mean, how are you gonna put a major spoiler on your Twitter?!!!  All I could do while watching the episode was speculate on how "it" was gonna happen and I must say... I didn't see it happening THAT way.)


I want to take a shower, but I can't.  My dad is fixing the sink in the bathroom and IT STANKS.  It smells like rust and shit-water.  Eww.


I've been cleaning and reorganizing my room.  My sister has moved out a couple of years ago so there's no reason for her to still have her stuff in here.  After a very satisfying Korean BBQ lunch, she came home and sorted out her junk.  We threw away 3 trash bags full of stuff and set aside another bag with things that she wants to give away. The result -- MORE STORAGE SPACE FOR ME!!!  I cleaned and reorganized until 4:30am this morning and I went to sleep thinking that I won't wake up until 1pm, but I was so wrong.  I woke up at 10:00am and couldn't go back to sleep.  Booooo.  (I did take an amazing nap at 3pm today, though, so that makes up for it!)


Now that the Olympics are over, I've been catching up on some movies and TV shows.  As you've read, I'm finally caught up with Skins.  I'm also working my way through Project Runway and was able to finally watch The Princess and the Frog and Precious.  Oh, btw... I bought tickets to see Alice in Wonderland at the El Capitan Theater on March 27.  I'm excited to see the movie in 3D, but I'm even more excited to see the props and costumes after the show!


Anyways... gotta go see about the stank outside.  If it's cleared, I'll go take that shower.  Bye!

Um... it still stanks like hell.  How am I gonna take a shower, OMG??!!!!!  Shampoo in the kitchen sink???  We'll see.


P.S. New LJ layout, y'all.  The old one wasn't working for some reason.  Perhaps it was a sign that I needed a new one.


Edited to add: OMG, how awesome is my new Rogue icon?  Love this picture!

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There are angels
Doin' it doin' it doin' it doin' it
Doin' it doin' it doin' it
In the clouds

- Flight of the Conchords


OMG, so The L Word, Big Love, and BSG are back as well.  I guess you can say I've been busy this weekend... just catching up with movies and TV shows.  I got a lot of sleep too, which is always good.  But what the hell is up with this California weather?  It's so hot, wtf?  It's funny cuz while all my New England peeps are complaining about the snow and the cold, I'm complaining about the heat.  I'd gladly switch places with one of you (even better if you live in the Boston area) cuz your weather is perfect for staying in, cuddling, and watching TV... which is all I wanna do on weekends.


I'm hungry.  I want Korean BBQ.  I had Korean BBQ with my sister yesterday and I want more.  Oh, how I miss the days when I used to go to Mr. Lee's Korean BBQ twice a week...


I finished listening to the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince audiobook.  I've now started on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


I think I should make more icons.  I have over 60 icon spaces, but I only have 46 icons.  But I'm not as fangirly as I used to be so I doubt I'll be making any fandom-related icons anytime soon.  But look at my cute duckie icon!!!  Adorable, no?


I tried setting up my digital TV converter box and failed.  Apparently, in able to connect it to the TiVo, I needed this thing called an IR cable.  According to the TiVo site, it was supposed to come with my TiVo when I purchased it, but nope... it didn't.  I had to buy it separately.  I just hope it arrives before February cuz OMG, how will I survive?

Then again, I torrent almost everything nowadays so there's really no rush :D


YouTube deleted my Jim/Pam fanvid due to copyright issues.  Apparently the Old 97's don't want anyone using their "Question" song.  And what's even more irritating is the fact that there are other videos out there that use the same exact song but it's MY fanvid that gets docked.

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"Though I am flattered that Governor Palin has chosen to cite me as a source of wisdom, what I said had nothing to do with politics. This is yet another example of McCain and Palin distorting the truth, and all the more reason to remember that this campaign is not about gender, it is about which candidate has an agenda that will improve the lives of all Americans, including women. The truth is, if you care about the status of women in our society and in our troubled economy, the best choice by far is Obama-Biden."

- Madeleine Albright


I watched the debate and I was sort of bored. Thank goodness for [livejournal.com profile] ontd_political. The wank in that community made everything bearable. A couple of McCain/Palin supporters dropped by to stir things up (as they always do), but I must say... this dude definitely takes the cake:

"I'm just amazed because I know if Obama gets elected I can see the way the world is going to go and it's scary because some certain book predicted it would go that way. As crazy as it may seem, it's the truth. I don't care if you think I'm crazy, I don't care if you think I'm ignorant, I don't care what you say about me, but I know a lot of things and I know both sides, and all I can do is pray."

Ok, back up like, 500 feet. SOME CERTAIN BOOK? Is he one of those crazy people who believes that Obama is the antichrist because the Bible said so? I... don't... get it. The weird thing is that this dude said that he's a Hillary supporter and the only reason he's voting for McCain is because of Palin. EH? See "quote of the day." Kthnx.


Anyways, I started watching "True Blood" (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] expatiates). I'm enjoying it so far, but I've yet to be OMG!Amazed. I also saw the season premiere of "Friday Night Lights" (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl!) but I was sort of disappointed cuz it didn't make me tear up like it usually does. Tyra is still awesome, though :D


I took a day off today and went to the dentist. She drill-baby-drilled on my teeth. Various areas of my mouth were injected with anesthesia and in the end, I can barely drink water cuz I couldn't feel my lips! Two hours later, my mouth was still numb, but I was so hungry that I had to eat. I gotta say, I couldn't taste anything at all!!!! It was so unsatisfying. I took a nap afterwards and when I woke up, the numbness was gone, but my mouth was hella sore! Yikes!

Anyways, I gotta get back to my internet activities now. See you all later!

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The world is falling around you
You just have to see her...

And you know that she'll break you in two

- "Sometime Around Midnight" by Airborne Toxic Event


I'm watching Olympic trampoline on TV. Heee! This is fun!
And how's about that Michael Phelps last night, eh? That was a nail biter! I loved it! I am totally ready for tonight's relay.


The swelling of my ankle has gone down. But now it's all bruised up and it looks ugly. You wanna see?
Click HERE if you don't mind being grossed out.


I see this commercial all the freaking time now, it's awesome!!! Yay, California!


My copy of Breaking Dawn has gone back into the box, ready to be returned to Amazon.com. It just wasn't worth it. I thought I'd be fine once I got to Jacob's part, but I realized that I HATE Edward and Bella more than I love Jacob :( This book did not dazzle me.


Have you guys seen my new LJ layout yet?


Dudes, we have dulce de leche coffee creamer. It's time to make myself some coffee!

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LOLz. I've been hit by the salmonbot.

Apparently it's an LJ phonomenon?
[livejournal.com profile] themissinghat

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And when you use your lips they better be on me.

- "Bounce" by The Cab


OMG. Why do I cry so easily, you guys??? I just met with my supervisor today for my staff evaluation and I totally broke down in front of her just because she told me that I was amazing and that I'm doing a great job. I mean, WTH? This is like... the 3rd year in a row that this happened, yo! I do not understand!!!

P.S. On my evaluation, my supervisor totally said that I surf the Internet too much. LMAO!!! Word, yo. But dudes, if I don't do it I'll go crazy. Srsly... the Internet is my salvation.


I organized my LJ tags. I know, it's boring. But I noticed that there are lots of tags that I've only used once. I had to delete a whole bunch of them so now my LJ feels less cluttered.


I bought The Cab's new CD from iTunes. It's awesome.

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Go on, grab your hat and fetch a camera
Go on, film the world before it happens

- Panic at the Disco


Uh... you'd think that after buying plane and train and theatre tickets for my big trip in May I'd stop purchasing things, but no. Besides my pretty pretty Dawn, I also bought the following:

3 shirts from Threadless.com

2 bags from Zappos.com


I'm going through my old LJ posts (starting from 2001) and tagging each and every one them. It's gonna be a long process.

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Looking at the room, I can tell that you
Are the most beautiful girl in the...room
(In the whole wide room)

- Flight of the Conchords


I saw Jersey Boys yesterday and it was so much fun!!!! Man, I do love that soundtrack. Even my sister was woohoo-ing :) And I swear, the older women in the audience were this close to throwing their underwear onstage. I mean, there were some really intense swooning going on, man. The matinee couldn't handle it.

Speaking of musicals, I finally bought tickets to see Avenue Q!!! I'm so excited! Ever since I saw it in New York, I've been dying to see it again with my cousins. October cannot come fast enough.


My f-list has produced some really amusing blogs this weekend, man. I love you guys. Keep 'em coming. Especially if it's about, say, Allison Mack or B-Shorty. Haha!


Since when did our living room TV get HBO??? Wha--??? On my way to the kitchen this afternoon I noticed that my sister was watching Flight of the Conchords and I was like, "WTF???" And she was all, "Dude... what the heck is this show? I'm cracking up!!!"


I got Thursday off. Guess where I'm going.

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Kumar: Dad, come on.
Dr. Patel: Daddy is not coming on anything!

- Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle


Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

I was feeling extremely crap-tastic so I told my sister, "Hey. Let's go somewhere. Anywhere. Like the Long Beach Aquarium or something."

And she replied, "What about a museum?"

Say what? My sister actually wanted to go to a museum? I was so very glad! Cuz I've never been to the Getty and I really wanted to go! And we did! Cuz it's free!!!


Unfortunately, the Getty didn't cure my blues. Bring back Jesus Solorio, motherfuckers!!! Anyways, to keep my mind off stuff, I decided to re-do my MySpace layout and it turned out pretty good! I mean, CHECK IT OUT! It's emo-tastic!

As it turns out, changing my MySpace layout wasn't enough so I re-decorated my LiveJournal too. TAKE A LOOK-SEE, bitchezz. It's hella freaking small, though!!! WTH? I gotta find a way to change the dimensions and text size without fucking up the entire layout. Oh well...


Going to Virginia/Washington DC in October. I'm so excited already!!!

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I didn't come this far
For you to make this hard for me

- "How" by Lisa Loeb


I'm so... emotionally exhausted. I need to get out of here.

Work was shit. The day ended in tears and humiliation, to say the least. And my one salvation from all this fuckery was taken away from me by stupid 19E. Man, fuck ya'll.

So after crying for freaking 2 hours at work, I came home and cried some more...

SYTYCD officially sucks. Will keep watching until Sara Von Gillern is kicked out. Then that'll be the end of the season for me. Jesus Solorio was fucking robbed.

I think I need a fresh start. Let's start with MySpace. I stripped off my pretty layout and went basic. I shall devote my time to rebuilding it. I also deleted some Schwimmers from my f-list so that should keep my mind off some shit.

After that, I'll proceed with LiveJournal. I've been meaning to change my bamboo layout, but I didn't know how I want my new layout to be, so yeah. Must brainstorm.

I need a hug. Not a virtual hug, but a hug HUG. I wish ya'll are my neighbors so I can just knock next door.

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I can fly but I want his wings
I can shine even in the darkness
But I crave the light that he brings

- "Gabriel," by Lamb


I've been such a bad blogger. Remember when I used to post blogs everyday? *sigh* I wonder what happened. What have I been doing with my time? I honestly don't remember. I think something ate my brain. I blame Facebook. Why in the hell did I join that thing anyway? It's just so damn awesome. I mean, hello? I joined a group called "I Know More About Disneyland Than Most Castmembers." Top notch!


I missed Sexy Friday on MySpace last week. ((gasp)) Oh, the agony!!! Ah well, I doubt anyone missed my video bulletins :D


I bought GREEN plastic hoop earrings. Am I crazy?

I bought a matching top too. Damn you, Sara Von Gillern. Oooh, NEWSFLASH: I am *not* going to the taping tomorrow. OMG!Gasp.


Anyways, I gotta continue watching Doctor Who now. Laterz.

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I'm feeling loads better. Thank you, all. And thanks for the phone call, [livejournal.com profile] sleepymonster! You made me feel non-crappy.

There were no serious issues attached to my emo-ness this afternoon. It was mostly work-related stress... the LJ stuff just added to the whole crapola. I just went home, ate lots of fried chicken, and then took a shower...

I also watched House. I giggled, I cried... Yep, 'twas good television.

Oh, and by the way, it's about 12:00 midnight and I'm still voting for American Idol. According to the automated message, my votes are helping AI "give back to fight poverty," but whatever. If it weren't for the damn busy signals or the "sorry-your-call-cannot-be-completed-as-dialed" messages, I would have "given back" more. To fight poverty, I mean.

Anyways, I voted for Phil Stacey, Melinda Doolittle, and Chris Richardson. Does that mean that I saved the world a little?


And tomorrow the producers of American Idol will reward me by... possibly eliminating one of the people that I voted for. But it's okay cuz I saved the world and all.

What would Buffy do?

P.S. I changed my layout back to the bamboo-themed one. I gots love for [livejournal.com profile] thefulcrum, but their layouts make my computer go real sloooow.

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"So scream louder now."
- Taking Back Sunday


Things that suck:

- Unintentionally spoiling someone
- Unintentionally posting fan art without crediting the maker

Guilty of doing both in my last LJ entry.
Said LJ entry has been edited, but I still feel horrible

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"I'm not a control freak. I'm a control enthusiast."
- Joss Whedon


First off, I have a new layout!!!
I don't usually use pre-made layouts cuz I don't like it when other people have the same layout as me, but [livejournal.com profile] thefulcrum is just way too amazing that I had to use one of their masterpieces. So yay, pretty layout!


You have been replaced, Benjelle!!!

Hahahah!!! You know you've moved on when you've changed your IdolForums sig. I mean, come on... look at the YUM!

Like my sig? Did you get a cavity yet? Hahahah, well check out this thread. It's quite possibly the BEST thread ever. I am drowning in shippy goodness.

Anyways, I've decided that Chris Richardson is my favorite contestant this year. Second is Melinda Doolittle. And I know that Chris ain't gonna win, but I'll be voting for him like crazy. CRAZY, I tell you. Power-voting phase, activate!!! 2 hours just for Chris. Well, maybe 5 minutes for Melinda, but the rest is for Chris!!!


Ok, enough with American Idol. I've been watching Firefly cuz of [livejournal.com profile] caalan. (Thanks, my whitey!) Anyways, my big-screen BTVS/AtS event is this Friday and I'm excited!! Ooooh, and I'll be meeting [livejournal.com profile] cali_b soon!! Yay!!!!


I am jealous of [livejournal.com profile] tvjunkie82 and [livejournal.com profile] pinkbutterflies. I miss New York so much and I wanna see Spring Awakening!!! I'm so tempted to fly to NYC by myself just to see it! Aaaaahhh!!! TOUCH MEEEEEEEE!!!



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Surprisingly, I'm only related to one of these people.

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"To be is to do."
- Socrates

"To do is to be."
- Jean-Paul Sartre

"Do be do be do"
- Frank Sinatra


Booo. TxtLJ doesn't work for me. I typed out this long post on my Blackberry but LJ refused to accept my registration confirmation. So screw it. I'll just update now.

I'm currently computer-less and office-less at work. It'll drive me nuts in the next couple of days. See, my boss is having her office re-decorated so new carpet is being laid out this week. And it's convenient since she's currently out of state. We packed up all her stuff and moved out all her furniture last Friday.

Fastforward to this morning.
I'm sitting in my office, waiting for the carpet guys to arrive. And when they did, they looked at me weird like, "Why are YOUR furniture still here?" And I was all, "Uh... because it's NOT my office that's being re-carpeted?" And they were like, "Um, your office is being re-carpeted too."

Long story short, I needed to empty out my office within one hour. Sonia helped me pack all my stuff in boxes, which was awesome. So now I'm computer-less and office-less. I'm currently shacking up in the copy room with the student-workers, which is great cuz I get to hang with them, but unfortunately that's also where we stashed all of my stuff and my boss's stuff. So this situation literally brought us closer together.


By the way, I'm still not over

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Eeee! Skylar Astin and Lauren Pritchard are soooo cute together and soooo in love! Oh, how I love off-screen romances. Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] pinkbutterflies is gonna see the show in NY soon and I'm so jealous! I wish I can come with her!!!


[livejournal.com profile] sleepymonster and [livejournal.com profile] macaroniprotest made me feel all warm and fuzzy about BTVS today so I think a marathon is in order. So many DVDs to watch, so little time.

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"This is where I have always been coming to. Since my time began. And when I go away from here, this will be the mid-point, to which everything ran, before, and from which everything will run. But now, my love, we are here, we are now, and those other times are running elsewhere."

- Posession, by A.S. Byatt


Ok, I admit... ever since I got off work on Thursday, I had forgotten about LJ. All I could think of was, "OMG... FREEDOM!!! No work 'til January 2nd!!!" Ah... bless you, paid vacations. So yeah... I was too busy rejoicing by doing couch potato-ey stuff like staying in bed all day. I slept in... had a Wonderfalls marathon... watched a couple of Filipino movies... saw Last Holiday... saw The Pursuit of Happyness via bootleg DVD...

And now I'm having a Roswell marathon.
Yep, nothing says Christmas like teenage angst and totally hot aliens.

Anyways, I'm taking a mini break from all the TV-watching so I can post a couple of videos on here that totally made me SQUEE.

SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! Jude and Tommy! Tommy and Jude!!!

[Error: unknown template video]

Seriously, it's so good I want to cry.

[Error: unknown template video]

In other news, we now have a big ass flat screen plasma TV in our living room. Too bad I never watch any TV there. Speaking of TV, I need to be getting back to my Roswell marathon now. Heheheh. MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!

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Ellen: You're cute. You're an architect. Good career. And you didn't use an obvious alias on your application like your friend "Jack Package."
Barney: It's pronounced "Pah-kaj."

- How I Met Your Mother


I miss this...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And this...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I need a reunion like, right now. And I also want to fly my ass to Virginia (or Canada, perhaps) to meet [livejournal.com profile] peakin75, [livejournal.com profile] cali_b, and [livejournal.com profile] portiapm. We must make it happen. Someday.


Debra (one of my bosses) and Tita Rose (my co-worker) took me out to lunch today cuz it's my birfday next week. I'll be a quarter of a century old and it weirds me out.


I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow. FUN!!!


I need a new LJ layout and new LJ icons!!!!! Gah. Anyways, my laundry's almost done. Gotta go.

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"Boom goes the dynamite."
- Veronica Mars


Veronica Mars - 3x07 - Spit & Eggs )


My desktop's a mess again.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I know most of you are thinking, "Uh... what's wrong with it?" Well... I have too many frakking .jpeg's and .avi's on there that needs to be categorized into neat little folders. Cuz right now they're just all up on my pretty wallpaper and I don't like it. But for some reason I just keep "rescheduling" the cleanup. I keep telling myself that I'll do it next weekend, but then the weekend comes and... nothing. I'm either out shopping or losering on MySpace. I need to make some new LJ icons too cuz the ones I currently have are totally outdated, but do I actually go on Photoshop to make 'em? Nope. Why? Cuz I don't have time. Why don't I have time? Cuz I'm either out shopping or losering on MySpace. Blech. My time management skills have taken a HUGE nose dive since I graduated.


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"Your pencils are creating a health hazard. I could fall and pierce an organ."
- Dwight Schrute, The Office


Why did I almost tear up during tonight's episode of The Office? I dunno, dude. Is it because I'm watching the wrong show? Nope. Is it because I'm a total sap? Maybe. Is it because I'm INSANE? Hell yeah. But it was really sad, though! Or maybe it's just me...


Yeah, I couldn't decide which fandom to showcase, so I just picked three of my current obsessions: VM, Instant Star, and The Office. It might change, it might not, but hey... I got a shiny new layout and that's what counts :D


Feck it, Lakers! You only needed to win one more game and you can't even pull one off at home!
You gotta take Game 7, DAMMIT!!! Take Game 7 so you can play the Clippers next. Then I won't be too nervous anymore! Cuz either way an LA team comes out of it with a "W".


It's been decided. I'm going back to New York in July. I'm going to take a one-week vacation and I'm gonna chill with my homegirl Joanna in Manhattan. I'm so excited!!! I'm actually going away with someone who's not a member of my family! Anyways, she's looking for plane tickets and hotels right now. I still need to tell my boss, though. And my parents. (Isn't it weird that I still get nervous when I tell them about my plans and my trips? I mean, it's not like they're gonna say 'no,' right? Right?)

Anyway, since this is gonna cost me insane amounts of money, I'm gonna try NOT to spend any money for the next couple of months. No DVDs, no music, no makeup, no LUSH. I'm only allowing myself to spend money on food. I'll still have to pay my cellphone bill and my TiVo bill and the Comcast bill (plus Netflix)... but that's it! That's it, you hear me!???

Ok, so I still have to buy 3 tickets to go see RENT in June, but that's it! That's it, okay? I trust that you guys will keep me from buying shit that I don't need, or else.


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