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Big Bich --
the thing is that... you have a unique sense of humor. And though I applaud you for being yourself... you gotta admit, a lot of people here don't get you.
I'm sure you knew that not everyone here have the same sense of humor as you and meg$, so don't tell me that you didn't expect all the hostility. but hey... you've already proven your point. You guys DID hang out with the cast of YA - you have pictures to show for it and dude, we GET IT already.

I'm not sure if you're seeking revenge or anything... but if you are, most of the people that you want to get back at are no longer around. So basically... you're targeting people who have no knowledge of your history here on FF and who have no previous encounters with you. In your attempt to hurt those who are no longer here, you affect those who are innocent.

and since you affect those who are innocent and those who don't know the mechanics of your thinking, obviously they will develop hostile feelings towards you.
and don't tell me that you did not expect that either.

let's be honest here... you don't get along with most of us. and we don't get along with you. Our way of thinking are just too different.

While we glorify Kate in a sexual way, you want to set her on fire.

And while we drool on pure Ian-nakedness,
you want him to stick a fork in an electrical outlet.

I'm sure you see the difference.

anyways... I don't even know if I have a point here, but I just want to let you know what I think.
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I think I just read the most entertaining set of posts... in like, 3 weeks.

the conversation between shrr and Big Bitch on FF.

I'm tempted to give BB a piece of my mind.
actually... I will.
I will do that tonight.

I'm kinda glad, actually, that she has toned down... though I still think she's a psycho.
but she still doesn't get it.
she doesn't get why people hate her so much.

so yeah. I'll go tell her what I think.
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first off... Happy Birthday to my man Chris Kirkpatrick!

and secondly... a poem:

*Loneliness* by Roguester
Sleeping at 11
In oppose to 1:30
Each night I go to bed
Feeling kinda empty
It seems like Jake and Ham
Are drifting far away
I post and post these empty words
I don't have anything to say

So here I sit
In front of the computer
It's almost 11 pm
But I'm still hoping to see a poster
And damn this new FF "look"
It's not functioning right
That's why I have no playmate...

I have no playmate tonight
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so guess what?
Smash Mouth and Eve 6 are gonna have a concert at our school!
pretty cool, eh?

anyways... I'm still having trouble with FF.
I can't believe that making a 5-second post can take me about an hour.
man, i just want to share some Jahammer Love.
If FF has a problem with it, then it can just kiss my ass.
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For the love of God, FF!
Let me in!
Let me in!
Let me in!!!!

yeah, yeah... i'm curiuos about how it looks like now... but if I can just log in to the website, I'd tell you what I think!
but noooooo...
all i see is a grey background and a freaking banner at the top!

on a brighter note...
our university choir is gonna be performing at tonight's Emmy's!
how cool is that!
man, i wish i auditioned for the choir...
i just didn't have time

losing it

Oct. 2nd, 2001 12:32 pm
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ya know, as sad as it may seem... but I think i'm losing interest in the YA board.
I know, it's scary.
But there's nothing much to do around there anymore.
I'm no longer inspired. And due to the "rules" and such, I can't really come up with new stuff anymore.
Plus the fact that my nightriding buddies are no longer around :(
I just feel like I don't fit in anymore.
I guess my days are over?

I mean... it's great to hear stuff like "you're funny, Rogue!"
But come on, man... give me something to work with!
Interact with me!

Hmmm... maybe I'll post again when I see Kate in Law&Order.
But who knows?

I miss Tiger... maybe I'll email her later.


Oct. 1st, 2001 10:46 pm
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ya know you're bored with the internet when you'd rather study than go on FF...

anyways... I saw "Making the Video" today with the "on the line all stars"... I wasn't really amused. Must be because Chris wasn't there. I, however, was totally turned on by Lance and the whole makeout thing.


p.s. I might be developing roommate problems. I hope it's nothing.
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so OMG!
Mark Famglietti (I don't even know how to spell his name!!!) posted on FF! I know, I just found out right now... but man, that's awesome!
I'm sqealing now!

anyways... yesterday, I was chatting with one of my bestfriends and I mentioned the new *nsync video. she was all "ugh, you still like them?" See, about three years ago, she made a prediction that I'll get tired of nsync in a couple of months... whaddaya know, it ain't happenin yet. so she couldn't get over the fact that she was wrong.

anyways... now she's all "rock rules!"
which is weird cuz she's a pop girl herself.

well, i guess i learned my lesson.
Don't talk about music with people who don't have the same taste as you.
(thanks, marion!)
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hehehe... I watched "Undeclared" tonight.
there's just something about Charlie and that British Flag t-shirt.
and whaddaya know, I still call him "ryder"

anyways, hey... like the new icon?
I'm tempted to change my FF icon too, but nah.
I told people i wasn't going to so I'm not going to.

now I just need to change my background...
I'm looking for some kick ass pics of the x-men logo...

p.s. hey, does anyone know how I can put my name on my icon?
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so today i was working at the library and I was watching the people who go in and out.
(just for a background, i go to a private university... which makes the library private too... therefore, you can't come in if you don't have a student or faculty ID).

anyways... this one old guy came up to me and said "hi there. My daughter goes here and she gets off her class at 4pm. She told me to wait for her here. Can you let me in?"

I asked the library supervisor if I can, but she said "no" so i had to reject the man.

then 30 mins later, another guy came up to me and said "hi. my son goes here. he's still in class and i'm wondering if i can wait for him here."

again, i had to turn him away.

afterwards, a married couple came and said the same thing. I let them in, though, cuz they asked if they can tour the library instead of just waiting for their son.

this is so weird.
first of all... this is a college university. Who picks up their son/daughter afterschool?

and second, those were 3 sets of parents in one hour! i mean, what's up? why are they trying to get in the library? are they planning to plant a bomb or something?

this is really weird.

on another note: there shall be no Sarah bashing on the YA board, according to shrr. But whaddaya know? mean-ol'-me made a sarah-bashing-sig.

"To bash or not to bash. That is the bad head."

hail kate and ian!
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hello there!
well, thank god it's friday.
My history class got cancelled today cuz my teacher got in a car accident so yeah... there goes one more hour of free time for me!
(it's kinda sad that i'm happy about this. but my teacher is doing alright. nothing serious.)

anyways... i was bored again last night.
I miss night riding with JoeAverage, wonka, BP, depudor, and Tiger.

I heard some chisme from LauraJ about the YA board so i guess i should be heading there now so latez!!!


Aug. 29th, 2001 05:04 pm
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Ok, i'll make this quick.

* I finally got a chance to "night ride" last night, but nobody was there to night ride with me.

* However, I got a kick out of all the pics that Kit posted on the "Back in da dayz" thread. Plus, i can't believe nelle had the Hog Diagram!!!

* My friend Brookes read my LJ and wondered about the picture that i have on my background. She asked why I have pictures of Kate and Ian everywhere. I had to explain to her my YA obsession. Obviously she hasn't seen the show.

* My roommate Marisa read my LJ and wondered about the picture that I have on my background. Like Brookes, she asked why I have pics of Kate and Ian everywhere. I told her about my YA obsession, and she said "Yeah... it sucks that the show was cancelled". Obviously she has seen the show.

* I took yearbook pictures today. Gah! I hate yearbook pictures.

* I took a copy of the school's newspaper... i turned to page 13 and I found my name. hehehe... I was quoted. I totally forgot that I was interviewed about the Learning Center yesterday.

* well, that's about it! bye!
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i feel like crap.
I have my period.
My whole body's aching.
I'm so sleepy.

I felt good for about 4 mins, though.
Cuz they played "I want you back" on KIIS fm.

anyways... on a brighter note, i finally started my first ever YA thread!
woo hoo!
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so my sister got her belly button pierced.
heheh.... it kinda wanna make me get that second tatto already.

anyways... i'm planning on starting my first ever YA thread. I mean... I've started Jahammer threads before, but i'm yet to start my own topic.
I'm working on it, though...
hehehe... wish me luck.

well, that's about it!
i love you all!
Because. Yes.
(thank you, BP, for getting that stuck in my head)

btw... did anyone watch the teen choice awards last night? LMAO!!! JC rocked!!!
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so Pratteh came back to the YA board!! Man, after all this time she came back! I really missed her. I heard she had some health problems so that kinda got me worried. but anyways, she's back! I'm glad to know that she's still up and about.

and also... i've noticed the Crisseh has been posting again. That's good. We need a few more oldschoolers to come back cuz the newbies need to get into "the vibe".
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so I'm still annoyed with a few FF posters especially with Ms. Kiss-Ass... and now there's a new one: Ms. I'm-so-alone-so-everybody-better hang-with-me. Gah! I wish my favorite posters would post more... *ahem* nelle? Laura? vertigo? BarelyPink? wonka?
I miss going crazy at night. ya know... with all the freaks. it's fun. and the thing is that... i don't even care what all the "kill-joys" are thinking. they can kiss my ass.

then again.... that's the job for Ms. Kiss-Ass here.

well... that's about it!
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Hehehe... so I guess I hate a few people on FF.

This past weekend, I've developed a newfound dislike towards another YA poster. Well, actually... It's not "newfound" at all. I've disliked her for a while now. (Well, actually... sometimes I like her and sometimes I hate her.) But right now I dislike her. I just didn't say anything cuz I thought she was a well-respected poster on the board. Well, I've thought wrong. Because two days ago, i found out that several people don't like her either -at least not at the moment. I used to think that she's all coo' cuz she's ghetto like me, but I just don't like how she always ruins the spirit of the YA board by being her typical higher-than-high self. Grrr... I just don't know what to make of her sometimes. Hopefully I'll like her again. Maybe next week I will *lol*

anyways... "moving day" went well! We now live in a house!!! Woo hoo!!! the place is still messy, though... cuz we're too tired to unpack everything! but besides that... it's all to the good.

oh, and yesterday while i was fixing up my stuff, I picked up my JC Chasez calendar that my friend gave me (she thought JC was my fave cuz JC is my initials) and I told my sister "He's cute, huh?"
and she said "he's ah-ite" and i'm like "who's ur favorite, then?" and she goes "Chris Kirkpatrick!"
and I asked her why and she said "cuz he's so cute! he's so little! like, he's short and he has cute little feet..."
and I was LMAO!!! I guess my sister just has a thing for small people?

anyways... that's it for now!
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so we're in the process of moving right now.
man, i'm so tired. I just realized how much junk i have stacked in the closet.
anyways... my family's at the new house at the moment, arranging some furnitures and what not.
I, on the other hand, am sitting here at the old apartment. cuz ya know, i'd rather post on FF than help them move *lol*

anyways... I changed my LJ background again. Go check it out!
I know that I'm not supposed to be "posting" that pic anywhere... but who would tell, right?

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so there's another FF-er who's been ticking me off.
A*d*o*y*o*s - ya'll know who she is?
yeah, that's her.

well, i don't really know what she's about. I never paid much attention to her... though I heard that she's quite full of herself.

anyways, yeah... one time she claimed to be the smut queen. I guess she hasn't been around FF long enough to know her way around. *lol*
hehehe... see now I'm full of myself.

well... i guess i should just go back to my old routine and NOT pay attention to her.


Aug. 9th, 2001 03:15 pm
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so there's this chick on FF.
I have a love-hate relationship with her.

I dunno. Sometimes she's sweet and sometimes she's just...

ok, here's the deal: sometimes it seems like she's trying to outdo you. but the thing is that... she can't. it's like she's trying too hard. and when she does, the things that she say doesn't come out right.

i need a breather.
where are you Nelle? Rogue needs a hug.


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