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"I can't change! I'm like a chameleon - always a lizard."
- Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock


Finally finished re-painting my soot-covered room. And it only took me like, what... two weeks?  Man, what a workout.  I'm sore all over!  Even my fingers are sore.  My fingers!  You know, from gripping that... paint roller.  Anyways, I still need blinds and a new carpet.  ::sighs:: In the meantime, I'm still sleeping in the living room.

I also bought a new TV last Friday.  It's a tiny little 22-inch flat screen TV.  It's sleek and thin and the picture quality is good, but... it's not compatible with my TiVo.  So guess what?  I need to buy a new TiVo!  "Zoom in on my empty wallet."


This season of Doctor Who is rocking my world.  I need to make an icon.


Did anybody else see last night's episode of SNL?  I actually don't know what the big deal is with Betty White and why everybody wanted her to host SNL, but OMG... old cast members coming back!!!  I mean, come on now... Delicious Dish with Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer?!!!  Classic!!!


Today's Awesome List
  • New TV!!  It cost me quite a bit of money, but hey... it's new! And it looks cool.
  • My TiVo may not be compatible with my new TV, but at least I can download TV shows on the Internet.
  • No more room-painting!
  • The past two months have been tough, but I'm going on vacation soon!
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I wrote all Penny’s lines and her song, you know
I even sang her part up on the demo
But when it’s time to cast the show
Did they want somebody yellow? Hell no.

- Maurissa Tancharoen, Commentary! The Musical


It’s funny. Over the last year or so, I’ve become less fangirly. I also don’t post much on LiveJournal. Correlation? I think so. But don’t fret, dear readers – I still watch A LOT of TV. It’s ridiculous. I mean, Dollhouse may be ending tonight, but 24, Skins, Chuck, Big Love, and Project Runway just started up again. Crazy. When will I have time to read?

Speaking of reading, I got my Kindle, you guys! Meet Sheldon :)

I love him.  Not as cute as other e-readers out there, but oh... it's just so... thin and light!  Quick enough for my taste too, and battery life is good so far.  The screen looks very paper-like, which is awesome.  And even though it's portable, I don't have to carry it around all the time because it syncs up to the Kindle app on my iPhone!  The question is... how long will it actually take me to finish a book?   I have too many TV shows to watch!

Anyways... I'm currently knitting a little Kindle sleeve for it.  Oh, and I also want to buy this pretty Kindle skin. I know, it's very girly... which is weird because my Kindle is named Sheldon. Maybe Sheldon is a girl.
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"Roses are red, violets are blue... fuck you whore."

- (500) Days of Summer


Golden Globes thoughts:
  • Surprisingly, I didn't care whether or not "Glee" won.  At the back of my head, I was rooting for Jane Lynch, but... I wasn't particularly upset when she lost.  
  • On the other hand, I cared way too much about (500) Days of Summer.  I didn't expect to be so sad, but... there ya go.



So hit me with some of your favorite books!  I just recently finished Anthem by Ayn Rand (I wanted to re-read it), The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (meh), and Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk (twisted, but in a good way.)  Right now I'm trying to finish Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, but I'm almost done with both and I need new books to read!  Thanks in advance for your help :)

I should also mention that I ordered a Kindle 2 from Amazon.  Took me over a week to decide, but I eventually chose it over the oh-so-pretty Nook and the cool-looking Sony E-Reader (Touch Edition).  I'm so excited!!! I'm already planning on knitting a sleeve for it!  Oh, and I'm going to name it Sheldon... after Sheldon Cooper, of course :)


"24" is back, betchezzz!  Unfortunately, that totally messes up my Monday night TV watching.  Let's see... there's "How I Met Your Mother," "Big Bang Theory" and "Chuck."  Thank jeebus for streaming video!!!!
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Brennan: I don't want to be a sexy scientist.
Booth: Well, that's like me saying that I don't want to be a sexy FBI agent.  We can't change who we are.

- Bones


My TiVo, Weevil, died today.  I tried to connect him to my digital TV converter and he just... died.  In my panic, I immediately went to Best Buy to find a replacement.  I just couldn't function without a TiVo so I bought another one as quickly as possible.  I got an updated version of the Series 2 DVR, which was the kind that I had.  I proudly named it Saracen.

After I connected Saracen to my TV and digital converter, I realized that he just wasn't working.  After a quick research I found out that he wasn't meant to work with antenna-based TVs.  He can only work with cable and satellite.  I mean, WTF???  The most basic TiVo DVR cannot work with basic TV?  What in the hell is that about?

So Saracen has to go back to Best Buy tomorrow.  I'm thinking about getting the TiVo HD DVR, but it costs too much.  I may end up canceling my TiVo service altogether... but how can I ever go back to being TiVo-less???


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"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive."
- Gilda Radner


Lookit the kissy puppies!!!!!! Watch them kiss! It is the cutest thing everrr!!!!

If you can't see the video, watch it HERE.
((sigh)) So adorable...


My Thanksgiving weekend in bullet points:
  • I finally finished my "Bones" marathon with Turtle!
  • Speaking of "Bones," I'm pretty much obsessed with Eric Millegan's video blogs.
  • Thanksgiving dinner @ my aunt's house. Good food, fun times, and we were outta there by a VERY early 7:00 PM.
  • Black Friday shopping. I bought a pink external hard drive, Guitar Hero for my Nintendo DS, and some DVDs:
- Election
- The Princess Bride
- Domino
- The Fast and the Furious (2-Movie Collection)
- Ghost
- Interview with the Vampire
- The 40-Year-Old Virgin
  • Saw Secondhand Serenade, Cute Is What We Aim For, Automatic Loveletter, and A Rocket to the Moon.
  • Went to Disneyland with my cousins.
  • 6-month anniversary <3

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"I dare you to love me."
- Imagine Me & You


Family gathering, as usual. But instead of cramming ourselves into one room and having a mini Friends marathon (like we do every year), we all settled in the family room where teh cousins played Guitar Hero III all night. It's what Jesus would have wanted to do on his birthday, I'm sure.

Heck yeah.
I only played once cuz I SUCK. But my cousins Demi and Lea were totally AT IT the entire night. I don't know how they lasted that long, but ooooh... ooooh!!! TRIVIA time: Didja know that our family name shows up on one of the Guitar Hero III menu pages?

HINT: It's not "Shanker."
I'm proud to say that my middle name is now part of gaming history :D My cousin Matthew knew someone who worked on the game and he totally hooked the family up by putting our last name on there (well, on my mom's side). Ain't that awesome?!!

Anyways... I see some of you listed down your Christmas loot for this year. Well, I'm sad to say that I don't have much to list. Apparently in my family as soon as you get a job your grandparents forget that you exist. Some of your aunts and uncles forget about you too, so the money-stuffed envelopes start to... become rare as the years go by. WTH is up with that, doodz? I'm still a kid at heart! I still want presents!!!! Anyways, a few aunts and uncles came through with some Starbucks gift cards so WOO HOOOOO!!! Suck on that, grandma and grandpa!


Uh... I locked myself out of my house cuz I'm an idiot. I found a paperclip and tried to pick the lock, but apparently I'm not that badass. I went to the neighbor's house to use the phone, but I only remember my sister's phone number so I just called her. But she's at work and my brothers were gone so she was like, "Um... I'll just try to come up with an excuse so my boss will let me out and I can come home to let you in."

So I was all "La la laaaa... I'll just be at the garage until someone comes home." And all of a sudden, I heard a tapping sound. I looked up to see my brother LeeRoy peeking out of his window, wondering what the heck was up. Well hello. He was home sleeping the entire time!!! I was like, "I thought you were gone!!!!" and he was all "Uh...." and pointed to his car, which was sitting comfortably on our driveway. WHAT. THE. SHIT. I saw the car there... I knew it was his car... aaaandddd it didn't register in my head that he was home?


So I went through all that trouble and he was home the entire time?!! OMG. I started laughing like hell cuz that was so freaking stupid. LMAO!!! Anyways, I'm back inside the house now so everything's a-OK!!!


Guitar Hero III lives.
My youngest brother just bought the game with his Christmas money so now we own it. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

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"I am now a checkerboard chick!"
- Hairspray


This past week, I...

* Lost my driver's license. I realized that it's been missing since August 2nd. I think I dropped it somewhere in the CBS studios.

* Lost my flash drive. I had a lot of music, videos, and pictures in there DUDE!!! And what's even suckier is that I store all my frigging passwords in there!!! Ugh!! How could I have been SO STUPID??? Next time I'm just gonna write them all on a piece of paper and stick it in my wallet. But wait... what if I lose my wallet????

* Bought a new flash drive. 4 GB for only 35 bucks. I don't know what to name him yet.

* Finally saw the awesomeness that is Hairspray. Yes, I saw the actual musical... but it didn't have Zac Efron in it. LOL!!!! I need to buy this on DVD now!

* Got tickets to the SYTYCD tour!!!! Aaaaaahhh!!!! And they're pretty good seats too!!! Not too close, but DEFINITELY close enough. Orchestra, Row W, center. Boo freaking ya. Suck it, floor seats.

* Started reading Eclipse. I am Jacob Black's bitch.

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What kind of fuckery is this?

- Amy Winehouse, "Me & Mr. Jones"


So this is what happened. Last Tuesday I was finishing up my Friday Night Lights marathon when my external hard drive (where I keep all of my TV shows) stopped working. There was only one episode left on my agenda and I was annoyed. I figured that restarting my laptop would solve the problem.

But it didn't. )


I love you, Fanpop.com. Because of you, I was able to catch up with Doctor Who. The latest episode was amazing, by the way. Tennant's performance just blew my frakking mind. I mean, his acting was brilliant! I was really moved!!!


Anyways, I wrote a review for SYTYCD on the [livejournal.com profile] benjelle community, but I figured I should post it here too, so...

SYTYCD - Vegas Week )

Goal for this season: Must NOT ship.
Although... )


And finally...

I hope you have a great one, gurl!


Jun. 5th, 2007 11:12 pm
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My external hard drive was completely wiped out! I need to recover all my files! Can someone help me out? Hook me up with the "Recover My Files" program? Please???!!! PLEASE?!!! If you know how to use torrents (since I totally don't), can you please download it for me?? Please??? Pretty please!!! I know this program works (I downloaded the freeware and it totally found all my files, except I need to purchase it in able to "save" all the files back).


UPDATE: Thanks to computer nerds and Google, I was able to find a full download of the program. My hard drive is being restored as I type. I will be able to continue my Friday Night Lights marathon tomorrow.

SIDENOTE: That hard drive also contained ALL of my SYTYCD videos. Imagine if I lost them all?!!!

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I'll have our future suit your whim,
Blue chip preferred.
Putting it in a synonym,
Perfect's the word.

-Stephen Sondheim, Follies



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yes, that's right. I'm campaigning for Hok already. Srsly, dudes. I don't know how far he'll get in the competition, but as far as I'm concerned, they should put him though to the Top 10 already. Mother eff, this guy's a lyrical breakdancer or something. Haha! And this is his 3rd time auditioning, yo!! Give him a break! He even got himself a worker's visa and everything! And it's all for you, America!!! For you!! Anyways... I should really put all this behind a cut.

So You Think You Can Dance - Los Angeles/Chicago Auditions )


So is Kobe Bryant staying in LA or is he leaving? Frakking gah. I was in a state of emotional "blah-ness" this afternoon because of this.


I bought a universal remote for my TV, VCR, DVR, and DVD player. I'm SO over using 4 different remotes... it was time to consolidate. Hehe. And the best part is that I got it for half the price. Thanks, eBay!

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"I am a choreographer. That’s what I do. You are cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarded. What you do is a tiny, pathetic subset of dancing. I will attempt to turn your robotic routines into poetry, written with the human body. Follow me, or perish, sweater monkeys."

- Bring It On


My cordless vacuum cleaner still needs a name. Right now I'm leaning towards Chase. Or CaKe. Chase or CaKe? CaKe doesn't sound like a name at all, but it's so gay-tastic! And Chase is just pretty. Who needs that bitch Cameron anyway? So help me out, peeps!


Day 4: still jury duty-free.


Did you know that Jamba Juice has a drink called "Orgasm?" It's not on the menu, of course, but go ahead... order it. It tastes like gummy bears. Not my favorite, but it's yummy enough. My cousin ordered it last Sunday, but she was too embarrassed to say "Can I have an Orgasm?" so she just said, "Can I get the gummy bear drink?" LOL!!!

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Be my unholy,
My one and my lonely

- One and Only, Fall Out Boy (feat. Timbaland)


God DVDs?
DeepDiscount.com is having a SALE, yo!

DVDs for only $6.98.
DVDs for only $5.98.

Load up the shopping cart!


I escaped jury duty yet again. 3 days in a row, baby! Do I hear 4? Anyone? Anyone? (SIDENOTE: Oh gosh, I hope I didn't just jinx myself.)


I got a DustBuster, ya'll!!!

Eeeee! This makes me so giddy! Cordless vacuum cleaner!!!! Woot! I still don't know what to name him, so I'm open to suggestions. I'm this close to callin' him "Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor," but it's just way too long for me. So hit me up with some cool names!

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When I was four years old
They tried to test my I.Q.
They showed me a picture
Of three oranges and a pear
They said,
Which one is different?
It does not belong
They taught me different --
Is wrong

- "My I.Q." by Ani DiFranco


Elie Weisel spoke on campus today. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience so I decided to go, but too many people showed up so I got turned away along with 1,000 other students, teachers, and staff members. It was teh suck. I just got even more pissed off when I found out that they only opened one-half of the Gersten Pavillion for the event, knowing full well that the turnout is gonna be HUGE. Oh well.... there goes my once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Bones is just getting better and better this season.


Veronica Mars - 3x11 - Poughkeepsie, Tramps, and Thieves

On my TV screen!!!
With lines!
And scenes with Veronica!!!
For more than 30 seconds!!!!

Oh, cafeteria love... )


How come everytime I look for a portable massager online, I only see vibrators? What the hell is up with that? Can't I just buy a massager that I can carry around in my backpack, take to work, and use when my shoulder muscles are all tensed up??? Why... why do they all have to be frakking vibrators? If anyone can tell me where I can find a good massager that's battery-operated, but doesn't look phallic, let me know. I think I'll get this one, but the problem is that sometimes I need to massage my back and I can't reach it, you know? Like, I tried something like this at Brookstone and it's frakking AWESOME!!! Unfortunately, it needs electricity and it's a bit too heavy for me to be carrying around all the time.

Oh, wait... NEWSFLASH:
Aaaaah! Backnobber!!! Maybe it's what I need! I can just store it on the side of my desk! And it doesn't need electricity!

Oh, choices... choices...

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"Girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours."
- Shes the Man


Things that made me gleeful this week:

1) Hanging out with my cousins at my grandparent's wedding anniversary. I don't exactly remember what we did, but I do recall quoting The Office. A lot.

2) My cousin's birthday at some Chinese restaurant. I mean... hello? FREE FOOD!

3) Getting rid of my blonde highlights. Roots, be gone!

4) She's the Man. Dude, that movie is frakking hilarious!!!

5) Those electric toothbrushes with the round bristles. I bought myself one!!!

6) Math problems done right:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

7) Joss Whedon directing an episode of The Office.

8) High School Musical - The Concert. I'm going tomorrow!!!! Yay!!


A world of EWWWWWW:

Ever since I put up my "I <3 Dick Casablancas" shirt as my default pic on MySpace, I've been getting a lot of emails like, "How'd you like me to pound my dick inside you?" or "You like Dick, huh? I love a girl who cuts to the chase." Ewww. Just... ewww. Go watch Veronica Mars, you perverts. And get schooled by a woman.

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"I'm kind of a magnet for the intergalactic trouble."
- Michael Guerin, Roswell


WE GOT A Nintendo Wii!!!

How I spent my New Year's Eve:
- with family
- sitting on a massage chair
- watching How I Met Your Mother

New Year's Resolution:
- buy the entire X-Files series
- already fulfilled last year
- best New Year's resolution ever

Tomorrow (actually, that's TODAY) I will:
- go to church (if I wake up early)
- add songs on my mp3 player
- change MySpace playlist
- continue X-Files marathon
- sleep early because I go back to work on Tuesday


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Michael: We've got a picture of you with Saddam Hussein.
George, Sr.: I thought, I thought that was the guy who played the Soup Nazi. I told him how much I liked his work.

- Arrested Development


The world hates me. I was in bed last night, all showered up and fresh, getting ready to watch Veronica Mars...

But guess frakking WHAT?

There was no Veronica Mars.
Instead, there was basketball. What the EFF, dudes?!!! Why can't VM go back to UPN where there's no basketball??? Why can't the world just let me watch VM?!! Whyyy??!!!

Woe, I say! WOE!!!!


Does anyone have the newest Gwen Stefani album? I know the entire thing was leaked, but I've only downloaded a few songs here and there. If you have the entire album, hit me up, yo!


I want a Sidekick. Why can't Sidekicks be available for Cingular?


I miss Korean BBQ. I want Korean BBQ now. Why can't there be Korean BBQ on campus?


I'm still sick. My throat is doing better, but my nose is all clogged off. Why is it that I ALWAYS get sick in November? No fail. Sick = November. Everytime November hits, I just KNOW I'm gonna get sick.


Yesterday was my 13th Year Anniversary here in the United States. Woot!!! I can't believe I've been here for THAT long. So I think we should party. There's a little booth at Disneyland where they sell margaritas. I say we all get wasted with Mickey.

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Quote of the day:
"Purify the colors, purify my mind
And spread the ashes of the colors
Over this heart of mine"
- Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels), by The Arcade Fire


There goes the weekend.

I must say, I had a pretty good four days off. I slept in, had a Scrubs marathon, and ate a home-cooked meal. It was fantastic, yo. But as usual when I'm having fun time goes by so quickly. So guess what? It's Monday again!

Anyways, here's a recap of the last two days...

- Hooked up with my old friend Crimson. Since all of our elementary school friends were having mini weekend reunions in the Philippines, we thought that we should have one too! So we went to Cerritos Town Center and watched RENT (her first time, my second). She said that it was a tiny bit raunchy for her taste, but she enjoyed it a lot. And I, once again, bawled during "Glory," "Without You," "I'll Cover You (Reprise)," "Your Eyes," and "Finale B."
- Sidenote: While we were buying our tickets, the chick at the ticket booth got all excited when we told her that we're seeing RENT. She said, "Ohmygod! It is so good. I'm so happy you're watching it!" Tee hee!!! Methinks she's a RENThead.
- Anyways, after the movie we went to Starbucks and got some hot cider. We also took pictures so we can upload it to my elementary school's Yahoo!Groups. While waiting for our orders, I revealed to Crimson that my Starbucks name is "Buffy." The kid at the cash register overheard us and started laughing. I have a feeling she's a BTVS fan.
- When I got home, Crimson hung around for a little bit. We found out that one of our elementary school friends is now living in Cali (about 5 minutes away from my house) so we decided to meet up sometime before the New Year.
- Then, for some reason, Harry Potter came up. And it's weird too because we've never EVER talked about HP before. So imagine my surprise when she started the conversation with this: Okay, I know it's supposed to be Ron and Hermione, BUT... )

- Speaking of HP... guess what? I've finally fulfilled my GoF quota. Yep, you heard me. I watched the movie again this weekend. So yes, I've seen it 3 times total. I am now satisfied.
- Went to ULTA with my sister. While she browsed through the makeup section, I checked out the foot spa aisle. Long story short, she's gonna buy me an electric foot massager for Christmas. Best. Christmas. Present. Ever. My feet will be forever grateful. I can just... step on the foot pads and feel the vibrations :)

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Quote of the day:
Lilly: Check you out, Veronica Mars. You're like a rocker chick now. You and I, we'd have a lot of fun together. Yeah, if, um, if I wasn't dead and stuff.
Veronica: Why are you here?
Lilly: Don't you watch any horror movies? My soul is doomed to walk the earth until justice has been served.
Veronica: Really?
Lilly: Yeah, that, and as kinda a side project, I dispense fashion advice.
- Veronica Mars


- Ate at Chicago Ribs with my boss and my co-worker. Mmmm.... food. It was the first time that I "hung out" with them outside of the workplace so it was fun. Plus the fact that there's only three of us in our department definitely helped with the bonding experience.

- BTW, I finally got a new printer! Yep, the ITS people finally replaced my broke ass printer -- 2 months after I sent in the request. Anyways, it's black, it's shiny, it's fast, and it's WiFi. Heck, I'm already amazed that my laptop is WiFi and now my printer just hits me like BAM! With style and some sh*t. Oh, and I didn't know that my computer monitor was adjustable. Hey, it swivels too! Again, I'm already amazed by the fact that it's a flat screen, but wow... I didn't know that it can do all these other stuff. *sighs* I know nothing about technology.

- The people over at Amazon.com must know me VERY well. I finally got my RENT movie soundtrack in the mail and *gasp* guess who's on the CD cover? Maureen Johnson, a.k.a. Idina Menzel!!! See, the CDs come in 8 different covers, each one featuring individual characters from the movie. Well, Amazon.com just happen to send me the one with Idina on the cover and it's just sooo... fritty. That's "fine" and "pretty"... best of both worlds! Wow, if I can only collect all eight!

- Anyways, I went to WalMart with my sister because she needed to buy some groceries. God, I hate going to that store! It's so effing crowded, it takes us forever to go through the check-out line. On a brighter note, I got the Friends Season 2 DVD boxed set for only 19 bucks!!! Two more and my collection will finally be complete!!! Mwahahahah!!!

- Went to IKEA to buy a book shelf, but the book shelf didn't fit in my sister's car. So I came home and went to IKEA.com, only to find out that the site was under construction. Precious time was not wasted, however, for I ended up walking out of the store with a cookie jar and a techie-lookin' clock for my office.

- Sephora is teh crack. I didn't buy anything this weekend , mind you, but damn... I could spend hours in that store.

- Veronica Mars 2x02 - Driver Ed )

- I watched Serenity again [but with my brother this time]. I'm pleased to report that the movie theatre was pretty full. I guess the word got out, huh? Thanks to everyone who pimped this movie to the fullest. Unfortunately, more people means more theatre jackasses. Can you believe that a baby cooed, mumbled, and cried throughout the whole thing? People should NOT be allowed to bring their babies into the movie theatre!!! Just... no! And you know what else? The same family who had the crying baby, brought in their talkative children with them. So every five minutes, somebody would go "Mommy... what's happening? Daddy, why did the man shoot the guy? Mommy, that girl is SO cool. Daddy, what did the captain dude say?" Grrrrr! Arrrrghhh!!!! SHUT UP ANNOYING LITTLE KIDS! YOU WILL ALL GET BITCH-SLAPPED!!! And another thing -- on top of all the crying and the talking, there was some SNORING!!! Yes, this old man fell asleep during the movie and he was snoring up a storm! Like some phlegm... some chunky, hacking and gagging phlegm was caught in his throat. I was gonna smack someone!!! And everyone in the theatre was like, "Oh hellz no." But we can't do anything about it cuz you know... we didn't wanna miss any scenes or anything. *sighs* Oh well. It's his money in Joss Whedon's pocket.

ETA: Oh my god... this is one of the CUTEST pics EVER!!!
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O, Draconian devil!
Oh, lame saint!

- The DaVinci Code

THURSDAY night --
Dammit. I lost one of my floppy disks. Again. I left it at the Psych Department computer lab... I think. But anyways, I must find that floppy disk. I'm getting irritated just thinking about it. I dunno. I just have to find it. There's nothing really important saved in that disk but for some reason I'm itching to go look for it. And what irritates me even more is that I can't actually look for it right now. I'm off-campus and the disk is on campus. And it's past 10pm already so I can't exactly make the 20-minute walk to school. Not unless somebody could walk with me. Now, if somebody could drive me there, that'd be cool too. But seriously, who would want to drive me to school just so I can look for one insignificant floppy disk?

And you know what's weirder? It's not like that's the only floppy disk that I have. I have 20 other blank floppy disks here in my room for crying out loud. So what's the big deal?

Heh. I think I'm just psyching myself up so I could have something to write on my LJ. Cuz in all honesty, I have nothing to write on my LJ right now. Oh hey, I did make a final decision as to what kind of tattoo I want, though. Here it is:

As I mentioned earlier, it's written in tribal Filipino alphabet (called "Alibata" or "Baybayin") meaning woman. And of course, the purple and gold color is just me paying homage to the Lakers. Now, my question is this (And I'm looking at you, [livejournal.com profile] lotusmoppet): Can they do the colors in gradient form like that? Cuz that'd be great. And do I have to pay extra to get it colored? Cuz otherwise I'd just have the whole thing in black ink.

And if they make a fuss about charging me for each character (which, hopefully, they won't do), then I'd just sum the whole thing up into one character -- which would turn my Filipino tattoo into a Chinese one cuz there's no one Filipino character for "woman." The Chinese, however, do. And I'd show you guys the Chinese character, but it's saved in that one insignificant floppy disk that I lost. So yeah.

The only thing left now is for my roommate to finally say, "Hey... I'm getting my tattoo on ((insert date here)). Wanna come?"
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nothin much happened this weekend.
I went home and I went shopping (crazy sale at Aeropostale!!!!!).
I bought a pair of sunglasses, a belt, a bandanna, a sweater, and warm-up pants.

my credit card is probably hurting pretty badly.

oooh, and the oxford shoes that I ordered from American Eagle Outfitters finally came last friday!
woo hoo!!!

oh... one thing that pissed me off, though.
My family just recently got cable so that means free HBO!
anyways, they were playing "meet the parents" and "loser" so I decided to tape them.
the big problem is that...
when I tried to watch my "recorded" movies today... it had bad tracking.
the picture was very very very clear... but the tracking, oh the tracking!
it's hurting my eyes!

i'm so pissed.


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