May. 9th, 2010

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"I can't change! I'm like a chameleon - always a lizard."
- Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock


Finally finished re-painting my soot-covered room. And it only took me like, what... two weeks?  Man, what a workout.  I'm sore all over!  Even my fingers are sore.  My fingers!  You know, from gripping that... paint roller.  Anyways, I still need blinds and a new carpet.  ::sighs:: In the meantime, I'm still sleeping in the living room.

I also bought a new TV last Friday.  It's a tiny little 22-inch flat screen TV.  It's sleek and thin and the picture quality is good, but... it's not compatible with my TiVo.  So guess what?  I need to buy a new TiVo!  "Zoom in on my empty wallet."


This season of Doctor Who is rocking my world.  I need to make an icon.


Did anybody else see last night's episode of SNL?  I actually don't know what the big deal is with Betty White and why everybody wanted her to host SNL, but OMG... old cast members coming back!!!  I mean, come on now... Delicious Dish with Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer?!!!  Classic!!!


Today's Awesome List
  • New TV!!  It cost me quite a bit of money, but hey... it's new! And it looks cool.
  • My TiVo may not be compatible with my new TV, but at least I can download TV shows on the Internet.
  • No more room-painting!
  • The past two months have been tough, but I'm going on vacation soon!


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