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Day 32: I Rock (Rock)
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"Keep this rock for a week or two, then pass it on to someone who rocked for you!" I'm so happy and proud to be today's recipient of this YOU ROCK rock!

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: You're a really good dancer.
Finn: Thanks! But my feet weren't really moving.
Brittany: That was the best part.



Last night's episode of Glee was so overly hyped up on Facebook and Twitter that when finally saw it today, I was so underwhelmed.  Yes, it did have some funny moments, but dudes... everyone and their mommas JUST HAD TO quote that "gay dolphin" thing.  By the time I heard Brittany say it, the joke was already played out!  LOL!!!

(But yay for Brittany and Santana!  It's possible that they can dethrone Artie and Tina as my Glee OTP.)


At the suggestion of [livejournal.com profile] portiapm, I thought I should give this whole "Gratitude Journal" a try.  I'm sick and tired of being defeated by stress and it's time for me to start kicking its ass.  So every day whenever I can, I'm going to blog about the awesome things that have happened to me on a particular day.  I'm not going to ignore all the bad, of course.  I'm still gonna use my right to bitch.  But it helps to acknowledge the good stuff too.  So anyways... here it is:

Today's Awesome List
  • Lunch break at the LMU bluff: The view was pretty, the breeze was cold, and the fruit parfait was yummy.
  • I put labels on a whole bunch of envelopes, I stuffed brochures into a whole bunch of envelopes, and I sealed a whole bunch of envelopes.  So relaxing :)
  • My sister finally got a Disneyland Annual Pass and she went to Disneyland today for the first time in about 5 years!  I'm so proud.  (And on that note, I'm going to Disneyland with her on Sunday and I'm freaking excited!)
  • Tomorrow's Bones episode?  Yep, already saw it!
  • My mom gave me loose change.  Cha-ching!!!  I have bus fare!!!
  • I got my In the Heights ticket in the mail!!
So there you go!  Now if you'll excuse me... the bed is calling my name.  Goodnight!

Short ribs

Oct. 31st, 2009 10:03 pm
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Jim is my enemy. But it turns out that Jim is also his own worst enemy. And the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So Jim, is actually my friend. But, because he is his own worst enemy, the enemy of my friend is my enemy so actually Jim is my enemy. But--

- Dwight Schrute, "The Office"


It's 10:11pm and I still haven't had dinner.  I have three options: bacon, spam (Yes, I eat spam. Shut up.), or ramen noodles.  I've eaten all three for the past two days and I really... really want something else.  It's hard to find anything appetizing in this house when I'm craving braised short ribs.

Also, I want to go to this restaurant: Finale Desserterie & Bakery

Anyways, we handed out candy this year and it seems like we're getting less and less Trick-or-Treaters in the neighborhood. Oh well... more candy for me.  I sure do love those Whoppers.  BTW, I gave candy to what looks like a 12-year-old dressed up as a slutty kitty cat.  I swear, she's wearing this top that shows off her midriff and fake jewelry dangling from her belly button.  Of course, she's also wearing kitty ears.  Oh... and there were three high school girls who were wearing witch costumes (and by witch costume, I mean tropical-colored tube tops with witch hats) and one of them looked exactly like Avril Lavigne.  Weird.

(SIDENOTE: I went with ramen noodles.)

Oh, I'm also obsessing over Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.  I've blocked all the stupid Mafia Wars and Farmville apps from my newsfeed (Seriously, I do NOT want to fertilize your soil, WTF.) But Bejeweled somehow slipped through the cracks.  I loved playing it on Shockwave.com, but on Facebook it has a 1 minute time limit and it's super addicting.  Oh hey, do you wanna know how I spent my Halloween?!!  LOL.

(SIDENOTE: Oh, ramen noodles... why can't you be braised short ribs?)

I feel like I should talk about work, but... not.  Let's just say that it sucks eating lunch at your desk.  That soooo does not count as a lunch break.  Speaking of lunch, I'm trying to be good and I've been eating salad or snacking on edamame at work.  Tasty, but not satisfying.  I want braised short ribs.

New topic.  I have gotten used to the shortcomings of my iPhone.  I might just start loving it.  I mean, it has a knitting app!

(SIDENOTE: Finished eating my ramen noodles.  I'll go watch HIMYM now.  Goodnight!)

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Because I'm too lazy to post an actual blog:

  • 22:27 13-inch pancakes on Man vs. Food... get in my belly. #
  • 07:48 Best part of the day: Chai tea and an empty library. #
  • 12:25 Running away from my office before another door crisis hits. #

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Sep. 20th, 2009 01:26 am
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I hate, hate being left out. Whether it's not being picked for a team... or being picked for a team and then showing up and realizing the team doesn't exist. Or that the sport doesn't exist! I should've known. Poop ball?

- Michael Scott, "The Office"


On the Kanye/Taylor Swift issue:
I'm on Team Beyonce

On Patrick Swayze's death:
There's already been several celebrity deaths this year that I think I've been desensitized.

On my new iPhone:
I'm slowly making it my bitch.

On my health:
No more severe coughing. Voice is back to normal. A little phlegm here and there, but I'm fine.  However, due to the heat or... something, I've developed some kind of eczema on my neck.  It's disgusting.

On work:
I'm ready for a vacation.

On vacation:
Heading to Virginia on September 30!!!  Made a massage appointment :D

On Disney:
My cousins and I went to the D23 Expo last Sunday and had a blast!  Check out some of my pics

On television:
I've seen the premiere of "Bones" and "The Office."  I haven't seen last week's SYTYCD, nor have I seen the last two eps of "Top Chef" and "Project Runway."  No time for TV!!!!

My dad:
He's trying to set me up with some dude.  Ewwwww.  Hellz no.

My sister:
She's finally leaving her god-awful job and moving onto a better one.  We celebrated by eating at Fire+Ice in Anaheim.


I... need to sleep.  Bye!

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Joanna: So you're gonna get another job?
Peter: I don't think I'd like another job.
Joanna: Well, what are you going to do about money and bills and...
Peter: You know, I've never really liked paying bills. I don't think I'm gonna do that, either.

- Office Space


My workplace. Let me show you it.

You can find more pics on my Facebook. Go ahead, check em out!

And look!  My student worker Rea gave me a couple of Dunnies!!!

Speaking of work... Meghan-bear is leaving LMU.  The poor girl never really got a chance to take a break after college so now she's going to try to travel and volunteer and find herself.  I am truly happy for her... but we've worked together for 5 years and I will miss her so.

Anyways... so like, on Tuesday night I had a dream that I had to reprogram all the doors on the 1st floor of the library.  Fucking A... not only is door programming taking over my life, it's also making appearances in my subconscious.  So I woke up at 1:30AM and all I could think of was work!  I couldn't go back to sleep!  2:30 rolled by... then 3:30... then 4:00...

At 4:30AM, I just said "Fuck it.  Ain't no way I can function at work like this."  I got up, emailed my department, and told them that I dreamed about doors and I haven't been able to sleep.  I took Wednesday off.  It was actually the best decision ever because Thursday and Friday were a breeze!!!  There were small problems here and there, but I felt like I was really given a mental break.  I can finally relax a little bit :)

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: Sweetheart, please! Please, we are one yes away from a whole new life, a whole new you!
Penelope: But I don't want a whole new me, mother!
Jessica: Sweetheart please, please.
Penelope: I like myself the way I am!

- Penelope


Wow.  I must really like orange and green.

My walls are green, my comforter is orange, my pillows are green, my curtain is orange, my water bottle is green, my door is orange... and now both my laptop and my Blackberry are green AND orange!  When I move into my own apartment, I gotta find a new color scheme.  LOL!!!!


I bought stuff from Etsy for the very first time.  Now, you probably think that I bought a purse or a cute little iPod case, but you couldn't be any more wrong.  I bought food.  Yes, FOOD.  I didn't know you can buy edible goods on Etsy.  So I bought some motherfucking cookies.


Brownie caramel cookies from KEcookies.  Holy shit, they were good.  I can't wait to fucking order more.  Cuz you know what?  I deserve these cookies, man.  I mean, I'm so grateful that I have a job and I work at one of the most beautiful buildings ever that has a big-ass flat screen TV in the staff lounge (honestly, that TV is like, twice the length of my body) and I have the most amazing panoramic view of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean, but... you know sometimes I'm just like, "FUUUUUCK YOUUUUUU, beautiful building!!!  You might be pretty, but you feed on innocent human souls!!!"


I bought new shoes today.  The brand is called B0rn and I hope they're still comfy after some extensive walking.  They look like clogs, but they're light enough on my feet and my pants cover most of the shoes anyway so you can't see the fugliness of it.  Anyways... I'll start wearing 'em once the school year starts and I can no longer get away with wearing jeans and tshirt to work.


Anyways... what's new, LiveJournal?

I'mma be

Jun. 19th, 2009 09:44 am
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"I've just decided to switch our Friday schedule to Monday, which means that the test we take each Friday on what we learned during the week will now take place on Monday before we've learned it. But since today is Tuesday, it doesn't matter in the slightest."

- Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


I know this is about 6 days late, but... LAKERS ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!! I was at the Hearthstone Lounge at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel with my friend Kamilla when it happened. I gotta say, the place needs a big flat screen TV. I had to check my cellphone for scores cuz their TV was so small that I couldn't see what was happening! Anyways, we chilled and had a couple of drinks and enjoyed our time at Disneyland where a whole bunch of people were sporting their Laker gear. It made me so happy.

I didn't get to go to the parade cuz I'm such an awesome LMU employee, but a couple of my cousins were there and I'm so jealous! I want Puppet!Kobe as much as I want Puppet!Angel.


Packin' up my office... movin' to a new library in a few weeks! I'm going to lose my office, but look... they're giving me a Pam Beesley counter!


The commute home: OLD version
LMU > Santa Monica Bus > Metro Green Line > Dad or bro picks me and my mom up from the station > HOME

But since my mom's work got relocated and she's being such a difficult old woman, I've decided "to hell with this, you deal with your own rides and I'll deal with mine."  I didn't care if it took me longer to get home just so I don't have to deal with her anymore.  So...

The commute home: NEW version
LMU > Santa Monica Bus > Metro Green Line > Metro bus > long walk home > HOME

It takes about 3 hours... as opposed to one. 

Public transportation hasn't been good to me either!  I even changed my work schedule so that I can leave the office by 4:30, but I keep missing the train or the bus by 5 seconds so I have to wait 15-25 minutes for the next one.  Blah.  And no, I'm still not gonna start driving.

Anyways, back to work!

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Don't call me past 11:00 PM, it won't happen again...
You could call me at 10:59, but don't call me at 11 'cause that's my rule now

- "Sweet Ballad," Munchausen by Proxy


I'm so boring!  I have nothing to blog about anymore!  LOL!!!  I guess I'll just do bulletpoints:
  • My annual staff performance review is tomorrow.  ::sighs::  I never liked being evaluated by my superior.  I always end up crying in the end.  I mean, it's a very stressful experience for me!!!!
  • My Internet sucks.  I've gotten logged off 15 times in the past 30 minutes.
  • I love this lotion: Vanilla Dee-Lite
  • I saw Star Trek at the IMAX.  It was very enjoyable :)
  • I finished knitting my arm-warmers!!!!  They are fab!
  • My Blackberry keeps dying.  It needs a new battery.  I ordered a new battery online, but the postman didn't want to deliver it.  He left one of those pink slips that said, "Sorry we missed you!" instead.  And it sucks cuz the package was so small that it could have fit in my mailbox.  Long story short, the post office didn't re-deliver the package.  I left the pink slip on our door and indicated that I want them to leave the package on our porch, but the postman ignored it for two days.  On the third day, he took the pink slip... and 4 days later I still don't have my Blackberry battery.  So I had to contact the seller and blah-di-blah-di-blah she's sending me another one.  I hope it gets here quick cuz I'm desperate.  I did not get a data plan just so I can use it for 10 minutes and have my phone die on me.
  • I've suddenly become a tea drinker.  The VP of Academic Affairs gave all the admin assistants loose tea and tea mugs (with an infuser) for Administrative Assistant Appreciation Day and now I'm all, "OMG... loose tea and mugs with infusers.  It makes tea-drinking all luxurious-like." 
  • My Internet is still off and on.  Will this blog make it online tonight?  We'll see...

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"I'm not bad; I'm just drawn that way."
- Jessica Rabbit


Gacked from[livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl:

100 Top Grossing Movies (adjusted for inflation)

Bold what you've seen, underline what you own.
65 seen, 16 owned )

Gone with the Wind on #1 makes me sad. Am I the only one who didn't like that movie? It sucks cuz the movie was probably great story-wise, but I just hate Scarlett O'Hara so much that she ruined the entire film for me. I know, I know... a lot of people have reasons why she's such a strong and admirable character, but frankly the bitch just annoyed me. Like, stop it, Scarlett. Stop being... the way you are.


Counting down the days until the holiday break...

Did you know that I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet? Oh how I miss the days when my parents used to buy the presents for the family. Now that responsibility has landed on me and my sister. We were doing fine, but now the money's kinda' tight and we have A LOT of cousins. Alas, we shall resort to $10 gift cards. So if you're my cousin and you're reading this blog entry, you WILL get a $10 gift card.

Next year I'm totally organizing a Secret Santa thing. I'm sure my over-21 cousins would appreciate this ::crosses fingers:: I doubt me and my sister are the only ones who have inherited the burden of buying presents for everybody...


The Library Christmas party is today! I'm so ready to eat! And then tomorrow the dean of the library (my boss) is having a party at her house so I'm going there too. Mmm... food.

And speaking of food, I haven't gone to the gym at all this week.


The rain came back yesterday. I got my pants, my shoes, and my socks wet again. It's soooo cold at night too!!! Since I can't use a space heater in my room, I have to bury myself under four blankets. Going to sleep sucks at first because the first 10 minutes in my bed is freezing, but after a while it warms up and it's the comfiest sleep ever!


Seven days until my awesometastic holiday vacation!!!

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"As a matter of fact I think next time I have sex, just for comedic purposes, I'm gonna shout out something random like right at the point of orgasm just... WATCH OUT FOR THAT CAR!!!!!!!"

- Justin Timberlake, Futuresex/Loveshow


WINTERBELLS is gonna be the death of me. I think the fluffy little bunny is Satan himself. Check out my "previous high score," yo. I've been trying to beat it for the past 3 or 4 hours. I fail in life.


Hmm... so what has happened since I last blogged?
Well, I'm totally behind at work. And I have to interview a potential student assistant on Tuesday, but I'm totally unprepared. I mean, I have never interviewed anyone in my entire life. I'll probably start stuttering and say "um" and "like" a lot and talk with a heavy Filipino accent.


Nicole took me out to lunch on Thursday. We went to Panera and I had a fabulous corn chowder soup. It was so good that I ordered another bowl. Mmmmmmm.... corn.

And then on Friday I ate at Siam Best with my supervisor Debra and my co-worker Michele. I had a very "blah" Thai BBQ chicken, but I was starving so it's all good.

Next week I'm having lunch with Sachi at Pars. Yay, kabobs and basmati rice!!! Mmmmm... I can eat basmati rice every day. It's so nice to have something to look forward to at work (besides my baby's daily emails). What better way to escape the monotony of your job than having lunch with friends and co-workers?

Oh, and have I mentioned that I haven't gone to the gym in the past two weeks? Yay.


I watched Futuresex/Loveshow with Turtle. That Justin Timberlake... what a smooth mothafucka. My "quote of the day" is like, the best thing ever.

Anyways, I gotta get back to playing Winterbells cuz I'm a loser. Later, doodz.

Not soft

May. 16th, 2008 12:15 pm
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I don't know where the next road goes
But I feel the wheels rolling down below me

- "My Sweet Time" by Alexz Johnson


Man alive, it is hot as hell today. I do not like.

I'm leaving for New York early tomorrow morning. It might be raining when I arrive.

The weather hates me.

But OMG, so excited!!!!


I do not care about American Idol. For the first time in the show's history, I'm not gonna be voting.

I'm pretty much "bleh" about television nowadays. The only thing I get really REALLY excited about is frigging BONES. Cuz OMG, it rules.

SYTYCD this Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My work computer died last Tuesday. I panicked because it had all the important (and confidential) information about the library. Luckily the IT department came through for me, bt I don't know yet if any files are missing. I guess I won't find out until I try to look for something specific and it's not there.


I had drinks with Ray-Ray and Ron at the Custom Hotel yesterday and it was great! And dudes, the bathrooms had sound effects! Crashing waves and all! I guess to help people pee? I was dying!! And the little shelf in the stalls where they put the toilet papers? They're like, little flat mirrors. So the bathrooms are totally equipped for snorting coke. Yay!


Eep!!! I want to be in New York already!!! RENT and Spring Awakening, here I come!

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Yeah, you figured me out
Something gave it away
And it would be such a beautiful moment
To see the look on your face
To know that I know that you know now

- "If It Kills Me" by Jason Mraz


Awwww... look at my Meghan-bear. She's all grown up and like... all college graduate-y.

But now I have to find a new student worker for the next semester. DO NOT WANT.


Ok, anyways... so.
On Saturday I went to Meghan's graduation. And then afterwards I went to Marina del Rey to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And after I saw Sarah Marshall, I saw Iron Man!! Thanks to you guys, by the way. I initially had no intention of watching it, but after hearing the collective SQUEE from my f-list, I had to give it a chance!


On Sunday, I ate at Lucille's with the fam for Mother's Day. Then I took the best nap ever. And now I'm awake and watching "Doctor Who." Fun times :)


Off to New York in 6 days.
Boston in 9 days.
Virginia/DC in 12 days.


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And when you use your lips they better be on me.

- "Bounce" by The Cab


OMG. Why do I cry so easily, you guys??? I just met with my supervisor today for my staff evaluation and I totally broke down in front of her just because she told me that I was amazing and that I'm doing a great job. I mean, WTH? This is like... the 3rd year in a row that this happened, yo! I do not understand!!!

P.S. On my evaluation, my supervisor totally said that I surf the Internet too much. LMAO!!! Word, yo. But dudes, if I don't do it I'll go crazy. Srsly... the Internet is my salvation.


I organized my LJ tags. I know, it's boring. But I noticed that there are lots of tags that I've only used once. I had to delete a whole bunch of them so now my LJ feels less cluttered.


I bought The Cab's new CD from iTunes. It's awesome.

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"You poop into my butt hole and I poop into your butt hole... back and forth... forever."

- Me and You and Everyone We Know


Wow. What a difference the gym makes.
No, I haven't lost any weight. But it sure does wonders to my energy level. Well, that and my early morning naps. I've decided to skip going to the coffee stand in the morning, giving me enough time to take a nap in the library staff lounge before my 8:00AM shift. Then after the nap, I wake up refreshed... I go to my office... work a little... then go to the gym at lunch...

And since exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins makes you happy, I'm all energized the rest of the day!



For the record, I do not like Jason Castro. If you guys don't hear from me again, that means I just got murdered by my entire f-list.


I'm so over this show.


This is like... the coolest kid ever.

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I don't want to fall to pieces
I just want to sit and stare at you

- "Fall to Pieces" by Avril Lavigne


Why yes, I listened to Avril Lavigne from 9:30 AM to 4:54 PM yesterday. Yep, I couldn't believe it either. Just gearin' up for the concert, is all -- and also, trying to find the meaning of life. Speaking of concerts, I can't wait for Bamboozle Left and Jason Mraz this weekend. Should be fun!


According to my calculations, I've been getting 5 hours of sleep (at most) every weekday. In the last two days I have gotten 6 hours of sleep total. It's all worth it, though. Definitely.


Am I the only one who's not too thrilled about Panic at the Disco's latest album? It's been getting good reviews from my f-list, but I was just "meh" about it. There were a few choice lyrics that I dug, of course, but I cannot "dance to this beat," man. It's a bit too laid back for me and I was expecting to get my disco on... this is why I listen to Cobra Starship instead.


Received one of the most wonderful MySpace messages ever. It was very VERY encouraging, especially from someone who is a few years younger than me. Oddly enough, I really do look up to her in terms of... just... guts, you know? And "chillaxability." Ya know, it's not too difficult for me to find happiness in the smallest of things, but as I get older I've realized that that quality about me is slowly disappearing. I need it back.

God, seriously... I miss television. LOL! Ya know, I remember back in my YA days people used to tell me that my obsession was becoming unhealthy... well now I'm certainly yearning for another unhealthy obsession to cure my even more unhealthy adult state.

And on that note...
I want to do this in an empty library:
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I'd like to know if you'd be open
To starting over from scratch

- "Scratch" by Kendall Payne


Hullo. I'm obsessed with pita chips.
I had 4 pieces of Orbit gum today.


I had lunch with Ray-Ray. There are some new and exciting developments in his life and he seems very happy. Then he asked, "What about you?" so of course I gave him a quick update on my life. And then he said, "Man... I can't wait to hear what happens."

It was seriously... the best thing I've heard in a while. Ya know, homie-wise.
"I can't wait to hear what happens."


10:44 PM
So I was like, totally happy the entire day and then it just suddenly came crashing down, mood-wise. Maybe I shouldn't watch "The L Word" on Mondays.

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I'll rip the universe in two
One for me and one for you

- "Rip the Universe" by Reverie Sound Revue


You guys, I can't even...

My animals are too cute together.


I am *up to here* with meeting minutes. Yesterday I sat through a meeting that ran 1 hour and 30 minutes longer than it was supposed to be. One hour and 30 minutes. And you know what's even more retarded? Most of it was just intra-office gossip, none of which I am interested in. And it's funny cuz after the meeting, my supervisor pulled me aside and told me that she hopes I am not discussing any of the gossip with people outside of the conference room. Puh-leaze. Everytime ya'll gossip, I tune myself out. I don't need the extra baggage. I am stressed out as it is.

(Unfortunately, since I often tune myself out I miss some of the important information that I should have been writing down.)


Conversation between my sister and I:

Her: I used your laptop.
Me: Ok.
Her: I just want to let you know that I wasn't looking at porn.
Me: Huh?
Her: I was looking for sex toys.
Me: What?
Her: For a bachelorette party.
Me: Ah. Ok.
Her: But I didn't buy anything!

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I swear, I belong
This is where I belong

- "The World Is Our Playground" by Up Dharma Down


I've never been here before, but I feel like I'm home. I wish to stay for as long as I can.


This weekend, I...

... celebrated Mylene's birthday at The Stinking Rose with my sister and our other girl cousins. I had to return the fetuccine/pesto that I ordered cuz I didn't like it... and then I ordered short ribs instead, which was delicious. I had garlic taste in my mouth 'til Sunday night, though, and it was soooo icky!

... hung out with Lisa. We realized that we'd watch just about anything together from Kevin Smith to... jackrabbits.

... enjoyed some interspecies erotica. I mean, my cat and my pig are so cute together!! And check out how giddy I look:

... got lots and lots and lots of sleep, which, apparently, isn't enough.


On Monday, I...

... got the sudden urge to reconnect with a friend from college. Through the power of Google, I was able to read some excerpts from her "memoirs" and I thought, "Wow... I've known her for quite a while and I didn't know all this was happening." I wish I was able to be there for her while she was struggling with some of her personal issues. I do miss our X-Files marathons very much.

... watched "The L Word." Go away, TiBette!!!

... got annoyed cuz Netflix canceled my DVD order for Saving Face

... mmmm... Rhys.... mmmmm.... pony... mmmmm... Jack and Demi makeoutnowplz.


Today I...

... got swamped at work.

... got my Mighty Ducks boxed set and Enchanted in the mail.


Concert lineup:

Bamboozle Left, Day 1
April 5, 2008
Verizon Ampitheatre

Jason Mraz
April 6, 2008
The Troubadour

Avril Lavigne
May 3, 2008
Honda Center

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"Love. You can know all the math in the 'Verse, but take a boat in the air you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turning of worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells ya she's hurtin' 'fore she keens. Makes her home."

- Serenity


I'm getting better. Still snifflin' but I'm back at work, schedulin' those meetings. I sure do miss the sick leaves, though!


The LMU Library now has a MySpace, thanks to my homie Ray-Ray. At first I'm all "OMG, this is cool!" but after being added to the library's f-list, I started feeling uncomfortable. There goes my default picture, on the Top Friends section, accessible to all library staff members. Now, I dunno about you... but my MySpace is sort of my "home away from work." It's okay for a few employees to know about it, but when my own boss starts showing my page to University Relations reps, then it's a whole new ballgame. I quickly emailed Ray-Ray and I asked to be taken off the library's f-list. I mean, that's just weird, yo. I want my peeps to feel comfortable leaving me raunchy messages, without worrying about the priests and nuns on campus reading them ;)


I bought the following DVDs:
- Glory
- Miss Congeniality
- The Grudge
- Saving Face
- Memento
- The Mighty Ducks boxed set
- Enchanted (pre-ordered)

And speaking of DVDs... I'm totally running out of storage. So I dunno where the fuck I'm supposed to store all the DVDs that I just bought :(


Last week, a friend from high schoool, Gerardo, asked me to join our 10th year high school reunion committee. I declined cuz I don't like dealing with planning stuff, but OMG... has it almost been 10 years already??? God, I'm old.


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