Sep. 21st, 2010

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Day 67: Brassiere
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Friendly Toast -- Cambridge, MA. This was seriously the wall decoration that was hanging above our booth.

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Day 68: Big Duckie
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Boston Public Garden -- Boston, MA. Awww... swans are so pretty and huge. This is just the perfect place to relax after hanging out at a hemp festival at Boston Common.

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Day 69: I Won The Lottery!
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Boston Opera House -- Boston, MA. I've seen WICKED so many times already, but who can refuse $25 first row tickets? So lucky to have someone who's even luckier than me who can win lotteries!

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Day 70: Coach
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That chick in the middle is Coach Lisa. Coach Lisa is a beast. GO BEDFORD HIGH!!!

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Day 71: Leaving Boston
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I shall see you again in December.


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