Jan. 29th, 2010

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I wrote all Penny’s lines and her song, you know
I even sang her part up on the demo
But when it’s time to cast the show
Did they want somebody yellow? Hell no.

- Maurissa Tancharoen, Commentary! The Musical


It’s funny. Over the last year or so, I’ve become less fangirly. I also don’t post much on LiveJournal. Correlation? I think so. But don’t fret, dear readers – I still watch A LOT of TV. It’s ridiculous. I mean, Dollhouse may be ending tonight, but 24, Skins, Chuck, Big Love, and Project Runway just started up again. Crazy. When will I have time to read?

Speaking of reading, I got my Kindle, you guys! Meet Sheldon :)

I love him.  Not as cute as other e-readers out there, but oh... it's just so... thin and light!  Quick enough for my taste too, and battery life is good so far.  The screen looks very paper-like, which is awesome.  And even though it's portable, I don't have to carry it around all the time because it syncs up to the Kindle app on my iPhone!  The question is... how long will it actually take me to finish a book?   I have too many TV shows to watch!

Anyways... I'm currently knitting a little Kindle sleeve for it.  Oh, and I also want to buy this pretty Kindle skin. I know, it's very girly... which is weird because my Kindle is named Sheldon. Maybe Sheldon is a girl.


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