Jun. 30th, 2010

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"Whenever I go on a ride, I'm always thinking of what's wrong with the thing and how it can be improved."
-Walt Disney


Last Sunday, I went to Disneyland with my friend Kamilla.  It was sort of her way of paying me for some artwork that I did for her publishing company.  I didn’t know how much freelance graphic designers get paid (and neither did she) so I was just like, “Uh… take me to Disneyland and pay for my food and drinks.”  So she did.


Anyway, I was excited, right?  Cuz I wanted to see the World of Color show so freaking badly.  So we got to Disney’s California Adventure and stood in line to get passes for the show.  The wait was around 30-40 minutes and the earliest show we could get was 10:15pm. 


It was hot and crowded and yuck.  But it’s all good cuz it’s Disneyland and we were able to rest a lot.  We had a couple of drinks at the Grand Californian Hotel and afterwards we made our way back to the park to see World of Color.


We had to wait at a holding area for 1 more hour because the 9:15 show was still going on and the park employees still had to reset the viewing area.  We had to stand in front of these annoying teenagers while waiting in line, and after 15 minutes of hearing them yap, we were ready to murder them.  I mean, come on… one of them baby-talked for like, 45 minutes!  At first, without seeing her face, I thought she was only 5 years old so I excused the ridiculous voice.  But when I turned around, I found out that she’s like, 16 years old who’s just trying to bone one of the other guys in the group.  Motherfuckin’ A!  It was fucking torture!  But you know what?  Seeing World of Color would have been worth it.


By the time we were ushered to the viewing area, we’d have already been in Disneyland for approximately 11 hours.  Holy hell, the show better be good.  We were lucky and got placed at the very front of the viewing area – the Soak Zone.  We were getting super excited now… only a few more minutes until 10:15pm.  But 10:15 came and went and the show hasn’t started.


That’s ok, cuz shows get delayed, right?  We stood around for 5 more minutes, when finally… the announcer came on the speakers.


“Due to unforeseen circumstances, tonight’s 10:15 showing of World of Color has been canceled.”


Apparently, a pipe had burst. Fucking fuck.  11 hours at Disneyland. Teenagers baby-talking. Show canceled.  I was pissed off, man.  But what else can we do but go home?  As we were leaving the park, I saw that the queue of people outside Guest Relations started to get longer.  I heard that park employees were scared that there might be a riot.  Psshh.  I’m not surprised.  Can you imagine??  A lot of people spent hundreds of dollars on a dinner package because they were promised a good viewing spot.  Others (like my friend Kamilla) paid the full $97 park-hopper ticket.  Some people were tourists and that night was their last night at Disneyland.  Others actually scheduled their entire day around the World of Color show.  Yes, shows get canceled all the time, but at least Disneyland had some sort of damage control.  This time, they didn’t.  They didn’t know where to send people.  They didn’t know how to compensate those who spent lots of money.  They just made things up as the complaint line got longer and longer.  They didn’t have a plan.  Some got free fast passes to other rides.  Others got a free 1-day ticket to one of the parks. Most people didn’t get anything. And nobody got a guarantee to see World of Color at another time.  I mean, who cares about the fast passes and the free tickets?  We wanted to see the show… the show was taken away… we wanted to get compensated for that.


And you know what sucked the most?  The 11:15pm show went on without a hitch.  Some people tried to get back in, but their passes were for the 10:15 show so they technically weren’t valid. Freaking’ A.


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