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Day 57: Free Cupcakes!
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Getting free cupcakes at work is nice :)

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Day 56: Blank
Originally uploaded by xrogue81

I have this empty wall in my room. I decided to put up some cork boards so I could turn it into some kind of an ongoing collage project.

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Day 55: Puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally uploaded by xrogue81

This is Tiger. He's my cousin's super playful doggie!

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Day 54: Oink
Originally uploaded by xrogue81

Cute piggy whisk! I want!!!!

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Day 53: Flamenco
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Alegria Cocina Latina, Long Beach -- Uh... wow. What an unexpected night. We thought we were gonna be at Alegria for 2 hours tops, but ended up hanging there until 1:45am. I met some strangers whose names I no longer remember. I had a conversation with a chick who was totally drunk. I got free beer from some random dude. I got to pet a cute little puppy named Sasha. And I didn't get home until 3:00am. I don't think I've done this since high school. My body wants me to sleep... and sleep, I shall. Good night/morning :)

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Day 52: Into Nothingness
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No, the windows aren't frosted. It was just THAT foggy! The condos, the mountains, and the Pacific Ocean... all gone!

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Day 51: Cigarettes and...
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So this person was probably like, "I know smoking is bad for you, but I'll eat some fruit to cancel out the nicotine. And also... I will not dispose of my trash."

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Day 50: Edward Cullen Wants Your Blood
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LOLz @ the usage of the New Moon book cover for the LMU blood drive poster. I'm sure mothers all over the world will give their blood to Edward. Good move, LMU. Good move.

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Day 49: Whipped & Chocolatey
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I used to be all, "No... I don't want whipped cream on my hot chocolate." LOL. Who am I kidding? Of course I want whipped cream on my hot chocolate. Why lie to myself? Yes to whipped cream.

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Day 48: Tea Time!
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Jasmine Dragon & Roobios Tropica tea blend from Teavana. Smells sooo good!

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Day 47: WE ARE SEX-BOB-OMB! 1-2-3-4!!!!
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Reading Scott Pilgrim on a Saturday afternoon.

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Day 46: Happy Hour
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Chaya -- Venice, CA. I love, love, love, love the calamari here. It doesn't matter where we plan on going after work on a Friday night... we always end up at Chaya. Damn you, awesome calamari.

P.S. Happy Hour from 5:00pm until closing!

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Day 45: Druuuuuuunk
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This drunk guy got on the bus today and he staaaank. His entire body smelled like alcohol like he's sweatin' tequila or something. He can barely walk upright and, of course, he couldn't pay the bus fare because he didn't have money.

Oh, and he totally got on the wrong bus. I wonder if he made it home.

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Day 44: Why So Ugly?
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Seriously, why so ugly? They closed down the gym for this re-carpeting tragedy? They couldn't have picked a less busy carpet tile design?

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Day 43: GRΣΣK Spoilers
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They were filming and episode of "Greek" at LMU yesterday. I don't watch the show, but I always get giddy when I see stuff being filmed on campus. Anyway, I took a picture of this prop banner before they took the set down. Spoiler alert, ya'll.

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Day 42: California in Frames
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I finally framed the two posters that I bought from the Renegade Craft Fair! Visit The Poster List if you want to check out other cool posters!

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Day 41: People Dancing Like Crazy
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Disneyland, California Adventure -- Have y'all been to Glow Fest?!! Man, it's a big happy dance party!!!!!

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Day 40: Roman Pool
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Hearst Castle, San Simeon -- Pretty, huh? You too can swim in this pool if you can cough up some money!

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Day 39: Cute Kitchen
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Blue Sands Motel, Santa Barbara -- how cute is our hotel kitchen?!! WAY CUTE!

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Day 38: Multipurpose Room
Originally uploaded by xrogue81

This is our conference room at work. I also eat lunch here. (P.S. That red velvet cupcake was YUMMY.)


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