Jul. 13th, 2010 09:48 pm
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"Swan dive! Into the best night of your life."
- Old Spice guy


  • Finally saw In the Heights.  The music was amazing, the energy was great, and I totally cried throughout the whole thing because I was just THAT excited.  It definitely lived up to my expectations.  It was an honor to see Lin-Manuel Miranda play the role that he originated in Broadway.
  • I love the Los Angeles Public Library. The "teen" section of the building had these humongous bean bag thingies and it's officially my favorite place to read.  Luckily, I look young enough that I can still blend in.
  • Speaking of... I'm currently reading The Passage by Justin Cronin and He's a Stud, She's a Slut And 49 Other Double Standards Every Woman Should Know by Jessica Valenti.  It's about time I start opening books again (or turning on my Kindle).
  • I was having a bad day yesterday so I made an appointment to get a massage after work.  Man, it was good.  And the best part is that it only cost $45 for 1 hour.
  • I'm going to the Renegade Craft Fair next Saturday!  And you know what's even more awesome?  I totally won a $20 gift certificate from KXLU that I can use to buy stuff at the event!
  • Catching up on Friday Night Lights.  Even with the fresh new faces, it's still good :D
  • Started watching Pretty Little Liars.  I'm not sure yet if I find it awesome enough, but I'll keep watching.
  • So much drama lately.  I'm distancing myself from Facebook for a while and focusing more on the positives.  "Less lonely and more happy" is the motto.
  • In an effort to be less lonely and more happy, I'm gonna try to get in on this 365 project thing.  One picture a day for 365 days.  It'll get my creative juices flowing and also put some meat in my thinning LiveJournal blog.  I'll be posting my first picture shortly.
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Penny: I give up. He's impossible!
Sheldon: I can't be impossible. I exist! I think what you meant to say is, "I give up. He's improbable."

- The Big Bang Theory


Currently reading: The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson


So… one day I drank from a cup that was sitting on top of the Sparkletts bottle in the kitchen and the next thing I knew, I had a sore throat. Whoop-de-do, I’m sick again. But at least I get a 5-day weekend. On the downside, I was going to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at the Arclight tomorrow, but not anymore. I’m dripping snot and the sky is too and it's gonna rain again tomorrow. Anyway, I guess I’ll just watch the movie through illegal means…


Yay! So I got tickets to see Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, and In the Heights!!!!  I don't really care for Phantom... wasn't too crazy about the movie and the music, but I feel obligated to see it just cuz it's Phantom.  But anyway, I bought the cheapest ticket I could buy.

On the other hand, I'm so freaking excited about IN THE HEIGHTS!!!  Man, I've been dying to see this musical!!!!  I remember listening to the soundtrack and I cried cuz it's so good!  I have to wait until July to watch it, but OMG... wheee!!!


This singing fish is now mounted on my wall:

SO AWESOME. Thanks, moo-moo!!!!

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I wrote all Penny’s lines and her song, you know
I even sang her part up on the demo
But when it’s time to cast the show
Did they want somebody yellow? Hell no.

- Maurissa Tancharoen, Commentary! The Musical


It’s funny. Over the last year or so, I’ve become less fangirly. I also don’t post much on LiveJournal. Correlation? I think so. But don’t fret, dear readers – I still watch A LOT of TV. It’s ridiculous. I mean, Dollhouse may be ending tonight, but 24, Skins, Chuck, Big Love, and Project Runway just started up again. Crazy. When will I have time to read?

Speaking of reading, I got my Kindle, you guys! Meet Sheldon :)

I love him.  Not as cute as other e-readers out there, but oh... it's just so... thin and light!  Quick enough for my taste too, and battery life is good so far.  The screen looks very paper-like, which is awesome.  And even though it's portable, I don't have to carry it around all the time because it syncs up to the Kindle app on my iPhone!  The question is... how long will it actually take me to finish a book?   I have too many TV shows to watch!

Anyways... I'm currently knitting a little Kindle sleeve for it.  Oh, and I also want to buy this pretty Kindle skin. I know, it's very girly... which is weird because my Kindle is named Sheldon. Maybe Sheldon is a girl.
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"Roses are red, violets are blue... fuck you whore."

- (500) Days of Summer


Golden Globes thoughts:
  • Surprisingly, I didn't care whether or not "Glee" won.  At the back of my head, I was rooting for Jane Lynch, but... I wasn't particularly upset when she lost.  
  • On the other hand, I cared way too much about (500) Days of Summer.  I didn't expect to be so sad, but... there ya go.



So hit me with some of your favorite books!  I just recently finished Anthem by Ayn Rand (I wanted to re-read it), The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (meh), and Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk (twisted, but in a good way.)  Right now I'm trying to finish Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, but I'm almost done with both and I need new books to read!  Thanks in advance for your help :)

I should also mention that I ordered a Kindle 2 from Amazon.  Took me over a week to decide, but I eventually chose it over the oh-so-pretty Nook and the cool-looking Sony E-Reader (Touch Edition).  I'm so excited!!! I'm already planning on knitting a sleeve for it!  Oh, and I'm going to name it Sheldon... after Sheldon Cooper, of course :)


"24" is back, betchezzz!  Unfortunately, that totally messes up my Monday night TV watching.  Let's see... there's "How I Met Your Mother," "Big Bang Theory" and "Chuck."  Thank jeebus for streaming video!!!!
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"Ken lee.  Tulibu dibu douchoo."
- Bulgarian Idol

I've been getting these headaches for the past week or so.  I always get them towards the end of my work shift which sucks cuz they ruin my commute.  I think I get them because of stress and hunger.  So like... I probably need lots of food and a vacation.


There's this creepy woman on my Facebook who faked her engagement.  It's like, weird.  I mean she's a grown-ass woman who's been dropping hints about being engaged and who finally announced that she was changing her last name and all of a sudden, "Tee hee!  J/K guyz!"  I'm not surprised though... I know she's one of those crazy Benjellers who made me realize that the Benjelle fandom had some crazy dangerous fucked up grown women who shouldn't be posting pics of sinking ships and biracial babies on Benji Schwimmer's MySpace page.


Life Without a TiVo: Day #5

I'm getting by.  I've just been downloading TV shows.  I ended up buying a used TiVo box on Amazon for about 50 bucks.  I just... don't know when the seller is going to ship it to me.


I'm on the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I'm confused, though, so I might have to read an online summary somewhere.  Dumbledore lost me somewhere between hallows and horcruxes and Harry's blood and Voldemort's soul and blah blah blah.  But still... Harry Potter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Twilight.  The number of deaths alone makes Harry Potter better than Twilight.


Saw Milk and Doubt this weekend.  I loved Milk, but I thought Doubt was just "meh."
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There are angels
Doin' it doin' it doin' it doin' it
Doin' it doin' it doin' it
In the clouds

- Flight of the Conchords


OMG, so The L Word, Big Love, and BSG are back as well.  I guess you can say I've been busy this weekend... just catching up with movies and TV shows.  I got a lot of sleep too, which is always good.  But what the hell is up with this California weather?  It's so hot, wtf?  It's funny cuz while all my New England peeps are complaining about the snow and the cold, I'm complaining about the heat.  I'd gladly switch places with one of you (even better if you live in the Boston area) cuz your weather is perfect for staying in, cuddling, and watching TV... which is all I wanna do on weekends.


I'm hungry.  I want Korean BBQ.  I had Korean BBQ with my sister yesterday and I want more.  Oh, how I miss the days when I used to go to Mr. Lee's Korean BBQ twice a week...


I finished listening to the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince audiobook.  I've now started on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


I think I should make more icons.  I have over 60 icon spaces, but I only have 46 icons.  But I'm not as fangirly as I used to be so I doubt I'll be making any fandom-related icons anytime soon.  But look at my cute duckie icon!!!  Adorable, no?


I tried setting up my digital TV converter box and failed.  Apparently, in able to connect it to the TiVo, I needed this thing called an IR cable.  According to the TiVo site, it was supposed to come with my TiVo when I purchased it, but nope... it didn't.  I had to buy it separately.  I just hope it arrives before February cuz OMG, how will I survive?

Then again, I torrent almost everything nowadays so there's really no rush :D


YouTube deleted my Jim/Pam fanvid due to copyright issues.  Apparently the Old 97's don't want anyone using their "Question" song.  And what's even more irritating is the fact that there are other videos out there that use the same exact song but it's MY fanvid that gets docked.

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Do you smoke grass out in space, man?
Or do they smoke astroturf?
Oh yeah, oh it's such an artificial high

"Bowie in Space" by Flight of the Conchords


I slept at around 10:30 PM last night and woke up at 6 AM this morning. I was like, "Dang... what do I do now?" so I popped in my Hot Fuzz DVD, trimmed my nails, put on blue nail polish, and started my weekend. God, I miss having movie marathons.

Anyways, I'm watching Glory right now. Boy, that movie makes me cry. It's such a powerful film. And the music... ((sighs)) the music just does it for me. You da man, James Horner. I wonder what I'll be watching next...


Got a notice from Amazon.com that they've completed my refund for that blasted copy of Breaking Dawn. I'm so happy to see my $12.00 back!!!


Does anybody here use the Bare Escentuals mineral powder? Man, that shit clogs up my pores, which is weird cuz it's not supposed to clog pores!!! Back to regular powder I go.


McCain's VP choice is making me laugh and scared at the same time. Democrats think it's ridiculous. Republicans think it's the best plan evarr. How am I supposed to feel about this, you guysss?!!


Man, I shouldn't have woken up at 6 AM. Cuz now I'm all sleepy. Maybe I'll nap after I watch Glory. Anyways, have a great Labor Day weekend, ya'll!

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The world is falling around you
You just have to see her...

And you know that she'll break you in two

- "Sometime Around Midnight" by Airborne Toxic Event


I'm watching Olympic trampoline on TV. Heee! This is fun!
And how's about that Michael Phelps last night, eh? That was a nail biter! I loved it! I am totally ready for tonight's relay.


The swelling of my ankle has gone down. But now it's all bruised up and it looks ugly. You wanna see?
Click HERE if you don't mind being grossed out.


I see this commercial all the freaking time now, it's awesome!!! Yay, California!


My copy of Breaking Dawn has gone back into the box, ready to be returned to Amazon.com. It just wasn't worth it. I thought I'd be fine once I got to Jacob's part, but I realized that I HATE Edward and Bella more than I love Jacob :( This book did not dazzle me.


Have you guys seen my new LJ layout yet?


Dudes, we have dulce de leche coffee creamer. It's time to make myself some coffee!


Aug. 9th, 2008 09:53 pm
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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present."

- Kung Fu Panda


Today our kitchen went up in flames.

See, my brother was frying some chicken. But then he got distracted by the Olympics and forgot all about what he was cooking. All of a sudden, I heard the smoke alarm so I ran out of my room and I saw my brother in a panic saying, "WHERE'S THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER?! WHERE'S THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER?!!!!" So I grabbed the damn extinguisher and he took the other one and we just sprayed that shit on the stove. Even the doorway was in flames, yo. And the entire ceiling was black!!!!! All the smoke (and that stuff from the fire extinguisher) stung my nose!!! My bro and my sister spent a good amount of time scrubbing all the nasty charcoal-y stuff off the ceiling and the walls and the cupboards. (But you know, I helped too.) I was literally shaking for a long time... only a few years ago, I did the same thing to our kitchen...


I am finally reading (or should I say "skimming through?") Breaking Dawn. I've rolled my eyes so much, my head hurt. I'm only on page 103, though... maybe it gets better?


I'm all about the Olympics right now. I've TiVo'ed all of the Olympic programming on NBC and I've been watching 'em since I woke up this morning. I just hope my TiVo can handle it. ((crosses fingers))


I'm going to a sleepover at my cousin's house. I am never too old.

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"My heart... It feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like it's trying to escape because it doesn't belong to me anymore. It belongs to you. And if you wanted it, I'd wish for nothing in exchange - no gifts. No goods. No demonstrations of devotion. Nothing but knowing you loved me too. Just your heart, in exchange for mine."
- Yvaine, Stardust


Nope. I haven't read Breaking Dawn yet. I figured I can just torrent the damn thing, but when I tried to cancel my Amazon order, it wouldn't let me. Apparently they're already getting ready to ship it. Boo.


This weekend, I watched movies. I particularly loved Penelope and Charlie Bartlett. Fun times. I also got some sleep, but that didn't make me any less sleepy than I already am. I mean, what's up with that? I was more alert when I was sleep deprived!!!


I re-joined Facebook. Yep, you heard me. MySpace was just having way too many issues that I had to release some of my frustration. I don't understand why I'm not getting any notifications and why my updates are not showing up. Yo, MySpace... if you're gonna steal some of Facebook's features, at least make sure they are functioning properly! Don't get me wrong, I'm still on MySpace... but unless Tom (or whoever) fixes these little things, I'mma go cheat on them with Facebook.

(But please, do not send me any vampire/zombie applications.)


So You Think You Can Dance Tour
Honda Center, Anaheim, CA
September 27, 2008

Floor seats
Section 106, Row 1, Seats 7 and 8

I'm still holding out for better seats, though. I might end up going to the L.A. show if I can get a good spot in the pit section.

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An escalator can never break. It can only become stairs. You should never see an "Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order" sign, just "Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience."

- Mitch Hedberg


My ex-coworker Ashley informed me that today is National Cheesecake Day. Each slice of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory is only supposed to be $1.50. If so, then DAMMIT!!!! There's no Cheesecake Factory around here.


Yes. I've seen the Wolverine trailer. And yes, I saw my man Gambit in it. With clear eyes and a full heart :D


I... uh... pre-ordered Breaking Dawn. Epic fail or big fun? I'm actually hearing a lot of LOLz about the Twilight series/movie/fandom lately. Wish I can join in. Oh my god I can't wait to read this book and LOL with the rest of you.


Cheetos and orange juice for lunch. Blergh. I want cheesecake.

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Currently reading: Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions by Neil Gaiman


These L.A. lights
They don't shine quite as bright as back in Frisco
Do you wanna go?
Still wanna go

- "Catalyst," by Anna Nalick



Yes, I took a mini-vacay to San Francisco during Labor Day weekend and it was AWESOME. It's my first time in NorCal so yeah... freaking finally, right??!! I went with my cousin Mylene and we stayed at Hotel Whitcomb, and it was like... in the best location evarrr. Bus stop, BART station, and streetcars just outside the front entrance!!! Union Square and cable cars only a few blocks away!!! So yeah... we walked everywhere. And we rode the cable cars back and forth to Fisherman's Wharf, which was like... totally exciting cuz YAY crooked road!!! They were having this event called "Alcatraz Swim of the Centurions" and like, a whole bunch of people were swimming from The Rock to the beach in front of Ghirardelli Square. So much fun!!! We also took one of those boat tours that go under the Golden Gate Bridge and around the Alcatraz Island. BTW, while I was on the boat, a couple of freaking seagulls were flying RIGHT NEXT TO MY FREAKING FACE!!! Ack! It was like, the scariest thing ever!!!

Anyways, we walked, we shopped, we took pictures, saw some sea lions, passed through Chinatown, pigged out at The Stinking Rose, it was sooooo cool!!! And have I mentioned how AMAZING the weather was??? Holy shit, it was cool and breezy and NOT 100 degrees. Anyways, if you wanna see lots and lots more pretty pictures, go here:



I think Snoop died. I might need a new mp3 player. Which means I have to re-upload all my songs. Again.

I want to cry.


Hey, you know what's awesome? Television. Fall season is about to start and I cannot wait!!! BTW, I got the season 3 DVD of The Office so yay!!! Marathon this weekend, yes??? GAH, but I still need to catch up on Big Love and Flight of the Conchords. Not to mention all these Neil Gaiman books that I bought. Where did the summer go?

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Look around, we’re all a bunch of backstabbing bitches. Do you honestly think someone would sell us guns?

- Amanda, "Ugly Betty"


Seriously. Why can't I update LJ on a regular basis anymore? What have I been doing with my time?


- Went to the DMV to get a replacement for my lost driver's license
- Took the Metrolink train to Corona. It was awesome.
- Went to Corona to sleep over Michele's house. You'll find out why when you get to "SATURDAY."
- Played with Sara's Barbie dolls
- Ate a yummy dish called "potato chip chicken"
- Baked cookies FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER (and they were the best cookies I've ever tasted)
- Built a fort with Sara using ribbons, a pink ballet barre, blankets, and a wooden horsey
- Watched Connie and Carla


- Woke up early to go to a Stephenie Meyer book signing in Pasadena
- Fun times with Michele in the mini van
- Impressed some people with my awesome artworks (seriously, some people offered to buy them).
- Got incredibly giddy when Stephenie said that Jacob and Bella are "kindred spirits"
- Got my copies of New Moon and Eclipse signed
- Gave Stephenie poster copies of my awesome artworks
- Got incredibly giddy when Stephenie said that she'll show my posters to the movie execs she's meeting with for lunch
- Gave Stephenie a box of the DELICIOUS cookies that I baked


- Left Pasadena to go to another Stephenie Meyer book signing in Torrance
- Got lost in the 110 freeway. Stressful time with Michele in the mini van.
- Ate lunch at Lucille's
- Bought four Neil Gaiman books
- Saw [livejournal.com profile] pinkbutterflies in the crowd!!!
- Got incredibly giddy when Stephenie said that... blah blah blah... cut for spoilers )
- Stephenie also said that she LOVED my cookies
- Got an "I ♥ Jacob" button
- Thank you so so so so much to Michele for letting me tag along!


- I thought I can finally get some sleep, but noooo
- Cousin Ciery called me and asked me if I wanted to go to a "Filipino concert." I said "ok."
- "Filipino concert" turned out to be a Christian music fest with Filipino artists
- It was incredibly boring
- But there were a few performers who were really really good, including this dude right here:

- Got home after midnight
- Went to sleep a little bit before 2am
- So despite the weekend, I still didn't get enough rest


- I've been having mini marathons of "Ugly Betty." What an awesome show :)
- Am going to San Francisco for Labor Day weekend. I'm so excited!!! It's my first time in NorCal!

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"I used to think of you that way, you know. Like the sun. My personal sun. You balanced out the clouds nicely for me."

"The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an eclipse."

- Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer


AT LAST!!!! I have finished Eclipse.
And by the time I hit the epilogue, I was already weeping like an idiot. )

I was supposed to see Stephenie Meyer on Saturday for a book signing, but I don't think TPTB wants me to meet her. As it turns out, my family's having yet another get-together and I don't know if I can get out of it. But I mean... how often do I get to see Stephenie Meyer, man??? I really really want her to sign my book!!!! Please, cross your fingers for me!!!


My driver's license is still missing. And I really didn't have any intention of getting a new one, but then I remembered that someone might use it for fraud and stuff. UGH!!! Stupid! And I thought I can just get a new one via the internet, but noooooooooo... I have to show up at the DMV just to process the damn thing. Can't they just reprint a new card and pull out my old picture from their database? This is too much of a hassle for something that I don't even use.


DUDE!!! So You Think You Can Dance!!!

Naturally, I attended the live finale on Thursday. This chick on IDF named Deanna had extra tickets so me and my friends totally got hooked up. There was a catch, however: in able to attend the live finale, we had to go to the early morning taping of the group routine that same day. And get this... the call time was at 7:45 AM so we had to be there super early. Deanna picked me up at around 6:20, thinking we had enough time to weave through traffic and get there by 7:30. We were wrong, of course. By 7:45 we were still stuck in the 10 freeway and the studio audience were already being ushered in. Tatiana and Liza (who got there at 6:30 AM) were like, "Dude! Where are you? We can't get in cuz YOU have the tickets!!!" So I'm like freaking the hell out. Luckily, Tat and Liza found someone who had two extra tickets so they were able to go inside. The problem was that the tickets didn't have admission to the live finale so they still needed the tickets that Deanna had.

We finally got there at 8:00 and while Deanna looked for parking, I ran to the entrance of the CBS studios. Unfortunately, the gates were already locked and the security guard told me that they're not taking any more audience members!!! GAAAH!!!! Tat was texting me like crazy and I told her my situation. What else could I do??? I was standing on the sidewalk, texting Deanna with the bad news when all of a sudden, one of the people who worked in the studio (who I'm very familiar with since she's the one who does the seating arrangements inside) came out, just to check that the gates were secured. She saw me and asked, "Are you going in??" And I'm like, "YES!!! But my friend is still trying to find parking!" And she said, "Well... tell her to hurry up, the taping's about to start!" The chick went back inside and I started to worry that she might not come back out to let me in. I was calling Deanna to tell her what just happened and I'm all, "Hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're starting soon!!!! Where the hell are you?" And she was all "I'm here at the studio already! Where are YOU???" And I'm like, "Dude... I'm here! On the sidewalk where you dropped me off! I don't see you anywhere!!!"

As it turns out, Deanna went in the wrong entrance. WTH. I think she stood in line for The Price Is Right so she had to haul ass to the other side of the building where I was waiting. But she was taking too long and another dude who works in the studio came out and was like, "Are you going in? They're about to start!" And I'm all, "Yes! Yes!!!! But my friend Deanna went in the wrong entrance! She's on her way!" Anyways... I got in... and I found Tatiana and Liza inside! They were like, "Did you get our text??? We begged that Asian dude who works here to go outside and come get you!!!!!" Oh man... I love them so much. Anyways... the taping started and I was so relieved that I made it. Talk about luck.

Anyways... here are my thoughts about the finale )

And with that, I leave you with some pics from the after-party. I gotta say... Pasha was hella' pimpin' that night. Him and Sara were on fiyahhh!! And of course, Anya needed to get in a little action too.


LOLz, byee guys!!! It's 2:00 AM and I need to wake up in 3 hours! Mwah!!!

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"I am now a checkerboard chick!"
- Hairspray


This past week, I...

* Lost my driver's license. I realized that it's been missing since August 2nd. I think I dropped it somewhere in the CBS studios.

* Lost my flash drive. I had a lot of music, videos, and pictures in there DUDE!!! And what's even suckier is that I store all my frigging passwords in there!!! Ugh!! How could I have been SO STUPID??? Next time I'm just gonna write them all on a piece of paper and stick it in my wallet. But wait... what if I lose my wallet????

* Bought a new flash drive. 4 GB for only 35 bucks. I don't know what to name him yet.

* Finally saw the awesomeness that is Hairspray. Yes, I saw the actual musical... but it didn't have Zac Efron in it. LOL!!!! I need to buy this on DVD now!

* Got tickets to the SYTYCD tour!!!! Aaaaaahhh!!!! And they're pretty good seats too!!! Not too close, but DEFINITELY close enough. Orchestra, Row W, center. Boo freaking ya. Suck it, floor seats.

* Started reading Eclipse. I am Jacob Black's bitch.

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Too many mutha uckas
Uckin’ with my shi-

- Flight of the Conchords


I finally finished NEW MOON! )


Sometimes when I'm bummed, I buy expensive things...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my latest purchase: The Blackberry Curve. Of course, I fully blame SYTYCD for my recent splurge. Ever since Sara got eliminated, I've been itching to buy something... I just didn't know what. But this morning I was reading a Rashida Jones article and she was like, squeeing over the Blackberry Curve so I was like, "A-HA!!!!! Hello, shiny new toy!" So I went to my AT&T account online, found out that I qualify for a phone upgrade, and just... bought the damn thing (big thanks to discounts and rebates). So yes... my Blackberry Pearl (Scofield) has now been replaced by a shiny new Blackberry Curve (who will be named "Chuy" as soon as I receive it in the mail).

But no worries... I sold Scofield to my cousin Mylene, who desperately needed a new phone.

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Coolin' by day
Then at night, working up a sweat

- "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa


I'm reading New Moon right now and it's SO MUCH BETTER than Twilight. I mean, holy fuck... Jacob Black, dude. Seriously. I dunno why girls go ga-ga over freaking Edward Cullen when Jacob is so much hotter.


Have I mentioned that I started a Disney movie collection? The "musicals," I mean. So I bought Aladdin, Pochahontas, Tarzan, A Goofy Movie, Hercules, etc. FUN!!!!


Sara Von Gillern is gonna ROCK tonight, despite what the judges say. So vote for her, will you???

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Scott: Cooper the hat, the hat! The hat is on fire!
Cooper: Oh we don't need no water, let the mother...

- Euro Trip


My student worker Sonia graduated last Saturday. *sniffs* I'm so sad and proud at the same time. I will miss her crazy ass. Anyway, I attended her graduation last Saturday. Erin Brokovich was the guest speaker. It was sunny as hell and my chest got sunburned (and I've never gotten sunburned since sophomore year of high school!) Anyway, afterwards I had lunch with Meghan and she introduced me to...

frakking PINKBERRY

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Holy crap, this shit is bananas. And kiwi. And pineapple. But my personal favorites are mango and strawberry. Just choose between plain or green tea yogurt and go crazy with the toppings. Chocoate? Fruits? Breakfast cereal? It's up to you!!! It's YUMMY and the yogurt's non-fat. And OMG, I went there twice in one day. The chick @ the cash register was like, "It's you again!" Oh man, why can't they open one near where I live??? GAAAAH! I'm craving some right now!

Anyways, after Meghan left, I strolled around Marina del Rey by myself. I was gonna watch Spiderman 3, but I was like, "Ehhh." So I got a haircut instead. And then I went to Barnes & Noble and I bought New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. I know, I know... I didn't think Twilight was as amazing as some people claim it to be, but I'm hoping the second book will be better than the first. I actually made some posters for a party/book signing event last week and the author really loved them! Yay!


Please call 1-800-984-3672

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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ATTENTION Twilight fans!!!
My friend [livejournal.com profile] mjtolley is throwing an after-Eclipse prom party so if you're interested, read on :)


The First Ever I Love Jacob Official After Prom Party

WHAT: A pajama party, in honor of one loveable werewolf! Because Werewolfs need love too!
WHEN: May 5th, 2007 9pm -12am
WHERE: Scottsdale Plaza Resort
WHO: YOU! Space is limited! Sign up now!
COST: $20 ----> Admission covers light snacks (if you saw the catering prices you'd understand), Goody Bags, location, prizes and some FANTASTIC SURPRISES!

Other Important Info:
* BYOP (bring your own pillow)
* Money will be due by April 15th, 2007. If we have not received payment or you have not made special arrangements with us, your spot will be given to someone on the waiting list!
* There will be Limited Edition Tshirts available for purchase at the party!
* Bring your camera! There will be plenty of photo ops!
* There will be contests you can enter ahead of time. Winners will be announced during the party. The contests are as follows:

1. Fan Fiction: 500 words, Twilight Universe characters and rules only, story must be centered around Jacob Black
2. Fan Art: Any Medium (if it's anything other than graphic art a picture will have to be sent to us via email for judging. Art must center around Jacob Black, Twilight Universe characters and rules only. Feel free to use the term "Art" loosely...Songs, poems, interpretive dance is encouraged!
3. Twilight Character Barbie Doll Contest: Create your own Twilight Universe Character Barbie Doll! Twilight Universe rules apply. Any character can be represented.
4. Pajama contest (but keep it modest everyone)

* To sign up please email me at ILoveJacobRSVP@yahoo.com with the following information:

1. First and last name
2. Who besides you is coming with their first and last names
3. Email addresses for all involved
4. If you will be participating in either the Twilight Character Barbie Doll Contest, Fan Art or Fan Fiction Contest.

Once we receive your email we will send you a confirmation along with a registration form for you to mail in with your payment. You will receive an email as confirmation that your payment was received.
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Booth: God does not make mistakes.
Angela: I don’t know. Putting testicles on the outside doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

- Bones


I'm home sick.
I feel crappy-craps.
On a brighter note...

I bought this.

I'm reading this.

And I can finish watching this.

(( cough ))
(( cough ))

Back to bed.


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