Jun. 22nd, 2010 04:17 pm
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"I'll be here all day, but not all day cuz... I do wanna go to the club."
- Ron Artest


Dude, I had an amazing weekend.

Today's Awesome List
  • The Lakers are the 2010 NBA Champions!
  • I got my hair did, y'all. I got a trim and a lil' bit of color. I'm a sort-of redhead!
  • Saw Toy Story 3 at the IMAX and cried my eyes out. It was fantastic.
  • Imogen Heap @ the Greek Theater! Man, that woman kicks ass.
  • Went to San Diego Zoo on Sunday! I love that place.
  • Imogen Heap @ Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay. She's so good, I had to see her twice.
  • Took the day off yesterday. W00t!

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"Love is hard work, but it's the best thing you'll ever work for in your life."

- Wade Robson


I went to see Pageant of the Masters with my sister last night. It was quite interesting. Neil Patrick Harris was the gala host so he did a little intro before the show started and he was HILARIOUS! Anyways, another thing worth mentioning:

All in one place, I might add.

I don't get all the plastic surgery talk being centered around L.A.
Women with boob jobs apparently all live in Laguna Beach.

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"No hay banda! There is no band. It is all an illusion."

- Mulholland Dr.


Mmmm... lazy weekends. So much love and lots of sleep. Me loves it.

On Friday I went to Lakewood High to watch my cousin Demi play Jan in her highschool's production of Grease. She was hilarious. I love her.

On Saturday I went to see Avril Lavigne in concert. Except... she had laryngitis and had to cancel the show. I was a bit disappointed, but I must admit... I was quite relieved. That's $100+ dollars back in my pocket, baby!!!

On Sunday I slept a lot :D I wanted to watch Iron Man and Forgetting Sarah Marshall but I was much too comfy to actually want to leave my bed!


Desktop meme:

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"Each cut, each scar, each burn, a different mood or time. I told him what the first one was, told him where the second one came from. I remembered them all. And for the first time in my life I felt beautiful. Finally part of the earth. I touched the soil and he loved me back."

- Secretary


It was 100 degrees yesterday. Fuck you, California.


Turtle + Duckie + MySpace + YouTube + Sudoku = 8 hours on the phone. Yes, 8 hours on the phone.


Things that I watched over the weekend:

- Adventures in Babysitting
- High Fidelity
- Jumper
- Battlestar Galactica
- Doctor Who
- Robin Hood: Men in Tights
- Cloverfield
- Lars and the Real Girl
- Secretary


I've been having issues with my left arm. It's been in knots for the past two days. I think it's been itching to fist-pump already. It is ready to see Avril Lavigne in concert on Saturday. Woo hoo.

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We don’t need the headlines
We just want…

We want the airwaves back
We want the airwaves back

- "Born for This" by Paramore


Oooh, let me tell you about my weekend of MUSIC, dudes.
On Saturday I went to Bamboozle Left with my friend (and ex co-worker) Ashley and we had a BLAST. Paramore and Jimmy Eat World rocked my socks off and guess what? Despite the thick mass of people, we managed to get up to the barricades up front!!! How awesome is that?!! I'm tellin' ya... Ashley can REALLY squeeze through crowds. I was amazed. Even when we left our spot to grab some lunch, we were able to get back to that same exact area afterwards.

Unfortunately, I missed The Cab's performance because they went up early while we were waiting in line to get in. I was so disappointed. But anyways, we did see other bands: The Morning Light (who were so adorable that I actually bought their EP), Rookie of the Year, The Starting Line, Story of the Year, Alkaline Trio, Daphne Loves Derby, RX Bandits, The Bouncing Souls, Face to Face...

But the best ones were still Jimmy Eat World and frigging PARAMORE!!!!!!
GAH! Hayley Williams owned that shit!


On Sunday, Ashley and I saw Jason Mraz at the Troubadour!!! OMG, I love love love that guy. I took lots of photos, but since I'm still experimenting with my new camera, a lot of them turned out grainy. Here's a couple anyway :)

Aaaand... here's a video that I took! ENJOY!


I swear, I'm obsessed with Threadless. I bought three more shirts this morning!!!

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I don't want to fall to pieces
I just want to sit and stare at you

- "Fall to Pieces" by Avril Lavigne


Why yes, I listened to Avril Lavigne from 9:30 AM to 4:54 PM yesterday. Yep, I couldn't believe it either. Just gearin' up for the concert, is all -- and also, trying to find the meaning of life. Speaking of concerts, I can't wait for Bamboozle Left and Jason Mraz this weekend. Should be fun!


According to my calculations, I've been getting 5 hours of sleep (at most) every weekday. In the last two days I have gotten 6 hours of sleep total. It's all worth it, though. Definitely.


Am I the only one who's not too thrilled about Panic at the Disco's latest album? It's been getting good reviews from my f-list, but I was just "meh" about it. There were a few choice lyrics that I dug, of course, but I cannot "dance to this beat," man. It's a bit too laid back for me and I was expecting to get my disco on... this is why I listen to Cobra Starship instead.


Received one of the most wonderful MySpace messages ever. It was very VERY encouraging, especially from someone who is a few years younger than me. Oddly enough, I really do look up to her in terms of... just... guts, you know? And "chillaxability." Ya know, it's not too difficult for me to find happiness in the smallest of things, but as I get older I've realized that that quality about me is slowly disappearing. I need it back.

God, seriously... I miss television. LOL! Ya know, I remember back in my YA days people used to tell me that my obsession was becoming unhealthy... well now I'm certainly yearning for another unhealthy obsession to cure my even more unhealthy adult state.

And on that note...
I want to do this in an empty library:
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I swear, I belong
This is where I belong

- "The World Is Our Playground" by Up Dharma Down


I've never been here before, but I feel like I'm home. I wish to stay for as long as I can.


This weekend, I...

... celebrated Mylene's birthday at The Stinking Rose with my sister and our other girl cousins. I had to return the fetuccine/pesto that I ordered cuz I didn't like it... and then I ordered short ribs instead, which was delicious. I had garlic taste in my mouth 'til Sunday night, though, and it was soooo icky!

... hung out with Lisa. We realized that we'd watch just about anything together from Kevin Smith to... jackrabbits.

... enjoyed some interspecies erotica. I mean, my cat and my pig are so cute together!! And check out how giddy I look:

... got lots and lots and lots of sleep, which, apparently, isn't enough.


On Monday, I...

... got the sudden urge to reconnect with a friend from college. Through the power of Google, I was able to read some excerpts from her "memoirs" and I thought, "Wow... I've known her for quite a while and I didn't know all this was happening." I wish I was able to be there for her while she was struggling with some of her personal issues. I do miss our X-Files marathons very much.

... watched "The L Word." Go away, TiBette!!!

... got annoyed cuz Netflix canceled my DVD order for Saving Face

... mmmm... Rhys.... mmmmm.... pony... mmmmm... Jack and Demi makeoutnowplz.


Today I...

... got swamped at work.

... got my Mighty Ducks boxed set and Enchanted in the mail.


Concert lineup:

Bamboozle Left, Day 1
April 5, 2008
Verizon Ampitheatre

Jason Mraz
April 6, 2008
The Troubadour

Avril Lavigne
May 3, 2008
Honda Center

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I'm the motherfucking princess.

- "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne


Guyssss.... I've been super duper sick. I went home early from work a couple of times cuz I just felt like death and then I just slept. A LOT. Oh, and I also got a haircut :D Fun times!

I'm going to an Avril Lavigne concert. Shoot me now.

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"Silencio, old man!!!"
- Juno



So after Christmas, me and the girl cousins hit the mountains to play with snow. The problem is, the snow sucked at Mt. Baldy. We couldn't even make a snowman cuz the snow won't stick together. We did, however, find a half-snowman that someone built and decided to complete it ourselves. We named it Angelina (after this little girl who kept following us. She actually found the block of ice that we used for the head, LOL!)

Anyways... it was hella freaking cold there. When we checked, it was 19 degrees. We had to take the ski lifts and the wind was freaking blowing against our faces. Oh, and I also slipped on a patch of ice and hurt my arm :(

Then we had a sleepover :D
Spent most of my time trying to connect to their crappy wireless internet, but I still had a blast!!! The next day we all saw Juno and we all LOVED it!!! Lunch at Chili's afterwards where we ate our desserts in a shot glass and they were very yummy.


Dancing With The Stars tour. Yes, I went. My cousin Demi invited me and I said okay. I never saw the show except to watch little clips on YouTube but what the hell, right? Our seats were on the 3rd row and it was the closest I've ever been inside the Staples Center. Even though the performances were just alright, I had a lot of fun with my cousins.


Anyways, I'm finally caught up with season 2 of Big Love. It's about damn time. I also watched a few DVDs and just bummed around. It was awesome. Staying up til 6AM posting on IDF and chatting with Lisa on AIM... LOL! The best! Then sleeping in til 2:00 PM? Oh man... it's heaven.


New Year's Eve kinda sucked. It was the most boring NYE ever, I wanted to die. I hid in my cousin's room to use the internet. That's what I did, yo. I was so relieved when I got home... the boredom was gonna eat me alive.

Anyways... I go back to work tomorrow and it sucks. I'm not ready to end my vacation yet :( No more staying up til 6AM... no more sleeping in til 2PM. Woe is me.

P.S. Fiyero has been giving me crap so I've sold out and bought me a MacBook. I've named him "Bleeker." The end.

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Look around, we’re all a bunch of backstabbing bitches. Do you honestly think someone would sell us guns?

- Amanda, "Ugly Betty"


Seriously. Why can't I update LJ on a regular basis anymore? What have I been doing with my time?


- Went to the DMV to get a replacement for my lost driver's license
- Took the Metrolink train to Corona. It was awesome.
- Went to Corona to sleep over Michele's house. You'll find out why when you get to "SATURDAY."
- Played with Sara's Barbie dolls
- Ate a yummy dish called "potato chip chicken"
- Baked cookies FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER (and they were the best cookies I've ever tasted)
- Built a fort with Sara using ribbons, a pink ballet barre, blankets, and a wooden horsey
- Watched Connie and Carla


- Woke up early to go to a Stephenie Meyer book signing in Pasadena
- Fun times with Michele in the mini van
- Impressed some people with my awesome artworks (seriously, some people offered to buy them).
- Got incredibly giddy when Stephenie said that Jacob and Bella are "kindred spirits"
- Got my copies of New Moon and Eclipse signed
- Gave Stephenie poster copies of my awesome artworks
- Got incredibly giddy when Stephenie said that she'll show my posters to the movie execs she's meeting with for lunch
- Gave Stephenie a box of the DELICIOUS cookies that I baked


- Left Pasadena to go to another Stephenie Meyer book signing in Torrance
- Got lost in the 110 freeway. Stressful time with Michele in the mini van.
- Ate lunch at Lucille's
- Bought four Neil Gaiman books
- Saw [livejournal.com profile] pinkbutterflies in the crowd!!!
- Got incredibly giddy when Stephenie said that... blah blah blah... cut for spoilers )
- Stephenie also said that she LOVED my cookies
- Got an "I ♥ Jacob" button
- Thank you so so so so much to Michele for letting me tag along!


- I thought I can finally get some sleep, but noooo
- Cousin Ciery called me and asked me if I wanted to go to a "Filipino concert." I said "ok."
- "Filipino concert" turned out to be a Christian music fest with Filipino artists
- It was incredibly boring
- But there were a few performers who were really really good, including this dude right here:

- Got home after midnight
- Went to sleep a little bit before 2am
- So despite the weekend, I still didn't get enough rest


- I've been having mini marathons of "Ugly Betty." What an awesome show :)
- Am going to San Francisco for Labor Day weekend. I'm so excited!!! It's my first time in NorCal!

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"Hello, square one. Nice to see you again."
- Veronica Mars



Read Kristin's blog on E! Online here.
So yay! She's wrong yet again! But wait -- the fight is not over.

Keep writing those letters to the CW execs. Keep calling with praises and/or concerns. Let's secure a 4th season!

Dawn Ostroff
President of Entertainment, The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Boulevard, Bldg 168
Burbank, CA 91522-0002
Los Angeles, CA 90025-6602

Viewer comment line: (818) 977-6878


OK Go and Common are having a free concert at my school on Saturday and I can't go :( Well, I could go but I wanted my brother to come with me. I really wanted him to see Common. But he has tickets to see a play that day. Woe.


I got my office back! New carpet and all :) I started plugging in my computer and stuff, but I'm missing a cable so now my monitor won't work. And my phone won't work either!!! GAAAH!!!! What's going on??? I *need* to catch up with work, dudes! And I can't do that until I get a working computer and phone!


Goodbye, Grey's Anatomy. I don't think I'll be watching you anymore. I'm deleting you from my TiVo Season Pass right now.

(( deletes ))

Bring on the spinoff, Addison. And take Callie and Alex with you.


Blah. It's Friday tomorrow. I'm glad.

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Hey, hey, something's different in my world today
Well they changed my traffic sign to a brighter yellow

- Curbside Prophet, by Jason Mraz


I won it.
I won the bid for the damn Blackberry Pearl. I'm so excited. I went to the mall yesterday and I kept stopping by the Cingular booth just so I can see it and SQUEEEEEEEEEE at its cuteness. OMG, I can't wait to set up my address book! And my calendar! I can now use the mp3 of The Office theme song as my ring tone! Weeee!

Anyways, the seller shipped the package today and I'm sooo giddy! I'm gonna have Scofield in my hands soon! Yes, if ya'll didn't catch that the last time, I'm naming my new cell phone "Scofield."


Speaking of...
I was at GAP yesterday and ohhhh jaysus, there were two big ass posters of Wentworth Miller on the wall! I cannot stop looking at them! Sooooo pretty!!! And dayum... today's Prison Break!!!! My shipper heart's a-fluttering! I'm sooo excited!


I need a new MySpace layout.


CHICAGO concert:

Wow, it was fun! They played several of my faves except for "If You Leave Me Now." I now have an even bigger appreciation for the horn section. Before I'm all about percussion, but dudes... they were rockin the horns, yo. The trumpet, trombone, and saxophone. I don't know the names of those guys, but they were fricking amazing. It just sucks that my dad couldn't go... he's a HUGE Chicago fan. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't know any of the songs...


I miss SYTYCD. I really do. As much as I hate the heat, I wish it was already summer so I can start going to tapings again.


Feb. 3rd, 2007 02:41 am
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"It's a bridal shower for guys. A guy shower. An hour-long shower with guys."

- The Office



I currently have the highest bid on eBay, but I'm kinda hoping somone would outbid me cuz I realized that I'm bidding on a T-Mobile phone and not Cingular. I don't wanna have to pay the extra charge to unlock the damn thing. But OMG... I want. I'm about ready to throw my RAZR against the wall. I've come to hate it so much. Apparently, I got the most basic model in that I can't even transfer the pictures I've taken with the camera phone onto my laptop. What's the frakking point? And GODDDDD, I hate text messaging with frakking numbers. I don't want numbers! I want letters! I want QWERTY! So wish me luck with eBay, yo. I hope I get my Blackberry Pearl soon.

P.S. I'm gonna name him Scofield.


The Office - 3x14 - Benjamin Franklin )


Grey's Anatomy

I automatically hate any character who makes fun of Dr. Callie Torres. Shit-talker better get yo' azz kicked, thinkin' it's so funny ha-ha cuz OMG, apparently we're still in grade school. But anyway, I'm glad that they show reruns on Fridays cuz that's the only time I get to TiVo it. I mean, I actually liked Meredith this week. That's gotta be good, right? And I liked George too cuz of that scene with the chick whom I hate right now cuz he was all, "Oh no you didn't!" and I'm like, "YOU GO, BOY!"


I'm going to a Chicago concert tomorrow. You know, the band Chicago. I mean, just last Monday I was in a frigging High School Musical show and now I'm gonna see Chicago. How did I get from point A to point B?

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Quote of the day:
"Goin' on a year now I ain't had nothin' twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries!"
- Kaylee, Serenity


Weekend was a blast.
Keane concert was awesome. I mean, these guys can REALLY perform live. I didn't know the lyrics to any of their songs, but I was still jammin' like an idiot. Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sleepymonster for the concert tix!!! Oooh, and thanks for the seafood lunch as well! I didn't know scallops were so nummy!

BTW... I now have a subscription to FHM magazine. LOL!!! And Blender magazine too!!! Have I mentioned that both subscriptions were free? Anyways...

Had a big ole' headache on Saturday so I didn't get to watch Serenity 'til Sunday. Anyways, the movie was awesome. I will post a review in about a minute. The theatre wasn't exactly full, but it wasn't empty either. It was a 1:25 showing, whaddaya think? But it sure was fun standing in line for the tickets, listening to people say, "Serenity, please. One adult, two kids." "Can I have 3 for Serenity?" "Ugh, if they kill off my favorite character, I'm gonna be so mad!!! Oh, what? Sorry. 2 tickets for Serenity, please." "No, honey. We will not watch Flightplan. I told you we're going to watch Serenity! Stop it! Stop crying! We will watch Corpse Bride next time!" Heee! I could tell that everyone in the theatre (besides my sister) were total Firefly fans. I dunno why, but I could feel it. It's like, we all have some sort of a connection or something. LMAO! But anyways, I have this really weird story! In the theatre, this one dude totally sat right next to me and he was all up in my space. I was all, "What the --?" And then he looked at me and said, "Oh no! I'm so sorry!!! I thought you were my girlfriend!!!" Three rows ahead, his girlfriend sat.... glaring at us. She was all, "Sweetheart, what are you doing all the way over there???" Um... yeah.

In other [less happy] news, on our way to the Keane concert, we totally saw parts of this mountain on fire. Damn the California brush fires! Damn the hot weather! It was so horrible. It's just this big patch of mountain in flames!!! Horrible! Horrible!!!

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I just took my Psych test and I feel very dizzy.
I mean... it started out easy. But towards the end, it started to require more thinking.
and thinkin hurts.
so yeah... now I feel dizzy and drained out.

anyways... tonight is the Eve 6/Smashmouth concert here.
I'm not gonna watch.
I'm gonna go home so I can shop with my bestfriend Monica tomorrow.

we are buying the "on the line" soundtrack.

anyways... that's it.
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so guess what?
Smash Mouth and Eve 6 are gonna have a concert at our school!
pretty cool, eh?

anyways... I'm still having trouble with FF.
I can't believe that making a 5-second post can take me about an hour.
man, i just want to share some Jahammer Love.
If FF has a problem with it, then it can just kiss my ass.
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so I didn't know that Wade Robson was a Meety Cheezy Boy!
I'm like, dying now.
I so did not know this.

anyways... so I got bad news.
My friend Brookes tried to get the Britney Spears tickets... and she couldn't get a good one. the ones that are left are expensive and shitty. so i don't think we're gonna go at all...
I don't know if i'm gonna be upset or relieved!
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so ya know before how I told ya'll that I was gonna go to a Britney concert?

well... I think i'm going to another concert.
My friend Brookes just invited me to see 311 at the House of Blues.
And I'm not like a 311 freak (though I'm familiar with the group), but Brookes said that she's paying for the ticket... so I'm going!
woo hoo!

anyways... she said that a lot of her friends are going there too. And some of them are lesbians...
so she said that a girl might hit on me or something.

ah well... there's a first for everything, right?
but come to think of it... i got hit on by a girl before...
yeah, i was about 10 years old then... and some girl came up to me and said she thought I was cute.
and then she asked me for my number.
not knowing what her motive was... i gave it to her.

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oh god.
well, i'm definitely damned now.

so I'm going to a Britney Spears concert.
yep, I am.

just in case I haven't mentioned this before, my suitemate Brookes is a HUGE Britney Spears fan.
well, let's just say that she found out that Brit is coming to the Staples Center on Nov. 21

hehehe. and apparently, I'm coming with her.

what a great way to celebrate my 8th-year anniversary here in the U.S. *lol*

oooh, and has anybody heard that song "What's going on" (originally by Marvin Gaye)??? It's so cool. they had everyone in there!
Bono, Aaron Lewis, Nsync, BSB, Britney, Christina, Destiny's Child, Nelly, Nelly Furtado, Nas, P Diddy, Eve, Alicia Keys... EVERYBODY!

god, it's soo cool!
and i caught the video on tape too!
woo hoo!!!

well, that's about it!
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so... yesterday i passed by the Staples Center (like the usual). I noticed this scrolling marquee that they had... it said that the Janet Jackson "All for you" tour is coming to LA in October (I think). And then I thought to myself "God, I've been wanting to see her in concert"

I mean... besides *nsync, she's one of the best live performers EVER.

so yeah. I want to go so bad!!! (though i probably would prefer her Velvet Rope Tour - which I have on tape, by the way).

Hmmm... maybe my future dorm roommate would want to go with me.


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