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Don't call me past 11:00 PM, it won't happen again...
You could call me at 10:59, but don't call me at 11 'cause that's my rule now

- "Sweet Ballad," Munchausen by Proxy


I'm so boring!  I have nothing to blog about anymore!  LOL!!!  I guess I'll just do bulletpoints:
  • My annual staff performance review is tomorrow.  ::sighs::  I never liked being evaluated by my superior.  I always end up crying in the end.  I mean, it's a very stressful experience for me!!!!
  • My Internet sucks.  I've gotten logged off 15 times in the past 30 minutes.
  • I love this lotion: Vanilla Dee-Lite
  • I saw Star Trek at the IMAX.  It was very enjoyable :)
  • I finished knitting my arm-warmers!!!!  They are fab!
  • My Blackberry keeps dying.  It needs a new battery.  I ordered a new battery online, but the postman didn't want to deliver it.  He left one of those pink slips that said, "Sorry we missed you!" instead.  And it sucks cuz the package was so small that it could have fit in my mailbox.  Long story short, the post office didn't re-deliver the package.  I left the pink slip on our door and indicated that I want them to leave the package on our porch, but the postman ignored it for two days.  On the third day, he took the pink slip... and 4 days later I still don't have my Blackberry battery.  So I had to contact the seller and blah-di-blah-di-blah she's sending me another one.  I hope it gets here quick cuz I'm desperate.  I did not get a data plan just so I can use it for 10 minutes and have my phone die on me.
  • I've suddenly become a tea drinker.  The VP of Academic Affairs gave all the admin assistants loose tea and tea mugs (with an infuser) for Administrative Assistant Appreciation Day and now I'm all, "OMG... loose tea and mugs with infusers.  It makes tea-drinking all luxurious-like." 
  • My Internet is still off and on.  Will this blog make it online tonight?  We'll see...

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"All she does is scallops. For Christ's sake! C'mon... this is Top Chef. It's not Top Scallops."

- Fabio, Top Chef


So I was at the gym using one of those exercise machines with the flat screen TV attached to it and Top Chef was on. Now, I've never seen Top Chef because I don't have the Bravo channel, but my friends watch it so I decided to park the TV right there. Who knew that I'd totally get hooked?!! It sucks because I'm only at the gym for 30 minutes so I never get to finish any eps while on the exercise machine so I had to Google the damn thing and watch it online. Anyways... I'm going to watch part 1 of the finale later! So excited!!!


Not too spoilery things...

The L Word: Jenny Schecter, I love HATING you!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for being on this show, I want to see you die!!! Weeeeee!!!!

Dollhouse: The last episode fucking ROCKED, dudes. That very last scene actually gave me chills. ((hits right shoulder with left fist))


WTF, THIS IS NOT ME!!!. I actually can't believe there's another person out there with the same name as me! Anyways...

Should I be getting a Twitter? It seems everyone has one now, but... do I even have the time to follow all these twitters? Twitterers? Twits? I don't know anymore...

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LOLz. I've been hit by the salmonbot.

Apparently it's an LJ phonomenon?
[livejournal.com profile] themissinghat

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"Silencio, old man!!!"
- Juno



So after Christmas, me and the girl cousins hit the mountains to play with snow. The problem is, the snow sucked at Mt. Baldy. We couldn't even make a snowman cuz the snow won't stick together. We did, however, find a half-snowman that someone built and decided to complete it ourselves. We named it Angelina (after this little girl who kept following us. She actually found the block of ice that we used for the head, LOL!)

Anyways... it was hella freaking cold there. When we checked, it was 19 degrees. We had to take the ski lifts and the wind was freaking blowing against our faces. Oh, and I also slipped on a patch of ice and hurt my arm :(

Then we had a sleepover :D
Spent most of my time trying to connect to their crappy wireless internet, but I still had a blast!!! The next day we all saw Juno and we all LOVED it!!! Lunch at Chili's afterwards where we ate our desserts in a shot glass and they were very yummy.


Dancing With The Stars tour. Yes, I went. My cousin Demi invited me and I said okay. I never saw the show except to watch little clips on YouTube but what the hell, right? Our seats were on the 3rd row and it was the closest I've ever been inside the Staples Center. Even though the performances were just alright, I had a lot of fun with my cousins.


Anyways, I'm finally caught up with season 2 of Big Love. It's about damn time. I also watched a few DVDs and just bummed around. It was awesome. Staying up til 6AM posting on IDF and chatting with Lisa on AIM... LOL! The best! Then sleeping in til 2:00 PM? Oh man... it's heaven.


New Year's Eve kinda sucked. It was the most boring NYE ever, I wanted to die. I hid in my cousin's room to use the internet. That's what I did, yo. I was so relieved when I got home... the boredom was gonna eat me alive.

Anyways... I go back to work tomorrow and it sucks. I'm not ready to end my vacation yet :( No more staying up til 6AM... no more sleeping in til 2PM. Woe is me.

P.S. Fiyero has been giving me crap so I've sold out and bought me a MacBook. I've named him "Bleeker." The end.


Aug. 31st, 2007 07:48 pm
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I can't log on the internet via my laptop. WTH? It's forever stuck on "Acquiring network address" even though the signal strength says "Excellent." WTH is wronnngggg????? I don't want to uninstall anything cuz I don't know if I can re-install it!

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romantic piscean seeks angel in disguise
chinese-speaking girlfriend big brown eyes
liverpudlian lady, sophisticated male
hello partner, tell me love can't fail

- "Summertime," by The Sundays


Oh, nothing. Just sitting here... drinking a glass of wine... voting for Sara and Jesus...
(Hok and Jaimie were freaking awesome, though. God DANG!)

YOu know what's annoying?

"Congratulations, you have been selected to receive two free iPod Nanos..."

Shut up, shut up, shut up!!! I don't frakking care!!!

Anyways... I don't know what was up with my internet connection today, but it just suddenly... stopped... working. GAH! I was gonna lose it. But my brother told me to just wait an hour and it should start back up again. And whaddaya know? It did!

Good stuff.

"Thanks for voting for couple 1. For the results, please watch So You Think You Can Dance on FOX."

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"The swan ate my baby! The swan ate my baby!"
- Drop Dead Gorgeous


The Internet has been quiet. Which actually works out for me because work has been hectic.


I signed on to AIM tonight and got a random message from someone I don't know. But she said that she KINDA' knew me. She had no idea which fandom I'm from so she had to list down all the TV shows that she watches so we can figure out each other's "identities." LMAO! As it turns out, we're both WeeVer shippers and she knew me because of the two Weevil/Veronica ficlets that I wrote :)


The following DVDs have been preordered from Amazon:
- X-Men: The Last Stand
- Scrubs, Season 4


I just added Heroes to my TiVo's "Season Pass." I missed the series premiere, but it's been getting quite a few chitchat here on LJ so I might as well check it out.


Jun. 27th, 2006 10:42 am
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You guys...

Does anybody here have DSL? If so...
Does your Internet have the same service as your home phone?

Cuz see... here's my situation:

- Our phone, our Internet, and our cable TV are all under Comcast

- Due to my family's current financial situation, we had to cancel our cable TV

- So... today my brother returned our cable box to Comcast

- The Comcast lady told him that our Internet speed is gonna go down because we canceled our cable

- The problem is that I'll still be paying about 60 bucks monthly, despite the "reduced hi-speed"

- I'd really hate to do this, so I started looking for other Internet options

- Well... there's Verizon. I'm fine with Verizon. But the thing is... our phone line is not Verizon.

- "Don't fret," Verizon told me. We can still offer you Internet connection!

- So I'm like... "YEY," right?

- Well, unfortunately... I found this on their website:

Is there a difference in the DSL without voice vs. DSL with Verizon phone service?

Yes. When you order DSL without voice you will not be able to make phone calls on the same line that you use for DSL.


Is it gonna be like... dial-up Internet over again? Except, the service won't be slow? Do they mean to say that we cannot use our home phone as long as we're on the net? HELP!!!

I need the Internets, yo!!! But I *really* don't want to pay 60 bucks for hi-speed connection that's not all that speedy.

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Quote of the day:
JD: [Singing] If you have some moles, I will inspect them.
Turk: [Singing] I'll remove tumors from your brain to your rectum.
JD & Turk: [Singing] Between the two of us there is no wall - we're a surgeon and a doc above it all... A surgeon and a doc above... it... all...


I'm addicted to YouTube.com. I mean, there's a lot of amusing stuff in that website! Some video clips are blah, some are weird, some are downright porn-ish and some are crazy hilarious. With that said, Scrubs crack the hell outta' me and I'm here to share some audio/visual stimulation wit' ya'll, courtesy of YouTube.com.

1. A Surgeon and a Doc - One of my all-time favorite scenes
2. That girl is poisonnnnn... - I've posted this before, but it deserves to be posted again!!!
3. Kung Fu Fighting
4. Good Time
5. Over the Rainbow - The entire episode was a nod to The Wizard of Oz. This particular scene made me cry buckets.
6. Come on, mis amigas! We don't have to vamanos!
7. She's a maniac - Ted's band RULES!
8. Erasure - Oh baby pleeeease.... give a little respeect... to-hoo-hoo-hooo meeeee!!!
9. Fierce like Taye Diggs
10. At the milkshake pool in the lesbian cloud
11. Mandy Moore's chick makeout scene - I know, my jaw dropped too.
12. Mess with the warrior - I cannot, for the life of me, stop watching this clip!!!!
13. Payback is a bitch
14. Overkill - I absolutely love this song. There's a little bit of dialogue in the beginning, but it's all good.
15. More Than A Feeling - Whoooo!!! The Sacred Heart Airband!!!

Seriously. You got some time in your hands? Watch all the video clips. Because they are the shiz, yo. And if you're not watching this show, you should be!!!

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Quote of the day:
"And I want a TV embrace"
- Cigarettes Will Kill You, by Ben Lee


Buffy follows me everywhere. Like in tonight's episode of 24, for example. Audrey Raines mentioned the name "Jane Espenson." JANE ESPENSON, yo!!! I had to re-watch the scene 3 times to convince myself that I was't hearing things. And I wasn't! Audrey said "Jane Espenson!" One of the main writers on BTVS!

(LOL! I think David Fury's responsible for this. Who wrote this episode anyway?)

Um... in other news, it's still raining. And my sister's sick. This week's not gonna be a happy one.

I love [livejournal.com profile] audiography. I just got a bootleg of Ben Folds doing an improv song called "R-O-C-K with your C-O-C-K out." Man, it was hilarious. Not as hilarious as these two Chinese dudes that I keep talking about, but amusing nonetheless.

Anyways, I had a dream about ______________ a week ago. Unfortunately, it was too perfect and wonderful for me to actually forget about it. So guess what? I haven't! And it's both fulfilling and frustrating at the same time. Maybe I should channel all these feelings into writing a fanfic. Hmmm... let's see... what to write about?

Ah crap. What am I talking about? I'm uninspired. Anything I write right now would be crap compared to this one. Hmm... maybe I should just go to sleep.

YouSendIt.com is pissing me off. You'd think that after getting hi-speed Internet, uploading and downloading files would actually be hi-speed. But no. I feel like I should kick someone's ass.

Speaking of the Internets, my bill for Comcast finally came. $88 bucks for the first month and a half. Please shoot me now.

"MySpacing" with my cousins is fun. Especially with the young-uns. I just had a conversation with my cousin Lea about baby animals and it was like, the best thing ever. We'd just send each other private messages back and forth. I guess while you're at work thinking about job-related things it's nice to just talk to a kid about... puppies or something. Yeah... and sometimes when I'm on my desk, I just want to color. Yeah, color. You know, I get jealous because my student workers are going on their Spring Break next week. And I'm thinking, "FUCK! I don't get to have Spring Breaks anymore!"

*throws a temper tantrum*
Gimme some god-danged crayons, dammit.

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Quote of the day:
Day-Day: Ancient Chinese Secret.
Ms. Ho-Kym: I'm Korean, motherfucker.
- Next Friday


I'm *so* hating Degrassi right now.

(Brought to you by the new season finale promo pics.)

*cries in agony*

Anyways... I'm really loving this hi-speed Internet connection. I mean, last night I called my brother at home and he actually answered the phone. He answered the phone, yo! That's like, HUGE! Nobody answers the phone in my house! Nobody can ever get through! It's always a busy signal because someone's always online! But now, there's no more dial-up connection!!! Woot! People can actually call my house now!

(Then again, with the phone lines now available, we're gonna start getting calls from telemarketers again.)

My sister went to the dentist at 10:00am to get a root canal. It's already 3:00 and she's still not home. Hmm... should I be worried? Anyways... I don't even know what a root canal is supposed to be. I mean, what is it for? Why is this procedure done?


Speaking of dental stuff, I need to brush my teeth. So I'll see you guys later.

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Quote of the day:
"True love stories never have endings."
- Veronica Mars


Did anybody else catch the LOST spoof in tonight's VM episode??? Oh my god, it's genius, I tell you!!!! Rob Thomas is the man, and this is THE BEST FREAKING SHOW EVER!!!

Seriously, I was screaming at the TV, it was so good. I even cried a little. Anyways... on to my review:
Veronica Mars - 2x11 - Donut Run )

God, so many thoughts are running through my mind right now, I can't possibly type them all up. But seriously. Best. Show. Ever.
Now can somebody please tell me where I can download episodes of LOST? Please?

In other news, I finally got my Internet up and running. Ok, I'm lying. I actually didn't do jack. As a matter of fact, I spent most of my time panicking. My brother LeeRoy tried to help, but he just got too impatient with the wireless router. So guess what we did? We left everything in the hands of our youngest brother. And as it turns out, he's a frigging genius. He singlehandedly got our Internet to work. My 15-year-old brother actually took care of everything. And get this, after he was done with the set-up, he charged me $75 for his services. I gave him 20 bucks. (It was my turn to give him his allowance.) So anyways, you are now looking at a hi-speed Internet user. Woot! I don't have to download songs at work anymore!!! I can now read LJ posts that are NOT work safe!!! I can finally stop looking over my shoulder!! Hallelujah!!!!

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Quote of the day:
Turk: Who's da Man?
Ted: Is it me?
- Scrubs


Where art thou, Comcast? It's been 7 business days already and my self-installation pack is still not here. I want my Internet now, dammit! I want it NOW!!!

Anyways, this picture makes me all sorts of happy. It's a bit spoilery for Instant Star, but go right ahead... click it. I've been *squeeing* over the damn thing for about... oh, 24 hours now and I ain't about to stop.


In other news... today is Wednesday. That means Friday is just around the corner. Let's count down the days, shall we? No, scratch that... let's count down the hours. I almost forgot that there's new Veronica Mars tonight! Woo hooo! I am good to go! On a sadder note, this will probably be the longest day ever.

Random info about me: I haven't had any Dunkin' Donuts since I was about 11 years old.

Anyways, somebody please take my Dell DJ mic away from me. It's a dangerous, dangerous thing. You know the situation has become deadly when the mic starts to function as a karaoke machine and I run out of things to sing.

Comcast update:
Apparently, my order was a no-sale because they couldn't contact me. So I tried to re-order it, but they wouldn't let me because they said that they'd already placed that order. So for the past hour I've been trying to get them to delete me from the system, but I was on hold and I think they hung up on me.

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Quote of the day:
"Be there not garments to launder and iron free of turbulence? See ye not the porcelain plates and hearty mugs waiting to be washed clean of evidence? Get thee to thine work, damnable lady, and quickly, before the products of thine very loins raise their collected fists in a spirit born both of rage and indignation, forcibly coaxing the last breath from the foul chamber of thine vain and upright throat. Go now, wastrel, and get to it!"
- David Sedaris, Naked


I have a jar full of Reese's Pieces and M&M's in my office. You want? It's complete TORTURE for my co-workers who are on diets and a total delight for my student workers who are stressed. Plus, it adds color to my decor. Anyways...

What's up with Veronica Mars being pushed back to January 25th? What's up with that? Seriously... what's up with that? I need my fix, man.

*grabs a handful of M&M's and puts it in her mouth*

Or else I'm just gonna keep eating this candy!

*ahem* BTW, I think I'm gonna watch Brokeback Mountain this Friday. I dunno yet. My co-worker Jharina said it was totally awesome and that she wanted to see it again so I'm like "Oooooh! I wanna see it with you!" And since we totally live faaaaaaar away from each other, we decided to just see it after work. Cross your fingers for me.

Speaking of Brokeback Mountain, I actually read the short story yesterday! Yeah, it was pretty cool. Now I just need the visuals to go with it. Cuz man, it's hawt.

Hi-speed Internet update:
Cable modem... check. Wireless router... check. The only thing I need now is that self-installation pack from Comcast and I'm good to go. I hope there aren't any complications like when I got my TiVo and it took me frigging 3 days to set it up. Wish me luck.

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Quote of the day:
"I know this Russian website where you could download songs for two cents a piece... the only thing is that all the songs are in Russian."
- The Office


My brother's Dell DJ broke. It's just stuck on the welcome screen and it won't even turn it off! I mean, we literally have to wait 'til the battery runs out! I think I may have to return it so Dell can replace it. Except... I think the warranty's already expired. And if that's the case I may have to buy my brother another mp3 player...

Anyways, so I did a voice post yesterday and I couldn't get over how funny my voice sounds. I mean, I sound like a frigging 6-year-old or something. Imagine if I wasn't in the library... my voice would probably be loud and shriek-y like Karen Walker's. Suffice to say that I will never ever do another voice post again. Haha, I kid. Of course I'm gonna do more voice posts in the future. I'm conceited and I love hearing myself talk. Blah, blah, blah.... *giggle*

I'm ordering Comcast internet today. As it turns out, my dad has a cable modem stashed somewhere. I don't know why he has one, but who cares? All I need now is a wireless router. Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sleepymonster, [livejournal.com profile] caalan, and [livejournal.com profile] vertigo66 for answering some of my Comcast questions. I feel semi informed now :D LoLz!

Well, I hope you guys have a great day today. Happy Friday the 13th, yo! Go forth and be lucky.
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Currently reading: Stardust, by Neil Gaiman

Quote of the day:
"Well, I don't know what I am looking for
But I know that I just wanna look some more"
- What I'm Looking For, by Brendan Benson



Forget this, man. I don't care anymore. I'm *so* over the dial-up connection at home. And since the only Cable/DSL provider available to us is Comcast, I'll just... cancel my life insurance and use that money to pay for the Internet bills. The World Wide Web owns my life now. Damn you, Comcast. Damn you and your pricey monthly bills. Why can't I have Verizon instead? Whhhyyyy?!!!

(NOTE: Fear not, faithful readers. I *am* canceling my life insurance, but only cuz I'm now covered at work. I only got that stupid life insurance because I didn't get work benefits before. But now I do. So I figured, "Why do I need the extra insurance?")

Anyways... LOST was pretty cool last night. )


Oct. 1st, 2001 10:46 pm
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ya know you're bored with the internet when you'd rather study than go on FF...

anyways... I saw "Making the Video" today with the "on the line all stars"... I wasn't really amused. Must be because Chris wasn't there. I, however, was totally turned on by Lance and the whole makeout thing.


p.s. I might be developing roommate problems. I hope it's nothing.
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wow, it's good to be back. I finally got this damn ethernet card working. Anyways, here's the 411 on my weekend:

Friday - I moved back to the dorms. I finally met my roommate Marisa, who's really really really cool! Plus, it turned out that my Britney-Spears-crazed friend Brookes is my suitemate so it's all good!

Then, later that day Nelle called me and we had a three way conversation with LauraJ! It was soooo cool talking to YA fans on the phone. Plus, they both sound sexeh ;) What a great back-to-school welcome.

On a sad note, my computer wouldn't work.

Saturday - I was very very very very depressed this day cuz i found out that one of my favorite performers, Aaliyah, died in a plane crash. I swear, i started trembling when i found out. I was in shock. She was too young to die.

Too young.

Sunday - my computer is still not working. My dad finally returned that darned cd burner that I bought. It didn't stand a chance. It sucked.

Monday - classes started. They were alright, I guess. It was a long day. Plus I had to work and my computer is still not working. My friends Kristen and Brookes tried helping me with it, thinking that there's something wrong with the school's system, but it's no use. Anyways, Laura and Nelle called me again cuz apparently, somebody's been using my AIM from the computer lab here.

Yaddayaddayadda... my computer still wasn't working. I'm glad nelle and laura called cuz they actually prevented me from crying. *sigh*
Then... all of a sudden... I SAW THE NEW TARGET COMMERCIAL WITH IAN ON IT!!!!!

after that, i knew that it was a sign.

I tried messing with my computer again to see if the internet would work... and what do you know... i'm here now!

well, that was my weekend.
gotta go!
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so um....
again, what a waste of money.

Today, i took my computer to Best Buy to get the floppy disk drive fixed. It turns out that it's gonna take them about 3 weeks to fix it so i just told them "nevermind" cuz i'm gonna leave for college in a few days and 3 weeks is just not gonna cut it for me.
I mean... i could still use the disk drive. I just have tweak it A LOT in able to use it.
so anyways... i just bought an ethernet card for the internet service at school and had them install it. Installation costs 40 bucks. but then they weren't able to install it cuz they found like, 6 different viruses in my comp... so that took another 40 bucks. Then backing up my files took another 60 bucks.

I mean... what the hell???
I went there to have my floppy disk drive fixed and I just ended up spending 100+ dollars.
Plus, i needed to buy an external CD burner so that cost me about 165$.

And the thing is that... I wouldn't have any problems if I had used up MY own money.
But it was my parents who wasted their dough (it turned out that I can't use any of my checks at Best Buy so the parentals just used their credit cards).

So now i just feel guilty.


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